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Saturday, February 3, 2007

my latest quilt

I am going to try to post a photo of the quilt I finished for my son and his wife for their 6th anniversary. I hope this works..

Donna, tobylehnj

Last studio pics, and Shop Hop

Okay, I promise, I won't put any more studio pictures in. The door in the back behind the fan goes to the kitchen, and the other door to the front yard. Below, you can see the door to the back yard near the washer and dryer. My cutting/basting table is above, and some of my hand crank machines are on the shelves. They are really nice for paper foundation piecing, since I have perfect control of every stitch they take.

On another note, four of the quilt shops in our area had a Shop Hop this week. Our quilt guild hired a bus to do the rounds. We started at our shop here in town, Golden Needles and Thread, where we picked up our "passports". I had just received an electric bill Friday for $411, so resolved to not spend much. I bought two fat quarters at each shop. We left town at 9:20 am for Port Lavaca's shop. It was a good hour's drive there. I hadn't been to any of the other three shops before. From Port Lavaca, it was up to Blessing, another hour away. (Remember this is Texas, folks, it's a long way to go anywhere) We had lunch there at a very old hotel, and time at the lovely quilting shop, too. Then, it was on to Victoria, TX to the last shop on the tour. Those folks really went all out--they watched for the bus, and had warm cookies coming out of the microwave when we walked in, bless their hearts, along with some dips, crackers, and cheeses. And I won a packet of 9 fat quarters there! All in all, it was a most enjoyable day, 47 enthusiastic quilters having a ball. We're encouraging the shops to do it again soon.

Pat in Rockport, TX

Two more views of my messy studio. You can see some of my beloved treadles and hand cranks in the pictures, and those steel office cabinets in the back are where my fabric is stored. There are 15 of them altogether. My husband will every now and then say, "You should get more organized." I tell him I'm 65 years old, and that train has left the station, LOL.

Pat in Rockport, TX

Sewing rooms

Now you can see a couple of views of my incredibly messy studio. I'll do another couple of posts of other views. I'd like to say it usually looks better, but that would be a lie! It's almost always this messy. I work on the midden method--there's a large midden heap of stuff, and when I start folding and putting away, I'll grab a piece, then notice a piece on the other side, and think, wow, that looks really great with this piece, and then I'm not folding and putting away anymore.
Pat in Rockport, TX


Have Sara or Helen checked in? Prayers going to them and all caught in the storm.

I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures thankyou. Now to learn another task. :)

Need to fix dinner, just wanted to know about our southern friends.

This is the back to the quilt.


Poem Blog

I have some "poems" I made up for gift quilts and thought it would be fun to use one of the blogs I made when I was trying to get in here to share them. Go to http://millig.blogspot.com and be my guest.
Milli in MA

I will be totally amazed if this posts. I can hardly

find my pictures let alone post one. This is a quilt I made for a friend that has cancer. The center squares have encouraging saying on them. I had thought I would get to the sewing room today but it hasn't happened. I made cinnamon rolls. DS and her DH are coming for supper so it's been cooking and cleaning.

Mayme in a cold and snowy MI

Just checking to see if I made it or not. Marge


Hi, I think I finally made it. I have been reading all the posts to keep up to date on everyone's activities. Now I too can comment occasionally. Marge

Next in Line

I pulled open the bottom drawer in my cloth bureau and found it was stuffed with colored fabric. I'm going to cut it in strips and do something with it. Now I'll have a place to put some more fabric.
Milli in MA

Another participant checking in

I'm another member of the old WWQP who was frustrated at not being able to post ... and hadn't a clue why. But, my email to Eric finally got delivered, got answered .... and ohmigosh ... I now see the "new post" link that everyone talked about! :-) I'm glad to have access to the new WWQP blog.

I haven't been doing much quilting in the past several months, as I have been working on Victorian re-enactment outfits and corsets for my youngest DD. However, she now knows (unhappily on her part) that her extensive time slice is over and I am planning on returning to quilting.

I have a *large* stack of tops that I want to get quilted ... and now I can because a gift to me last year from my very, very DH was Tin Lizzie 18. I will now be able to quilt my own tops instead of sending them out (more $$). I am looking forward to clearing my backlog of tops & UFOs! :-)

Shelley, the pirate in CA


Creative Mess is Better Than Idle Neatness

Milli has shown us that sharing photos of our workspaces can be interesting so I'm going to be a copycat. I loved the colorful cat hanging on the wall in Milli's sewing room and wonder if it is her "creative cat" that inspires her when she gets stuck? I have a "fabric fairy" hanging in my sewing room (on the fabric bulletin board behind my ironing table in my second photo) and I have a "When I Am an Old Woman" doll as well. But the rest of my Clutter Room (note the capital "C" and capital "R") shows that I believe in creative mess and am not ashamed to show it off.

Photos of neat and tidy sewing rooms would be OK for this blog but photos of messy ones would be cool, too. I currently have three works-in-progress: a baby quilt waiting for the baby to be born so I can stitch on birth date and birth statistics, a couch quilt waiting to be machine quilted and a challenge piece that has a deadline at the end of March. Three WIPs isn't bad .... right?

Wow.is it ever cold in MN ! I plan to stay indoors for the whole day ......
I'll start off with a posting. Just looked at the pictures of Eric and Sue's y2k quilt. Nice to actually see their faces and the quilt is wonderful. My y2k quilt was put together with 3" blocks and I sashed them in blue/ it's the only quilt I have used for myself and it is on my bed every day. In the winter months it is covered with a bedspread......but it is there !
This is my sewing room without me in it. Now that I am into the WWQB I can get back to work!
The quilt in the frame is all done except for some work I have to do on the borders, then on to the next project.
Have a nice day! (Just noticed - that can be HAND)
Milli in MA


checking in with the new site

I finally reached Eric and am signed up here now. This is nice! Should cut down on the spam and flamers, too. :-) I love seeing the photos here as well; it's great to see everyone's quilts.

Doris W. in TN

Just checking

Can I actually do this? Let me check.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Trying out the picture option

Just wanted to try out this feature. It's nice to be able to see everyone's work without going to another site. This is a quilt that I called "This One Stays Here" because I made it for ME, after having done several as gifts. I think the block is called "Sister's Choice" and I just lucked out with the way the colors sort of fade in and out. Sure didn't know that was going to happen.

Someone wanted to know how to post a picture....at the top of the area where you write your post is a colored "photo". Just click on it and you'll get a window where you can browse your computer for the photo you want to include. This is fun.............now how am I going to get the 4 quilts on my cutting table finished?? NancyH

from Southern Ontario, Canada

And because at this time of night I can't think of anything better for a subject head...Marion, I'm glad that my email helped you get back onto the board and now I'm hoping that Eric might pick this up as Doris can't access the posting here. She already has a 'blog' with Google and apparently isn't allowed a second one...if I'm using the correct term here. Might anyone have any suggestions.

Sondra, I've noticed your quilts before and I'd like to say that you are a very talented woman, good use of colour and lovely quilts.

I trust that Sue and Eric are more than pleased with their efforts here given all that have come out and posted. It's heartwarming to see all those folks who haven't posted for so long, renew their connection with WWQP.

We just had dinner with DS and DDIL and they had their ultrasound today and told us--it's a boy! We are all excited because both our grandchildren are girls.

I guess another baby quilt is in my future. Has anyone done a "boy quilt" that turned out so great they want to post a picture or recommend a pattern? We are talking not too hard and definitely utilitarian. Not heirloom stuff.

Laurel (who actually figured out how to post two days in a row. Don't they say it takes 21 days to create a new habit? We may all be posting very often until we are very comfortable).



Can't believe that I am finally back here, after days of frustration. Thank you Rosey for putting me on the right track .... ! Wonder if I'll be able to do it again.. How on earth do you put photos on ? I can see no indication of how and where to go to transmit a photo ! Unfortunately, we don't have any close computer- savvy friends or relations. My DH knows less about these things than I do (and that's saying something !!) Anyway, it's all rather exciting and good to see that so many have found their way here.
To keep it "quilty" I should say that I have finished a quilt recently and have two more small quilts ready to be bound. This flurry of activity occured because I want to make a quilt for a new family baby, expected in May, I don't like to have too many "UFO's " around.. I'm feeling very pleased with myself !!
Enjoy your w/end.
Marion in sunny NZ.

Regarding DH's DJ Top

Feb.2, 2007

Below, I posted a picture of my DH's DJ top. Some of you commented on the colors. I used a light cream (off-white) muslin and the colors are not as dark as they appear. My camera gave the picture a somewhat yellow cast. Most of the colors are medium to dark and bright reproduction fabrics. Some of which were donated by one of the BB quilter's. I chose prints and colors that were as close to the original blocks as possible.

Thanks for the nice compliments.

How Many days ?

Here I am! Thanks to Judy's encouragement (persistence?) and a final letter from Eric.
Now to sit back and recover.

Milli in MA

Hi, Joleen

You have some good comments after your post, with lots of good suggestions for your guild. It's scarey being an officer, and I'm only Vice President, LOL.

Pat in Rockport, TX

Quilting Friends

Good to be back with quilting friends again and being able to learn new things from many different people. Pictures are a wonderful addition. Looking forward to a "report" on the contra quilt experience! Harriet

old friends are back

Even though I didn't post often; I read every day. Holice was so helpful to everyone; it is great to see him back. It is 23 degree here and we are in for a big cold spell starting tomorrow. Fla. people are in our prayers. I hope the groundhog is right in his forcast. Stay warm. Vi

Hi Again--Groundhogs Day Feb. 2

I really like this photo addition, so ya'll might get tired of seeing me! ;-) I posted a quilt on down the page that my Great-grandmother made. This one was either made by her, my grandmother, or my Great-grandmother's sister. I wish I had listened better or wrote it down. This was probably made in the 30's or 40's. Love the "bubblegum" pink!!! I slept under this one too! It just has that wonderful "feel".

Just received a quilt back from the machine quilter this afternoon and "LOVE" it!!! I pieced it and she did all the quilting. It is for the American Heart Association Heart Guild. They have a big fund-raising event every March, and our guild, The Heart of Dixie Quilters' Guild, make their quilt using blocks the children have drawn/written on. This is the 20th Anniversary of this event, so it included 20 children's blocks! I will post some photos later, haven't taken any yet as I still need to do the binding... It is great when you can tell the quilter to just quilt it like you think... I haven't seen any of her quilts that I haven't liked. She had it laid out for a few days so it could "speak" to her... It had a lot to say!
Hope everyone is staying warm! It has been a lot colder here than it has been. Have a quilty week-end. I will be staying warm putting the binding on the quilt! :-)
From Alabama

One Hundredth "Contributor" Coming Up Soon

February 2, 2007

Counting the number of names of contributors on the right hand side is rather clumsy for me but as best as I can keep track it would appear that we are at 99. I suspect that some of the technical problems BBers have faced have been caused by all of the varieties of Windows computers with different operating systems and browsers. Sure hope that those who are still viewing but not yet posting keep trying and trying until things fall into place. This seems to be like a seven day long family reunion (or class reunion) with people showing up from "all over" ... and they are bringing along photos to share just like at a real reunion. How cool!


I'm In!

I've been out of town and was hoping that the new version of the BB would be easily accessed and that I wouldn't have to go hunt for it. Lo and behold, my old bookmark worked to get me to the new "home". Love the set up. Must unpack and get back to the sewing room, but glad to see this new change for the better. Thanks Sue and Eric. NancyH


I did it! Took about 3 days but I, too, have figured out how to post here! Wonders never cease.

It is great to have this new space to meet again; I am a longtime lurker from KC, MO area. I have posted once or twice but always read daily so it was distressing to think the BB might go away permanently. Thank you, again, Sue and Eric.

My life seems rather mundane but I will try to be more active on this list because I already feel like I know all of you----you just don't know it! I am retired (early due to health), married, a mom to 4 boys and grandma to 2 more boys and love to play in my sewing room. Have been quilting for more than 20 years and currently am working on the Dear Jane quilt along with the Quilted Diamonds. Interspersed are quick and fun machine projects---to keep me sane!

OK, that's enough for today. I am loving all the pictures; that will be my next challenge!

Pam in Kansas City, feeling pretty proud of herself!

Tornadoes in FL

Hi ladies,

We're fine down here in SW FL. We just had some heavy rain for a couple of hours and some minor wind. The tornado went throughCentral FL. during the night around 2:00 to 3:00 am from Lake County over to Volusia County which is the Daytona area. Most were sleeping and unaware of the warnings. As of noon time, there were 14 dead and search and rescue missions are trying to locate others lost in the rubble. Lake and Sumpter Counties are devastated as are parts of DeLand and Daytona. Some of these people faced the same thing when a tornado went through these areas on Chrismtas Day. Several mobile home parks were totally obliterated to put it bluntly.

I already put the above under Mayme's post but decided to put it here also.

Helen in SW FL

West Michigan checking in

Has any one heard from any of the gals in FL? I hope they are
all OK. I decided this morning I'm going to have another weed
out of quilt stuff that is never going to be used. It is wonderful to
see so many names appearing each time I come here. I love all
the pictures and hope the lurkers join in and post.
Mayme in MI

Happy Grama

Thanks to Sue and Eric for a miracle.

First, I stopped going to the WWQP Bulletin Board because of the dirty words. When I decided to try again, I couldn't get on. Such joy this morning when I found the newly designed Blog Site. My children will be proud of my step into the higher tech world. I mastered a webcam to be able to "visit" with the grandkids...so I should be able to handle this blog thing!

Been bouncing around WWQP forever and happy to have it back in the land of the reasonable. I'm a retired reseacrh nurse, quilting since the late 70's when a patient suggested I try it. Haven't stopped since.

Lynn from Rochester, NY

I think I made it.

I'm beginning to think my brain just won't absorb anymore of this hi tech stuff. Took me about 2 days to figure this out. Many thanks to Eric & Sue for doing this. Am looking forward to getting back to quilting. This site has given me the nudge I needed. Good to see "you all again.". Fondly, Mamie in MD

Question for traditional quilters

Feb. 2: I need a gift for a friend who is a very traditional quilter. I am on the other end of the spectrum, and was hoping some of the traditionalists could steer me to a new book that has been fun or helpful for you.

My 1st blog!

Who would have thunk it!! Never dreamed I would be doing this. I do like this site - in particular being able to post a picture along with your text. There are some very talented quilters in this group. A year or so ago I quit reading the BB page but now with this set up I think I will be back at least to read. I seldom posted before. Will see how it goes.

I have a part time job-usually work on the weekends. During the winter is when I do most of my quilting stuff. I am working on a Posie quilt now. Very simple piece work. I am using my stash of 1930's repro prints and the quilt will be a double bed size when complete. I plan to have it machine quilted. If I can figure out how to post a picture I will do so. Did anyone do the Planet Patchwork Mystery Quilt on New Years Day? I mananged to get the top done a few days later but I quickly got behind with the hourly instructions on NYD. That quilt is at the machine quilters now.

Very cold here and soon to be colder. Hope you all are warm and cozy.
Pat in Flint

Testing, 1,2,3

Hi All-

Just testing to be sure I can post here! I like the new format - so much more secure and spam-proof than the old site.

I'm working hard on several quilts - will post pictures as finished. I went nuts piecing things last summer, and now have about five quilts left to layer and quilt. Two down, five to go...

diane in WI

Getting to the BB

Like many of you, I don't know what I did to get into the BB. I kept creating blogs with my name then finally I realized I needed to make a Blog for the WWQP Bulletin Board. That is finally how I got in. Now to post something.

I can't remember when I was last on the old board but am sure much has happened since then. Thanks to Judy of Ohio who would send me the postings, I was able to keep up a bit.
I have seen some of you at quilt shows this past year but I havn't been to very many as Cindy (daughter of The Stencil Co) was doing the shows with her daughter who was between schools for the past two years. But she has gone back to school this year (U of Pa at Indiana) so I may be out there a bit more.

Now to bring up to date. Forgive me if I repeat. I moved from WV to Sturbridge Ma 2 1/2 yrs ago. Love it. Especially having almost the entire basement area for work space. Then 2 yrs ago I was out walking in the woods and slipped and broke my right ankle. During that time I was able to get to the stacks of fabric I had been saving for crib quilts and such. I made 28 in 3 weeks time. Simple but with unusual fabrics. Then I couldn't give them away so instead I have been donating to organizations having auctions for their charities. During this time I was also teaching 8 times a year for the Original Sewing and Quilting Expos, so after I was able to be more mobile I spent time making kits for those classes. Two years ago, it rained a very unusual amount up here so the basement flooded and all that fabric, books, magazines etc got wet. A lot was salvaged but some was not. This made me more anxious to get rid of stuff and am still doing it. The fabric could be washed but books and magazines couldn't. Fortunately the older quilting and needlework books (not replacable) was up on shelves.
I didn't stop making small quilts tho and the stack is getting higher and higher. I have also started teaching at a local shop (Charlton Sewing Center) in Charlton Ma. I will not be teaching for the Expo this year so that frees up more time.
I have become convinced that the more you do the more you learn, mostly from ripping out and anlayzing what went wrong.
I was to teach a class in rail fence using flannel but the class was cancelled so I've been using up the excess fabric. I've developed a program that I call "No Stash Left Behind". Judy in Ohio, this is somewhat like the "Cant Stop The Quilt" design but an extention to keep using what fabric is left. The theory is that one keeps making little quilts/projects until there is literally no fabric for useful purpose left. Well perhaps the birds can use it for making nests. An example of this was using up some Christmas print where I made the first two quilts, then a set of crazy patch blocks for another quilt, then an 18" crazy patch and bordered it for a small wallhanging. For the flannel class, I made one 36"x46" quilt for the sample. I made a set of 20 blocks by cutting the exact size of strips and then discovered that none were square so I put them aside and sewed strips and then cut the blocks. I then took the incorrect blocks, squared them up and put boarders around. Another quilt was made by putting sashing and borders then the last has been to use all the left over strips to make crazy patch blocks into a small quilt. - thus the name "No Stash Left Behind". At this point I don't feel guilty in tossing what is left in the trash.

Guess this is all for now. When I figure out how to post pictures I will do so. As I read this over I get almost as confused as I was getting into this WWQP blog, but am going to send it anyway.
I've finally made it, too, far more of a lurker than a poster. It really took some thinking to make my way in, and I call myself a systems analyst. Now if I can only remember what I did to get here. Many thanks to Sue and Eric for their patience with us all.

Not really working on anything quilt-related right at the moment. Most of my spare time has been devoted to knitting recently, sweaters for a children's charity from scrap yarn accumulated over the years.

My first quilt was machine-pieced when I was 10 years old on a Minnesota A treadle machine. It was my mom's way of keeping idle hands and mind busy and teaching me to sew a straight line (not). It was a simple nine-patch of prints and plains of every color and description, but it was the first. I still have it in service, although it needs to be rebound where the edges have worn through.

Enough for now. It's wonderful to see so many familiar names. Marie in Maryland

The World of Blogs

I am being dragged kicking and screaming mentally and in the privacy of my own head (and in a few other's too who know me well) into this computerized and digitalized world which I'd really rather not but envy those who know how to operate within it's confines. It is having a digitel camera and not knowing how to use it after six years or so; it's knowing that I can sign up for a course but not wanting the camera shop owner to find out just how dumb I am mechanically; it's knowing that a scanner would be a good thing and being afraid to take this course on how to use my camera because then I'd be forced to buy a scanner, which I'd like enjoy far too much but have to learn how to use that too. I'm in the horse and buggy days of quiltmaking; know I should speed up, can't be bothered but know that I will when I get my mind set to it.

So Katie, the quilt which you posted, is beautiful as are many others here on the board. The use of colour values in very well done in this quilt. The little tiny pieces would make my fingers complain at my age but I'm assuming that if it's part of Women of the Bible Quilt that each block has a name that means something.

Just getting in to post is an acheivement here.

Since everyone is signing where they are from, maybe I should be signing:
RoseyP in Southern Ontario, Canada

Good Morning Ground Hog

I promise to be inspired by all the quilt pictures rather than envious. Wonderful quilts everyone.
Laura in IA

Thursday, February 1, 2007

frreeezing and ffffinally here

hello everyone! Thank you Eric for the invite. Took me a while to get to it as it went into my "junk" mail, spam protected thing.

I am so excited to see so many people here, and how exciting to see the photos! That alone makes the switch to here worth it.

Well for the first time in the 7+years that we have lived here (michigan's u.p.) we are buying wood for winter. We ran out yesterday. We must be going through it. To top it off we are (as many of you are) about to get that "Artic Blast" and temps will drop WAY down below zero. Things have been (knock on wood) quiet with the ambulance company this past week. If I did not mention it, I passed with flying colors my Nationals and sent my paperwork in for my state ceritification. This is my EMT certification I am babbling about.

The pic that I have added here is a quilt made by Carol Honderich of Goshen IN. She has a yahoo group called "Women of the Bible". It is a bible study and quilt project. It sounded inspiring to me and thought that "ya'll" might want to go take a look. They are just now getting started so you wont have missed much.

You can find me here on blogspot at http://homemakerkate.blogspot.com/ as well. I havent been blogging long, but find it a useful tool to keep up with my students.

That is all for now, please stay warm if your in a need to, be safe and careful.

Katie in the woods

Jill....the script says...."angels don't have to be perfert" hard to see the gold stitching in photo....would have looked better in black....


Keep it simple, have that agenda ready and when I was Pres. I had you put a number in the hat on business meetings (we met 2x a month) but once a month would do. This was a small free gift just because you came. Everyone liked that because so many times we are asked to buy tickets etc to feed the coffers. Which is fine, but the other is nice.

Have fun and let us know how you do.

Well the Prince wants to know about Guardian Angles, after much chatter oh wings, where are they, what is their job etc. He informed me they must live in his heart as that is where Santa Clause is and you can't see him either!...

Knitted on my sweater for class, need to do a bit on my Pi shawl. I'll take the time soon to figure out how to post a picture of the one finished.

Hugs and glad to see all the new and old friends here.


Well, I think I am ready to post, but since I am normally a lurker, this may be my one and only....

I have to say I am so thankful to Sue and Eric for both the old pre-spam BB and this new blog. I absolutely love the photos of everyone's quilts. It's like having a private quilt show without having to venture out in the very cold weather to see them!
Laurel in very cold, and getting colder, Iowa

I finally got on the BB!

It has taken me several evenings to get the correct combination of name and password to finally arrive here. Looking forward to seeing lots of old friends and new ones too. Dotquilts, Gulfport, MS

Learning the ropes here

Celia P. could you e-mail me, please? I have been trying to get in touch with you but the e-mails keep bouncing. My e-mail address hasn't changed. I have been watching the list of names grow and there are so many that I have met - Celia P., Sandi, terter, Jane, Jean, Brenda, Rosey, Pat, Kathy, Brenda, Grace, Mayme, Jill, Marilyn, and more and it is so great to not have to deal with the spam anymore. I started smiling as I was typing in some of the names and thinking of the retreats we have had. Anyway, I'm so glad everyone is finding this site and like Grace (I think) said, in a few weeks the process will seem as easy as the "old" board was.

I'm going to be Pres of our guild next year and this week I realized I should figure out what it is I am supposed to do as "Pres." so I've been looking at past newsletters, programs and all that and my panic attack has passed--at least for the moment. Any new or fun ideas that any of you have done at your guild meetings? I'd like to at least throw a few new ideas on the table when we start planning the speakers, workshops, etc. for next year. Thanks for any tips--Joleen in MN

First post

Hi Ladies, This is my first time posting, so I hope I am doing it correctly. I have been quilting off anf on for 15 yesrs. Started with going to a night class for 6 weeks. AND fell in love with it. made a pillow and then went on with hand piecing a queen size bed quilt. From then on I went to machine piecing and hand quilting. I have yet to try machine quilting. Oh well, maybe some day. I favorite item to make is wall hanging as they are easier to take along with me. I am working on a queen size quilt for one of 3 grand children, to be given to them when they get married. I have a few years befor that will happen as they are 5,7,and 9. The only problem is I just turned 65, and I'm not getting any younger. LOL The first one is almost finished, It weighs a ton, as I have so much hand stitching on it. Believe me, the next two will be a lot easier.

Thanks for letting me join your group, I am sure I will enjoy it


DH's DJ Top

Feb. 1, 2007
I haven't been able to post my pictures at Webshots so I'll post one here. This is for my DH. I made mention of it on the old BB. It is 92" square.
This is a test

Sue from Germany is back, too!

Hi folks,

long time, no see, I admit I didn't like the old board any more due to the spam. This looks MUCH better! Hope to see all the first-time BBers again - Ronna, Marty, Sue, Nancy...!

Sue in Germany
aka littlefrog or froggy

National Quilting Day Will Be on March 17, 2007

February 1st.

In the Ami Simms' newletter that arrived today she mentioned an idea that is sponsored by the National Quilters' Assocation. National Quilting Day is always on the third Saturday in March and this year that happens to be St. Patrick's Day. Here is a direct copy and paste from Ami's newsletter:

National Quilting Day is March 17, 2007. The National Quilting
Association invites you to celebrate by participating in the "Happy
Birth Day, Baby" project to donate a baby quilt for the first baby
born on National Quilting Day in your local hospital. March 17 —
there's plenty of time to whip up a cute little Irish Chain baby
quilt and celebrate two holidays at once!

A Reminder

After we make posts, we must remember to go back later and see if there are any comments on our post. There's a little number down in the right hand bottom corner of our posts that lets us know if there are comments there. A nice feature.

Pat in Rockport, TX

Sampler Quilts

I am trying to finish 2 sets of sampler blocks that were started years ago. I'd like something more than just a plain sashing between the blocks. Anyone have any ideas or places to "look" for unique settings?

Posted 2 days in a row, wow, maybe this is going to work after all for this old senior citizen.

Raeann in MO

Hope this works! trying to post a pic of wallhanging just finished....had lots of fun with scraps....have another like it to finish for a gift down the road....okay the blog says it uploaded , now for the reality check......

bulletin board blog

My understanding is that this site is for the quilting bulletin board. There will be a site like this for the chat board when this one is established. I will go on record as saying that I hope it remains a quilty site. I like to hear what everyone is working on, problems, questions, referrals etc, but I don't care to hear about everyone's dogs etc. Before the original split, it was getting rather "cliquey." If you weren't on the inside, you didn't know who everyone was talking about. Now you can choose.

I love the quilt pictures showing up so easily. This will add to our inspiration!!! You ladies are so talented! Thanks for sharing.

Jumping in the waters

I'm a longtime lurker and daily reader and used to be poster but enjoyed reading more! We are going to begin a new "adventure" in our lives in about 2 weeks as so my name states. We have sold our home and will be living "full time" in our RV and traveling. We are both recently retired and looking forward to traveling and I'm looking forward to checking out the quilt shops on the road! So my quilting "treasures" are mostly packed into the RV but won't add the sewing machine until we head out the door of the house one last time.... it's cold in KS!!! I'm taking my UFO's with me and have stored some away for later.
I have really enjoyed reading and have learned alot from this board....it is what makes our world go around..the good and the bad!

Just wanted to test the new "blog posting"...
Stay warm!
RV Joyce

Not as Smart as I thought I was...

Thanks for posting that my user name is my email address; that helped. Also, is there any easier way for me to handle getting into the website and posting? Perhaps not given that there is no indication of where to post on the main page. I now have the main page on my tool bar and 'to post' on my toolbar so this works for me but if anyone has an easier way to handle this, please post the info.

Nice to see so many folks posting. I know that many on the chat board enjoyed 'chatting' and I don't have a whole lot to say about quilting related things other than I, along with four others, are working on a commission at the moment and enjoying every minute of it. I'm learning from my other quilt companions how to really look at 'textured' line designs on fabrics differently and think I may have to cut another swath through my fabric collection to revise my views on prints. The commission is due for frames in April and will be a 50th birthday gift for a gentleman who is the recipient.

Winter is here in Southern Ontario, Canada,


Accck! After joining a week or so ago I then lost my way and couldn't get in. Eric was kind enough to reissue an invitation and after going through the hoops have now made it. Can't remember what the last post was that lost its way but it certainly was not one of substance.

Snowing hard today. I guess that's not quilt related but will, indeed, lead to lots of time in the quilt studio. Trouble with snow is that it covers the Solatubes in the studio ceiling so I have to rely on artificial but close to full spectrum light.

Pardon the large font but the little stuff causes me to hunch over and lean in resulting in bad posture with chin extended. We all know that leads to quilter's ache.

Jane in snowy NC

I keep

amazing myself, I know no one else but just me. I finally figured it out how to post. Of course could not remember how I had answered the question when I signed up at first. If nothing else this will keep m,y grey matter active.
Went to a quilting class yesterday and made a wall hanging for church @ Easter time. Came out really neat. It is a celtic cross and I love the colours. Now on to quilting it.
Heather I do not have your "e" addy. Do you have mine. Guess I did not keep all my addy when I got this new computer. I will have some info for you when we connect
Have to go to the city today for eye exam so better get started with the day.
I will also join with the group and thank Sue and Eric . Once we have accessed this board a couple of times we will be doing it as if this is old hat.It sure is fun to be in touch and keep up with so many from all across everywhere
Hugs to all
Grace on On.

So glad to join everyone!

Finally think I figured out how to post here. Will find out if it worked and then will try to do it the same way next time. Have been able to read other posts and have enjoyed the pictures of everyone's quilts. No pictures from me - don't have the equipment needed. But I sure do love to see the amazing quilts others have done. Enough for now, I will go back to "threading needles." Love to all.
Margaret from Long Island, NY

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Picture Play

Hi Everyone!

I really, really like this new format! Hope to post more often. Right now I will try out the "Add Image" icon. If it works, you will see a quilt that I made for my dear friend's granddaughter. The pattern is from Ami Simms book, Picture Play Quilts. Now that I am blessed with three grands, I must make more of these I Spy kind of quilts.

Love and hugs, Angela in Southern California

Jan. 31


After several attempts at remembering log in name and password...lol

Ah but the trouble I have been having filling in my lost email addy's is a BIG JOKE! I do thank those of you that have emailed me back etc. so that I might not lose touch with this group as a whole.

Had the Prince today and we sure enjoyed playing StarWars, at Borders, we were checking all the "big" thick books and he knows all the characters!

Bulldog still at new school learning Distict Attorney investigating clues. :) will be done this Friday.

Sweater class last night, thought it was about time I learned how to make one. Nice ladies in the class and both quilt.

off to figure out how to book this as a favorite.

Good to see those postings just below me, will try and get caught up etc.


Thanks Sue and Eric

What a nice place to visit with no spam... Thanks Sue and Eric.
Has everyone joined the Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky? The forum is up and running and real time chat. What fun to chat with other quilters around the world.

I would think that this chat will be the only one. Chatting about life and our quilts. Sue only changed and separated into more than one board because of some complainers who didn't want chatter on the quilting page. But that is what quilters do. Talk... Non of that "annon" posting here.... Just plesant chat.

Jill is NOT goiing to disolve the Yahoo group, so we can also meet there and post a message.

I am working on "Underground Railroad" with Elenore Burns. I am making the 6 inch blocks. I have to look at the book and stop assuming that I know how to do the block. The cuts are a little larger and need to be trimmed. So I must read before I do... I must do the block over tomorrow. I got it done, but the size is not right. I cut off points in the inner design, and it bunched up when sewed it to the outer churndash type block.

Maybe by the time I am done, I will have figured out how to post a photo here.

Donna, LEH,NJ
What a nice place to visit with no spam... Thanks Sue and Eric.
Has everyone joined the Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky? The forum is up and running and real time chat. What fun to chat with other quilters around the world.

I would think that this chat will be the only one. Chatting about life and our quilts. Sue only changed and separated into more than one board because of some complainers who didn't want chatter on the quilting page. But that is what quilters do. Talk... Non of that "annon" posting here.... Just plesant chat.

I am working on "Underground Railroad" with Elenore Burns. I am making the 6 inch blocks. I have to look at the book and stop assuming that I know how to do the block. The cuts are a little larger and need to be trimmed. So I must read before I do... I must do the block over tomorrow. I got it done, but the size is not right. I cut off points in the inner design, and it bunched up when sewed it to the outer churndash type block.

Maybe by the time I am done, I will have figured out how to post a photo here.

Donna, LEH,NJ

Contra Dance

Jill...I ordered it this morning, too! My second pattern ordered was the Irish Jig.

I've been trying to figure out what pattern to use for a baby quilt with a really cute animal fabric I found last year. This one will be great for using larger squares of the large print. Boy, I must be getting tired! That sentence didn't make much sense at all.

Got the Handiquilter out of the storage shed and set up this afternoon. I'd forgotten what a pain in the you know what it is to set up. I'm going to look through the UFOs and see if there are some forgotten tops hiding somewhere. That's after I get the red/green one done. I actually set it up in front of the TV, which will force me to use it during the day when the light's better. I'm sure DH would object LOUDLY if I started running the machine during TV time. I just don't want to have to take it back down again after just one quilt.


I'm Baaaaaaaack

Well, I made it again. Had despaired of ever talking with you gals again.

Thanks Sue and Eric for everything you've done for us. It is appreciated.

Snowing like heck again, still have ice and snow from last go around. At least I'm getting a clean sewing room because I can't get out of the house. LOL

Raeann in MO

Welcome to all!

Jan 31st.

I had the good intention of welcoming each new poster but it's gaining momentum so quickly that's not possible. So, a combined very warm welcome to everyone, "newbies" and "oldies" both. Every one's contribution is equally as valuable, so I hope everyone will join in. I am certainly thoroughly enjoying everything here, especially the pictures.

I first joined the original BB in Dec. of '97 and loved it very much for many years, then decided several months ago the friction was becoming much too toxic and it was best for me personally to stay away from something that was irritating me every day. I think this new format is just what we needed. It never fails to amaze me how Sue and Eric still continue to be gracious and helpful through all the difficulties and slights that have been indicated their way.

I am sure we will all honour the defined areas and stop general chatting here once the new page is up and running, and respect this as a quilting related forum only.

Speaking of which, I have mentioned that I am trying to learn MQing. I am still only in the practice stage, but progressing a little more each day. I haven't exactly taken the leap of faith to work on a "real" quilt yet. My practice pieces are 24" sq kitty quilts for my local shelter. Over the weekend I watched a Ricky Tims video and saw some great tips. One of which was to practice doing wreath like configurations, and instead of going back over the same line of stitching, to small stipple some of your background to get back to begin the next loop. At the same time I remember reading some time back about using that new Press Seal food wrap to use as a guideline pattern. Suitably impressed I decided today to incorporate both features! Did I ever mention that I am a door to door salesman's dream come true? I would buy a bag of snow, despite the fact there is a ton of it in my own backyard!

No need for the fine details, but suffice to say that the Press 'N Seal works great! On large areas! Just don't small stipple on it because it doesn't come off, and isn't water soluble. Not that it claims to be. Just ask me how I know all this new found knowledge. LOL

I now own a pretty, stipple quilted, Press 'N Seal encrusted duster! Just need to find the time to dust now!

Keep posting ladies, even the lurkers could come out and say hello to us.

Celia in NB

From ChatBoard Rosey

Just doing a test 'flight'. Appreciate Sue & Eric's efforts on our behalf. Hope I can repeat the posting process.

all the Judys

I see Judy in AZ has posted, so I think we have our full complement of Judys back. Over the years, I've always found them to be knowlegable and generous with sharing their knowledge. This blog is cool. It's nice to have an idea of how many people are reading, even if not everyone posts.
No quilting for me tonight as I head out into the cold, dark night to go to work for a couple of hours. Hope everyone else has a quilty evening. Love the quilt pics.
Brenda in Nn Ontario

all the Judys

I see Judy in AZ has posted, so I think we have our full complement of Judys back. Over the years, I've always found them to be knowlegable and generous with sharing their knowledge. This blog is cool. It's nice to have an idea of how many people are reading, even if not everyone posts.
No quilting for me tonight as I head out into the cold, dark night to go to work for a couple of hours. Hope everyone else has a quilty evening. Love the quilt pics.
Brenda in Nn Ontario

Eric and Sue's Full House

January 31, 2007

As best as I can count there appear to be 85 names on the list to the right side of this "page". Is there is going to be a limit to the number of members we can have in our new blog? Are we going to be limited in the number of photos we can store on this site?

And has anyone figured out why names move up and down the list in a sort of random manner? It's like a form of name lottery, isn't it? LOL

It is so amazing to see the names of BBers that I don't remember seeing for years. I began posting in August, 1998, about the time that Y2K swapping was in full swing (missed out on that) and close to the time that a large group of the BBers who called themselves the Serial Quilters planned a gathering somewhere in southern Ohio (missed out on that, too). Obviously some quiet BBers either have been lurking or else their friends have found them and told them about this new adventure ...


Another newbie to this version

Hey, it's nice to see the WWQP BB again. I couldn't access it for ages. I'm assuming I've accessed it now. I am a long-time chatter, most recently a lurker when I did manage to get on.

As I type, it's snowing here in Vermont and looking very pretty. To make this quilty, I plan to work on hand quilting a king-sized star quilt tonight.

Was the question ever answered: Is this the BB, the BB Chat, or what? Do we chat here?

Jean in VT

finally got here, too

I, too, finally got here. Thank you Sue and Eric for this new spam free site. I am also another who has checked into the BB every day almost since its inception in 1994. I think we got our first computer in November of that year. It is the only site from that first year that I still go/come to.

Sue and Eric, I hope you will disregard the complainers from the other list. Some of them have complained since the day they started posting!! Most of us are grateful for this wonderful free site you have provided. I have used the state shop pages every time I've traveled over the years, have checked out the questions and the tips and followed the block of the month when it was active.

Thank you again.

Contra Dance Quilt

I sure am enjoying all the quilts!
The list has really grown too.
Well, my curiousity got the best of me & I ordered the Contra Dance Quilt pattern.
I thought it would be easier to have the fabric amounts etc...then try to figure it out
myself. It's also nice to reward the inventor a little by purchasing the pattern.
Anyway, it looks like fun & I'll add it to the to-do list.
I also ordered the book that uses clothes line to make rugs, bags & baskets.....I need
some more projects!

Keep those post coming :)
I'll be over for pie Mayme!

New Post Button

Beverley/Stripey Bear, you have to sign in, then you'll see the new post button up at the top right. If you're just reading the Blog and have not signed in, it doesn't appear up there. At least that's what I hope I have figured out, hahahahahahaha. Lavinia-TN Jan. 31 4:20 p.m. Sandra where do you want us to put that?

lonna in wi

This blog (whoever thinks of this website lingo??) is all new for me but think once all the kinks are worked out, it will be fun.
There was ladies who mentioned their first quilt. I started when I found some material from scraps a lady had in a rummage sale. It was in a garage bag and I bought it. Cut it into stripes and sewed them together on squares of muslin that had an inch in the middle "open". Made several blocks and sewed them together. Our youngest son asked what I was going to do with it and I had no idea and since he took an interest in it, I gave it to him for Christmas. It was tied with DMC thread since that was what my mom had done with her quilt that she made for a wedding gift to her sister. Our son still uses that quilt.
Weather is very cold here and be the weekend, it'll get even colder with minus readings. DH went to the grocery store to get some needed supplies and we plan to stay inside and keep warm until it gets into the plus temperature again. Actually the minus readings isn't too bad if there isn't any wind.
Enjoy the day. Later Lonna in Wi

Checking in

Good morning from Portland--if getting lost in the process is part of a learning experience, then I have had one in joining you this am. I like the format of this site and enjoy the pictures immediately without having to go elsewhere to view them. Thank you Eric for extending the invitation and for the challenge to my elderly brain. Learned fact for the week is that I can break a lot of needles when I try to machine quilt using puffy batting. Cotton batt for me from now on.

Red White and Blue

This is my first Red White and Blue quilt that I donated to an injured soldier. The original blocks were made by my friend Maxine, who gave them to me when she moved to a retirement home and said "Here, do something with these!" I made three more blocks and added a homespun red white blue plaid backing.

Let's See if I Did This Right

Long time lurker from way back in 1997. Think I will love this new site when I get used to it. Only 9+ here in Maine this a.m. My carpenter is freezing up in the attic we are finishing off for my new sewing room. Can't wait. Need to get quilt finished as first grandchild is due in 5 days. Can't wait for that either!!! Sondra had to take Millie to vet. She has pancreatitis. There goes one of my skylights!!!!! Well, will try to be a regular poster. Martha in Maine

New fabric

Can't remember if anyone here is a Border Collie afficionado, but Big Horn Quilts (no affiliation, etc etc) just posted a line of wonderful fabrics with them.

Not sure how I got here again....having been trying for a couple of days...somewhat confusing with user name and email....not sure if I remember which they want...but here now for this time....love the site but just need to get the hang of signing in and then finding the way to the post....easy to read even without signing in....

Hi Grace....yea it's a bit chilly up here but have plans for home in March! Hopefully in time to celebrate my 50th there....we will celebrate 25th anniversary here...not too sure how yet....limited options!!! Please email me about good campgrounds around where you are....could be in the area in June and like personal recommendations...need full facilities for hook ups....bare minimum would be electric and water....

To keep this 'quilty' have been working on UFO's this month as well as baby quilts from scraps....but did start a new wall hanging on the weekend that is ready to be MQ later today....


Burr it is cold

Well I made it back the second time yea!!! It is only 9 degree here in sw Pa. It's better than 100 degree in my life. I have been doing my second lone star by hand. Becky over at about .com has a hand piecing group. I never thought I would hand piece but I love it. Faster than I thought. I still machine quilt and piece on my Janome 6600. This is a great machine for quilting. Hope you all stay warm. Vi

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So Nice!

I've not missed a single day of reading the Bulletin Board since I first found it in '97. Sometimes I've posted, but mostly I've lurked. Judy and Holice, you were so helpful then in guiding me through my first hand quilted quilt. Since then. I've made several more quilts, but haven't been very productive the last couple years--only quick, simple baby quilts for great nieces and nephews.

Like everyone else I was so disgusted with all that spam. What wonderful people you and Sue are, Eric, Thank You!!

Figuring all this blogging out is a real mind expanding experience for me, too. Guess this old brain still has the capacity.

What has been so cool about this is seeing all the old (meaning since I first found the site in 1997) names. So glad everyone is coming over.

Again, thanks, to Eric and Sue, and Hi to all my inspiring BB quilting friends.

When I post, I've signed off as the quilter from Wyo.

Ok Dinosaurs not Dragons

I am going to try this one more time, of posting a picture. It seems to time out for me before it loads. My snoopy dance was for the Dinosaur quilt, why I said Dragons, I have no clue. I hope to get a better picture when this 16 degree tempature outside leaves us. pattinmissouri

Jan. 30

It is so fun to watch the list of names grow as more and more people find the new site. I'm still not sure what I need to do to get to the page to post but I have managed to get here twice - definitely will be a learning curve for me. Joleen in MN

Jan. 30

It is so fun to watch the list of names grow as more and more people find the new site. I'm still not sure what I need to do to get to the page to post but I have managed to get here twice - definitely will be a learning curve for me. Joleen in MN

This is going to be fun!

Just had to play with this for just a bit before heading off to bed. This is a portion of a quilt my great grandmother made and my grandmother who is 94/95? quilted, shortly after she got married, over 74 years ago. I get to sleep under it when I go for visits and it is soooo soft and I just love it. "It's just something to keep you warm!" My grandmother means for her quilts to be used. I would love for her to pass this one on to me, but there are other family members that have that wish too! The Octagon pieces meet up perfectly! Great workmanship! The quilting is done in a down to business pattern. Diagonals across the quilt top... I love the fabrics!!!

Like the new format. I think once everyone gets used to the set up and everything, they will find it lots of fun, especially the photo option! Yeah for digital cameras!

I Have A Suggestion.

Jan. 30, 2007 10:00pm EST.
I noticed that the date is posted at the beginning of each days postings, but I miss having them at a glance no matter where I am reading on the page. It would be good if we could include the date somewhere in our post. I'll try to remember to post mine at the beginning of my entries.
Sandra from SC

Marty is here...

Well, I have succeeded in getting this far. I want to stay and play but it is my bed time so I can't read everything yet.

I didn't think I would like this format, but so far so good. Is this for CHAT or is it just for Quilt Related messages. We need to have this made clear. I don't want the Police after me.

Thank you Sue & Eric for the Blog (I have never done any Blogging before...doesn't SOUND nice to me... 8^)

If this is for Chatting, I'd like to share this with you. It is NOT quilt related, but about an amazing young girl and her talents. I'll bet she could design/make a beautiful quilt. There, I guess that statment will make this QR. Please don't flame me for this, but I have seen no rules as to what subjects this is for.


signing back in

I tried to sign in this morning and put my user name and password and it would not let me in.
Then when I tried to retreive my password it told me it could not find my e-mail address with my user name. It was then that I realized that I need to put in my e-mail address as user name, NOT my screen name....
So I made it back in here. Now I hope I can remember how to get back..

I am glad to see so many names that I can recognize,,, Hi Mary, Mayme, glad to see you are here. I even saw Marty's name here. So glad that Holice has found us as well. I tried to write to him thru the Stencil Company, but I don't know if he got the message, or if he is traveling. I tried to let him know about the Yahoo group. But I am glad he found where we were hiding out...hee,hee.
Donna, tobylehnj - LEH,NJ

think I did it

If this post I guess I have managed to learn something new.
This is just too weird. When I found the old BB quilting page back in 1997 I had never even quilted before.
Now I am even figuring out computer stuff. What does one have to do with the other. LOL
Great new page to learn to use
See you all
It is very cold here. Right Brenda and Heather. Must be cold whee you are two. _ 32 this morning and again scheduled for tomorrow morning. BBrrr think I will go and crawl under the blankets. It is always warm there.
Grace in On.

finally found it

I looked for the "new button" and never found it.
However, after I logged in, under "Manage your blogs" I found The World Wide Quilt Page and a new post button.
I thought I'd say that for those who, like me, couldn't find the post button the second time they looked.

Open thread for invited members who need help logging in

Post any error messages you have here, I will help as much as possible.

You can post comments even before you are signed up.


West Michigan checking in

Don't have a clue what I'm doing but just came on board today. Thanks Eric and Sue.
It is cold and snowy here. Took a quilt to the machine quilter today. I usually just make
tops and put them in a box. This one is for DH so decided to have it quilted.
My sister, her DH and my niece are coming over for chocolate pecan pie tonight. Ann
goes back to VA tomorrow. I'm flying down to see her in 3 weeks. We will sew for a whole
week. I love seeing all the photo's.

Funky Fish in the Works

Holice mentioned using crooked stripes and another BBer wanted to know what's in the works this month and here's my offering. The Keepsake Quilting catalog folks are having a contest for a colorful pieced wallhanging, deadline in the latter part of March. For some reason when I saw the six fabrics in the challenge kit I thought of fish.

BBer Raeann helped with foundation piecing patterns from her quilting software and I purchased the other foundations from the Bottle Quilt Company. The blue background fabric is my addition to the challenge. Creating something from the KQ packet of six fabrics and adding only two more is indeed a challenge, something to keep me from noticing how cold and unpleasant Ohio can be this time of year. LOL


Trying a new trick

Guess you can teach them to old dogs.

I do think that posting directly instead of using the comment button is the way to go. Like someone said, if you use the comment button, it doesn't show up on the board. You have to go to that comment and then you lose continuity (JMHO).

This is the top of my DGS #3s birthday quilt. Have to wait until DH gets home to dig the Handiquilter out of the storage shed so I can finish it and get it on the road. It really isn't as wavy as it looks. Something about setting heavy objects on the top corners to make it stay against the shelf to have it's picture taken..........


PS Are we filling out the personal stuff on our individual section or just leaving it blank?

new site

This is not as simple as one password. However, the adjustment will be worth it so we don't have to deal with the spam.


Big Dark Hole

I've been wandering around for 2 days trying to get back here. I sure don't like this but maybe I'll get used to it. The old way was so easy. This is so uptodate and no spam and thats for the best. I'm just having a hard time. Off the pity pot and to try to figure this out.

Raeann in MO

Thanks Eric and Sue

Thanks to Eric and Sue for starting this new site. I have been here since the original site started and have met many new people and learned lots of new things.

Cheers, Meredith

I like that stripe thought!

Now, that is my sort of idea!! (about stripes not lining up being charming) Sort of like, "if it can't be seen from a galloping horse" it's ok too, tee hee. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to get points to be perfect or seams to match they have a mind of their own. Now, don't get the idea that I don't "try".... but after ripping and re-sewing so many times, sometimes you just have to give in to what the fabric wants to do, lol.
Glad to see that Holice can post..... he always has good information. I missed seeing him on the old BB.
Snowing here, looks so pretty! (I say that since I don't have to go OUT in it!)
PS Hey Vi.... have you gotten on yet?

Quilts in Progress

So what has everyone got in the works right now? I'm thinking ahead to my next project and have a few spinning around in my head, just haven't decided which one to start. Right now I'm finishing up a quilt made for a gal at work. It's made of her grandmother's clothing and she wanted it made for her mother's birthday in March. I'm ready to start machine quilting it, but since I share my sewing room with my kids (they have a couch and t.v. with the video games attached to it on one half of the room and I have my machines and stash on the other side) I can't always use the machine to sew. Oh, I guess I could, but when they are up there with a friend of the opposite sex, they get a little touchy about Mom being in the room! Sooo...I usually have some hand quilting going at the same time as machine work. I just finished the top for my son's guitar quilt that I'm going to hand quilt. It was my first and probably only attempt at applique'. I started hand quilting it last night, but I needed to make a couple stencils of music notes and I was too tired to try and draw by that time.

I am still hoping to get some orders for more of the 6" block quilts. I have a price set for them, at least for the time being. As long as I'm working with fabric out of my stash, I can charge a certain amount, but when I have to start buying (probably in a decade or so...) I'll have to charge more. I'm considering making a website of my own to show off some of my work and possibly get orders. Anyone got any suggestions on how and where to create a website?

Hope everyone is keeping warm! It's cold here today and we had a dusting of snow overnight.

Tammy K. in Illinois

Thank You and Thought for the Day

Thank you to all of you who have welcomed me to the new BB. I was about to give up but Judy in Ohio kept filling my mail box with encouragement and instruction. I'm not sure what I finally did but it worked. However, I now have about 6 personal blogs floating around in cyberspace.

Now my thought for the day is: When striped fabric doesn't line up and is sewed in crooked it lends a certain charm and originality to the blocks.

What a brilliant site.

Hello everyone. What a great site at last. Well done to Sue and Eric for doing this. I have enjoyed looking at the photos, and maybe my DD age 13 will do some for me. LOL. We bought her a digital camera for Christmas.
Best Wishes to all
Stripey Bear.

Here we are!

Well it took some doing but I made it here. Yet another password to remember! (giggles) I used to make them all sort of the same but that leads to confusion. Not much on my mind this morning as DH kindly gave me his cold...but I just wanted to see if this works as easy as they say. Looking forward to reading all the posts and drooling over all the photos as soon as my eyes stop blearing...anna in spain


Well, now to learn to read what we all have written!

Monday, January 29, 2007

new technology

well, sue and eric are sure stretching me technologically! i only hope this is a successful post. i see that many are becoming quite clever with pictures, etc., soon i hope to join the fun. for now tho, i just want to make sure my post shows up, i say hi to all my friends in our new neighborhood, and when i have some extra time i'll begin to play a bit more.
i'm already behind on my piecing, quilting, housework, laundry, etc., etc., etc. and dinner is waiting to be set on the table. hi to all!
pieceful contentment,
dutchrose ---{-@


new technology

well, sue and eric are sure stretching me technologically! i only hope this is a successful post. i see that many are becoming quite clever with pictures, etc., soon i hope to join the fun. for now tho, i just want to make sure my post shows up, i say hi to all my friends in our new neighborhood, and when i have some extra time i'll begin to play a bit more.
i'm already behind on my piecing, quilting, housework, laundry, etc., etc., etc. and dinner is waiting to be set on the table. hi to all!
pieceful contentment,
dutchrose ---{-@


Hi, it's exciting to be on the new BB. I've been a quilting sluggard lately, but several years ago I began making what I call my shirt quilts. I use the 100% cottons found in men's shirts and women's blouses, and find them at yard sales and thrift shops. I always look for garments that have a high thread count and whose collars and cuffs are in near-new condition. There's a famous quilter who makes shirt quilts, too, so I guess great ideas come to great minds simultaneously. I can't remember her name (Duh!) but I did see her on a TV quilt program one morning and was startled that a famous quilter liked my idea of using shirt fabrics!!! Welcome aboard, all you BB quilters, posters and lurkers!

A photograph, ...I think!

This is the Queen Sized "Hearts For Stacie" quilt that I made for my daughter's 25th birthday in 2002. I paper pieced the heart blocks from Carol Doak's Foundation Factory CD and HQed it. The inner border was made from all the heart fabrics in the quilt.

Celia in NB


I found the WWQP many years ago by googling quilts and then, liking what I read, kept coming back. Will new quilters be able to reach this site at all with the safety features in place or will it not even show on a search? Just wondering.
Marge in Louisiana


I made it back! I couldn't remember what my user name was. The link called I Can't Access My Account was very helpful. It's good to see so many signing up. I'm in the process of making a quilt using a block I found on quilterscache.com called Noon and Shadows. I 'm just over half done my 20 blocks. Feeling very quilty these days. I'm looking forward to being able to do pictures. Thanks to all who are posting some.
Brenda in Nn Ontario

hip hip hurray!!!

I don't know what I did, but perhaps I'm on now.

Gotta try a picture!

Have to experiment with a picture! Jill

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This new site is Wonderful! thanks Eric and Sue. I love the pictures people are posting too. Time to do my snoopy dance, I got my oldest grandson's (paper-pieced) Dragon quilt together. Now I have to do one for the little guy.
Have a great evening. Osagebluffquilter a.k.a pattinmissouri

Glad to be here

Took me a few minutes to set up a Google account, but I finally made it. I,m looking forward to seeing what goes on on this new site.
Ginny-still in FL

I made it here !

I just got back from a visit with my brother in NC. He going to Sweden for 6 mths. He leaves next weekend. I found the BB and saw the changes. I signed up with Eric, but I waited to get home and get my name on the list.

I am so glad to see all the names sign on. I bet Sue and Eric are glad to have the spammers kicked out. This will be a fun place to visit. Now I expect to see lots of chatting here. Or is that now Blogging? ?

Donna, LEH,NJ

The list is getting longer!

It is sooooo great to see how fast people are signing up and signing on to the blog! I am enjoying reading peoples posts and seeing pictures and even a video!! Wow! This is just great! I agree, though, that if we know anyone that hasn't signed up, we should let them know about this site, they may not have checked the old site for a bit.

Where winter has finally come to stay. I want those 50 degree temps that we had in December back!!

Red White and Blue

Hi everyone. I'm taking timeout from quilting on my Red White and Blue quilt (destined for Brooke Army Medical Center) to check messages. MQing can make you tense if you keep at it too long at a stretch. I remember that one of my first lessons in MQing was "Step one: have a glass of wine to loosen up." Don't always do this anymore, but it can sure help!

Contributors' Names

What determines the "order" of the list of contributors' names on the right hand side of this page? Just a question of idle curiosity.

I keep checking the list to see if Holice Turnbow is finally logged in as a member (he's emailed me that he's having troubles signing up) so I've noticed that sometimes my own name is high up on the list and sometimes it isn't but cannot figure out any reason for why a name moves up and down the list.

I'll be that Eric and Sue are pleased about the response they are getting to this change.


jumping in as well

I am a long time lurker (1997), rarely a poster, but wanted to comment on the new site.

Awesome. Glad to see the list of names on the right growing so quickly. If anyone has email addresses for long ago posters that stopped posting to the old site, send them a quick email asking them to check out the new location. :)

Not sure I'm going to word this correctly, but for newbies: if you want to "publicly" reply to a post, you'll need to hit the "new" button in upper right hand corner and then type a message. It will show up just like this one. If you want to make a "comment" to the poster, then hit the "comment" button in lower right. Your comment won't be seen by everyone, unless any reader happens to look at the comments section (by clicking on the comments button). Hope that makes sense.

To make this quilt related, this weekend I got sewn half of a full size rag quilt made out of batik flannels in blue, purple, and turqoise. When I use flannel I don't put the batting square in the middle, nor do I sew an "X" through each block. I have a homespun one to sew and probably won't add batting to it either.

Sues in MA
Thank you Eric and Sue - I love the new format. I am a long time lurker and just became a first time grandma 3 weeks ago. It has been so much fun and I have been busy making lots of baby things including her first quilt. She was five weeks early, so I have been giving her something new everytime I see her.

Debby in Oregon


Monday already, time does fly. Thank you Sue and Eric for this great site and format.
Sunny and warm enough to leave the doors open. What a lovely change. Hope the storms and freezing are past; this has been an unusual winter. Snow and freezes. When all is past, will replant the front. Tucson usually fares better.
Hope to finish quilting the pinwheels this afternoon and block the quilt. Stack and Whack will never cross my machine again. Hate the bias edges on the blocks. Think I'll name this one 'Dumb Blonde' since it is missing some points. No offense; just thinking of all the jokes that come our way. DH still thinks he's a blonde although he's been gray for years.

did this as a comment

Did you know that you can click on the pictures and get a larger view of them? Really makes them easy to see.
Marge in Louisiana


This is great! Thanks Sue and Eric! If it works, I'm adding a picture of a baby quilt I made last year.

bunbear64 (aka Tammy K in Illinois where it is really really cold today!)

Checking in

Had to get my name on the list of contributors! So glad to see a lot of familiar names.

Celia's Clever Words ...

Celia, when you wrote "like I am reading Dr Seuss' World of Technology" I am sure that you expressed the feeling of many of us of a "certain age" who think we might be lost in Whoville or one of Dr. Seuss's other fanciful places. Or like Alice who has fallen down the hole into Wonderland? LOL

I see this place differently from most of you because I am using an older Mac so I don't have Windows to give me the options that most of you can play with. (No colorful fonts from me.) But it's exciting to see that more and more BBers are signing on and to see postings from so many who were once lurkers.



The new site is lovely.

I've been lurking lately and decided I really should post since I haven't in ages.
Not much new to post here but I am going to the Mid-Atlantic quilt festival to work a booth. If anyone is going I'd love to see you. It's the show in VA at the end of Feb. and I'm working for Geddes Studio. Nancy Geddes makes wonderful Dichroic glass jewelry.

I'm just trying to keep up with my sewing. Catch up is more like it!

Have a lovely day everyone!
Sandi in MN

New Language

Hello to everyone joining in. I feel like I am learning a new language these days with words like blog, bling and buytes. Told my DH I am now a blogger . He rolled his eyes to the Heavens and said "That's something I feared would happen before too long" lol

I can only imagine poor Eric's face when he reads about our efforts trying to get started on this new fangled thing. Very new to me anyway. On top of sounding like I am reading Dr Seuss' World of Technology, I am also trying to basic learn MQing. Doing better than I was a month ago when I first started practicing. My poor old brain might not stand up to all this! On my first attempt to answer a comment here I must have copied the scrambled letters thing 6 times. I thought to myself "Wow Eric *really* has got this secured now" and then I realized I hadn't clicked on the Terms of Agreement box. It's a learning curve for sure.

I am thoroughly enjoying all the pictures and the beautiful quilts ladies. Thanks for sharing!
Celia in NB

By Jove, I think I've got it!!

At least we will see if I manage to take a leap into the 21st century.

Thanks Eric and Sue for doing this for us. What a shock it will be to all those spammers when their stuff starts to bounce. Hopefully it will jam up their sites as badly as they did ours.

I'll post a picture of the red/green quilt I'm making for DGS#3 when I finish it later on today or early tomorrow.


By Jove, I think I've got it!!

At least we will see if I manage to take a leap into the 21st century.

Thanks Eric and Sue for doing this for us. What a shock it will be to all those spammers when their stuff starts to bounce. Hopefully it will jam up their sites as badly as they did ours.

I'll post a picture of the red/green quilt I'm making for DGS#3 when I finish it later on today or early tomorrow.

Hi everybody from COLD MN .
Thanks Eric for the invite, and for making this so easy. I love it already !
and I will be visiting often.



This looks like it is going to be a great site - it is fun to see pictures of quilts and to put some faces to the names. Thanks Sue & Eric. Now if I can just remember how I got to this screen so I can post again when I actually have something to say...Joleen in MN

Guess I'm doing this right

Greetings to one and all and big thanks to Eric and Sue! It finally got cold here, at the moment (6:45 a.m. Eastern time) it is 13 degrees but feels like 1 (felt like 1 when I took the dog out, LOL). A little snow last night but not much. Checked out everyone's pictures, great quilts you guys, and lovely pics of grandchildren--enjoying seeing what everyone looks like, some are so different than what you visualize LOL. Still learning to use this media of course. Hugs to all. Lavinia-TN

My girls 2

My comments are on my private page...Don't know why, but just want to explain, those are my little granddaughters in the hamper and I had made 2 wedding ring quilts when they were born..[to keep this quilty]

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm not at all sure that I know what I am doing here ! Thank you Eric and Sue, if this works I'll be delighted ! The thought of matching faces to names and quilts to quilters is very exciting !! Hope I will be able to find my way here again. I'm not too clever with computers ! Not sure what to do now ...press "Publish" perhaps.... here goes...

Video test

Video test


I noticed the comment button, but we can't see the comments without clicking on them!

The quilt
I'd grab in a fire would be my Y2K quilt. I didn't actually worry about repeating a fabric. Instead, I obsessed over matching colors. Most of the squares are from different fabrics though.

I've sure missed all the posts on the chat page since the porblems with access began, and after the last flare-up of anonymous posings. I hope we can continue to talk about everything... I guess Sue and Eric need to clarify.

Lovely grandchildren! I guess that's one of the down sides of never having had any children of my own; I have to borrow other people's grandchildren.


my girls

O.K. I didn't get the picture 'done' last post.

I love blogs!

This is a great idea for a bulletin board! I love to read blogs and this one is very interactive. Be sure and post a reply to the blog by using the comment button. Many new users may not know that is how to respond to a certain blog posting. My gmail says Cindy B but I'm Carol AR from the old WWQP BB.

Timing of Postings Out of Synch??

Here's a puzzling thing for me. I "sent" my photo of my twin granddaughters on their quilt at about 5:30 PM Ohio time after I had viewed Pat's lovely quilt top she had posted earlier in the day. And yet my photo of the babies on their quilt is "clocked in" at a time much earlier than the real time that I actually sent it.

Makes me feel like a time traveler. LOL


Another Beautiful Texas Day

But it's only 57 degrees, brrrr! Anyway, the previous question is interesting--I hope that we can talk about anything here, because there was spam on the Chat Page yesterday when I looked, and I hadn't planned on going back there again.
I've figured out how to add an image! Yeehah! This is the top I just finished. The design for the most part is from Nancy Brenan Daniel's book "Slice 'Em & Dice 'Em Quilts". She called it Provincial Stars, since she used the bright Provincial prints in hers. I should call mine Batik Stars using that reasoning. I did my outer border using 1X3 inch strips of the leftover batiks. I need to press the backing material and get it sewn together today. I hope to get it layered and pin basted tonight, but also have to get ready to teach an all-day class tomorrow. I'm helping my quilt guild members make name tags with a 4" Mariner's Compass block, and a lot of them have never done paper foundation piecing. Please pray for me, LOL.
Pat in Rockport, TX

Question About the BB

This is so new to me but guess I'll find my way thru. Had to go to another browser--probably other changes too.
Glad this has been provided for us. Maybe we can all quit griping and get back to quilting.

Is this BB just for quilting questions and answers like the old one? Leave all the chit chat for regular chat page?

Raeann in MO
I'm not signed up also. I lurk a lot, but don't post often. Enjoy all the posts. Thanks to Sue and Eric for all their hard work and the site looks great. I'm looking forward to more joining us. It was pretty easy to convert over to this one.

Happy Stitching to all.

Karen in Central Calif.


This is interesting. I had to look hard to find where to write the post. I find things usually under my nose.VBG

I would have a hard time figuring out which quilt to take, but right now it would have to several, the ones for the grandchildren and the comfort quilts I have and there are two. Then there is my red hat quilt, a lap robe I really like, some baby quilts in progress..........I just couldn't make that decision, I'm afraid.

Beautiful cold day here today.

Cool spell check.

Hope more folks join us here.
Marge in Louisiana

Beautiful Things

This new blog format is such an improvement for us WWQP Bulletin Board users that I feel we should jump at the chance to share our photographs of beautiful things. These pictures could be a gorgeous quilt top like Pat has just posted or Vicki's photo of cuddle time with her granddaughter.

I'll sneak in a three year old photo of my twin granddaughters posing on a quilt that my daughter made for them. I offer this as proof that I have trained my daughter very well because she is a fourth generation quilter. There is hope that my granddaughters will grow up knowing that quilts are a necessity, not a luxury. Alexandra and Elizabeth have special quilts waiting for their bunk beds that my husband is building for them as I type.

I have now hogged enough space on this blog with my quilty photos but I hope to prod others to hop on the bandwagon that Eric and Sue have offered us. If you don't have a digital camera yet this might be an inspiration to sign up for a beginner digital photography class at some adult education program and then buy yourself a basic point and shoot digital camera. We now can admire each other's work so easily, something we could not do with the old WWQP BB, and this is so exciting.


This is great!!!

I know very little about blogging, but they say you're never too old to learn. I will probably continue to be a lurker most of the time, but am grateful for the spam free chat to read and learn from. What a great solution to the problem. I will visit here often and as I learn more, I may even try posting pix, etc.

Thanks Eric and Sue,

the new site, invites and joining

Crossposted from old board,

Joyce, first you have to send an e-mail to Eric to join. After he e-mails you back with the info, you sign-up, sign in, then you click in the upper right-hand corner where it says new post.

quilters as artists

He who works with his hands is a labourer,
he who works with hands and mind is a craftsman
but he who uses hands, mind and heart together is an artist.
- St Francis of Assisi

Trying again

I am still not totally sure what I am doing yet, but want to say how nice to see everyone turning up here. I really like this format though. Had some difficulty with my password not matching but have created a new account this morning, so will try this again. I am thoroughly enjoying the quilt pics and photos. It's really nice to match a name with a face. Will try to post some pics of my own once this old dog has learned these new tricks. lol

Hi to Brenda and Heather in the frozen north. Very cold here too, but a bit warmer today at -10*C. Much better than the -29*C of the past few days. The blizzard missed us and went straight through to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Have a great day everyone.
Celia in NB

new BB

Posted for: joyce

How do we post quilting questions and answers on the new site????


Hi, This certainly looks great! I've never done blogs so this will be a completly new experience for me. I've been following the WWQP since around 1996 or 1997, can't remember. I never posted very much; not much to say and as time went forward, wanted to avoid slams and spam. :-) I think this will be very, very nice.
I've learned so much through the site that I kept checking it whenever I could get in. I just learned about the free quilt patterns to get rid of one's stash from a recent post (was that Judy?) at www.quiltville.com. I found several patterns that I'm most anxious to try. Thanks to whoever posted that!
I've also met some wonderful people through the years via the board. It's been delightful when traveling to be able to get together with another quilter. Everyone I've met is more advanced than I when it comes to quilting. I love seeing the many, many, many beautiful quilts of others.

Will send this off and see how all this works. :-) Hope everyone has a great day and coming week!
Mary in Oregon

I'm here, I hope

I can't believe how much quilting has led me to learn to do so many new computer-related things! I read the BB more than I post, but I'm sure glad that my #1 quilting resource is here in this spam-free, anon poster-free place.
Re the recent Project Linus clip: I've contacted someone in Nn Ontario for info about PL up here and am just waiting for the info in the mail (she doesn't do computers).
Brenda in Nn Ontario where it is -30'C this morning (snow squeaking underfoot and nose hairs starting to freeze!)