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Monday, May 17, 2010

Trying to Upload Photos of "Perfect Nap Quilt"

This quilt top was up for auction on eBay and it caught my eye because of the bright yellow squares instead of the "normal" muslin squares between the colorful 1940s fabrics. Once I had the quilt top in hand I realized that the maker had used two different yellow pieces of fabric for her yellow squares because the colors were not the same shade of yellow. Plus many of her "squares" were not truly square when she got done sewing with them.

Thus I did not fuss too much over my machine quilting on this quilt. Since I was using wool batting I had to quilt closely, no more than three inches apart. The squares measured an average of 1.75 inches and so I decided to merely echo quilt inside each yellow square. Since there were over 2400 of them there were times when my stitching got a bit wonky or lopsided from fatigue. I told myself I was adding to the charm of this less than perfectly organized quilt. By today's standards of quilt judging it is not a prize winner.

It is a true utility quilt .... a cozy, warm, comfy quilt that my cat and I love to take naps with ... and since it is a dreary, rainy Ohio afternoon and since my knees still ache from the yard work I did yesterday planting my impatiens I think I need a nap right now. :-)

I've Finally Made My Perfect Nap Quilt

After making quilts for seventeen years I've finally made my perfect nap quilt. (I should explain that I'm a firm believer in taking a mid-day nap when the opportunity presents itself.)

A quilt top purchased on eBay because of its charming yellow squares seemed like a good victim for an experiment with my first use of Hobbs Premium Wool Batting and since the package had Harriet Hargraves name on it as an endorsement I figured how could I go wrong. The fine print on the packaging said I would have to quilt every three inches and that I could not toss this quilt in the clothes dryer but I survived and now I have the snuggliest, coziest quilt for napping that a grandma could ask for.

Too bad blogger won't let me add photos this morning. I'll try later.