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Friday, June 27, 2008

printed treasures

while i'm working on this challenge, i got out my "used" packet of printed treasures as well as my "new" one. i don't remember when i originally bought the older one ( less than 7 years), but it still had one sheet. that sheet looked kinda yellowed, so i opened the new packet and they are snow white! i've had it in original packaging, not open to air, so am not sure what happened or when. i'm only using the ones from the new package for this project, don't know what i'll do with the creamy colored old one.

just thot i'd mention this in case anyone is saving sheets for a special project, or if you might want to use another brand in case the yellowing is something that would offend a project you are doing. i'm almost wondering if maybe the paper backing has caused the problem, does anyone know if it is acid free? maybe i'll give the company a call sometime next week.

i'm still looking for online sources for wilderness-named blocks but have barbara brackman's book "encyclopedia of quilt blocks" coming to me from the library thanx to judy's suggestion.
dutchrose --{-@

blocks with appropriate names

i've been working on my challenge quilt for our guild's show in early august. i got the idea right away and am just now putting it to fabric. i'm hoping for some help in finding appropriate blocks to include, the kicker is that they need to be able to be made in 4" and 5" sizes. i know about quilterscache.com and block central, but does anyone know of other references where i can go thru the names and see how difficult the block is? i've also gone thru my books and it's suprising how many blocks there are that don't work!

the theme is "a wilderness walk" so i need blocks that meet the theme. so far i have bear's paw, hovering hawks, lady of the lake, maple leaf, and a few others. you get the idea, wildlife type names that are hopefully easily recognizable to the quilting public. i have all of the 5" ones that i need so 4" (i can use 8" and reduce) would be most appreciated. i have found some 9-patch ones that IF i have to do mega-math i can use, but i'd like it to be a bit easier if possible. i need a total of 12 4" blocks and have about 6 so far.

thanx for any help you can offer.
dutchrose ---{-@

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Masterpiece quilt at NQA show

Just to clear up the air a bit about Sharon Schamber's quilt, there were two separate and different judgings of that quilt. It was entered into the show and was judged along with all the other quilts by the panel of 3 quilt judges. It was also judged extensively by a panel of 5 different quilt judges in a special judging that took over 2 hours. Show quilts only get 3 minutes per quilt (figure it out yourself---a show with over 400 quilts at 3 minutes per quilt adds up to a lot of time, no time for more time per entry).

In the show it was competing against all the other entries in the same category, and it won out. There was no competition against another entry in the Masterpiece judging. Some categories in the show had extremely stiff competition, and the category in which this quilt appeared was one of them. It took a lot of design difficulty, well executed, to come even close to the top prize winners.

To make it absolutely clear----neither of the two panels of judges that judged this quilt had any common communication about this quilt. They were entirely separate judgings.

Linda, the Serial Quilter from Oxford, Ohio

Masterpiece quilt at NQA show

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Just made my reservation for the retreat. I'm now ready. Reservation guy (a very friendly man from India) assured me that if I pick up a roommate prior to arrival I can change it to two beds at double rate. I'll be ready for poor house upon my return but I've decided that after the past few months I deserve to get out to play.

My new passport arrived in mail yesterday. Hurrah!!