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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hello and a big "THANK YOU"!

Good morning bloggers/quilters. I have not been on this site for months and months. I had mostly been a lurker, but got away from it totally when my DH became very ill. I am now a widow after 50 years, residing in Florida ( at least for the winter). I'm back to quilting, finally, and I'm in the processes of making new quilting friends. I just remembered this board last night, found it, and actually figured out how to post. I'm not looking for sympathy....... there are so many others in my same situation. I'm finding out that it's what I do about it that can make a difference in my life. I will return here often, because I remember how much I learn from all of you and in just a brief review of some of your posts, I have already learned several new things. Really, just want to say thanks, and now I'll probably return to lurkdom. I suppose I should have visited the chat room with this comment. I've never gone there, but may try it.
Harlene the snowbird from Ohio- AKA harjo