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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quilt Market & lunch with Sandi

Quilt Market is so cool! I think I worked one once before but this time was just for fun!A friend of mine has a cottage business & we went Thurs for Sample Spree & Fri to theexhibits.The prices at Sample Spree were incredible, we could hardly carry our bags back to the car! The exhibitors were so friendly & the booths were just gorgeous. I've never seen so many "Quilty Things" in one place. I was really greatful that not being shop owners we couldn't really buy much!
I got to have lunch with Sandi & here's a picture of us at one of the booths that she represents. Sandi is the beautiful tall one! She is so talented & had quilts at three booths. Please go see her quilts & great patterns at irishchain.com . I felt bad that she had to work so hard when we were just wandering & enjoying all the sites!
Celebs were everywhere, Nancy Zeeman, Eleanor Burns, Vallorie & Jean Wells, Nancy Chong, to name a few.
Anyway, if you ever get a chance to experience this don't miss it, it just made my week.

Instruction book

As usual, I'm posting because I can't locate something. I have acquired a Brother maching (freebie) without an instruction book. Does anyone have any idea where I might find one? Tried an online site and they want me to download 99 pages- YIKES! Thanks for any info.
You can reach me at bgsp0ain@hotmail.com


Monday, May 12, 2008

Janome for dummies/charity quilt for Jane

Hi, happy day after Mother's day.
If there are golfers out there, or you have DHs that are, the TPC yesterday was played in 41 MPH winds. I don't know how anyone can hit a golf ball anywhere near straight in all that wind. Needless to say, my sinuses were going crazy all day.
With help from Doris in TN, and my DH I was able to figure out how to raise the feed dogs on my new Janome. It is a 30th Anniv. present from DH, a 6600 model. Most of the instructions are in signs such as ^^^ for feed dogs. So far I've stitched about 4 inches. This afternoon my babysitting was canceled so I get to stay home and play. Yea.
DGS#4 had some extensive dental work done this morning, but he is recovering nicely, so DD doesn't need me to come over.
I'm going to put the Bernina 1630 up on Craig's list to sell locally. Hopefully someone will want it. It is still a good machine, I just get tired of driving to Timbuck-too to have it repaired and cleaned.
JANE- in N.C.--I've been wanting to make a quilt for the Quilts of Valor, or Wounded worrior project. If it's OK with you I could donate it (or one of them) in your name. I wouldn't be able to start it for about 30 days, as am trying to finish up some UFO's.
I'm thinking simple, red, white, blue prints in a simple pattern.
They need lap or twin bed size. A guild here locally gave about 50 of them to Bethesda Naval Hospital this past week.
If you DON'T want this, let me know. My E mail is sashauer at comcast dot net. Otherwise I'll get the brain working on it.
Right now I'm trying to finish up 2 butterfly gardens. If the wind, and the sinuses and the back and knees don't give me heck I'll have them done by Friday.
Off to find some tuna for lunch.
Sara in Fla.