WWQP Bulletin Board

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I think I might be here!

Or I might be on someone else's blog for all I know yet! lol I am not familiar with this blog thing, but anyway, Hello everyone. Celia in NB

How cool is this!

What a great way to get around the spammers -- and hopefully also the anonymous snipers! Thank you, Sue and Eric!

Jean at Mill Bay

Pilgrim in a Strange Land ...

I've never been one to read blogs (just glanced at a few) and never posted much in a blog (except in a few) and thus I feel kind of like a pilgrim just off the boat in a strange land. However, it certainly is a bright, clean space you have here. I see there is spell checking and I can add an image? ... oh, dear, this can be dangerous! I feel I must tread very carefully but then again, I feel like a child faced with an expanse of bright clean snow and I'm eager to make some tracks in it ....

This photo photo was taken in 2003 when BBer JudyPete traveled all the way from California to visit me in Ohio and some other quilters came to my house to have a small party. That is JudyPete's magnificent Y2K quilt hanging behind us ... JudyPete, me, Julie and Lois the Lurker. After seeing JudyPete's Y2K quilt up close and personal I had the urge to make my own Y2K quilt long after everyone else on the planet was finished swapping and collecting. But then I had a hunch and went to eBay and posted a "wanted" listing. Sure enough, I was able to buy a complete set of Y2K squares ...

Judy in Ohio

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

The new WWQP Bulletin Board is here. Please, if you have received an invite, sign-up and start posting. If you'd like an invite, e-mail Eric at eric@ttsw.com. Let's get thisplace hopping!!

We got pictures too!! (Sorry, this was the only one I could find w/out quickly!