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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Name that Star?????

Does anyone know the name of this star pattern?
Linda in AZ

Friday, August 17, 2007


I came home today and in the mail was a glossy book sent by a friend who lives in TX. She and her DH had recently been in Canada but didn't mention exactly where but that they visited the Glenbow Museum and saw the above mentioned quilt on display. Blocks were made by a member of each of the immigrant and native groups in the country to celebrate the heritage of their people. She referred me to the web site associated with the project: invitationproject.ca . I haven't read the book yet nor have I checked out the web site but the pictures in the book are intriguing. The quilt is 10' x 120' (3.5m x36m) and is shown in a panoramic picture in the opening pages. Each of the blocks is discussed in the book. What an awesome display!! Check it out.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sharon Shamber

Thanks to whoever posted the Sharon Shamber video link. I love the idea of the boards for basting. I plan to try this. However, my thinking is this would work well with solid piece backs. If you want to match centers for the fronts and backs this would not work--as in quilting for both sides or reversible quilts. I was going to try it for my happy quilt. But I need to have that back block centered. Don't think this will work.

judy in ar

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting an Education Without Leaving Home

If you are like me and don't belong to a guild and live in a small town with limited quilt shop-type resources you rely on the internet for exposure to new quilting ideas. If you have a high-speed internet connection then you will have some fun with some of the resources listed at this URL: http://www.quiltfrog.com/24quiltvideos.html

And if you find yourself sitting in front of your computer for too many hours then I apologize for leading you down the Rocky Road to Kansas or into Grandmother's Flower Garden (or wherever you happen to go ..... )

Judy in Ohio

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bobbin Genie

Is the bobbin genie for all machines, or just long arms?
I loved the basting glue video, definitely going to do that.
I'd heard before that school glue was best.

Actually did some sewing today while doing my duty at
the fair watching the quilts (they never moved a muscle)
I just love the questions viewers ask about quilting, they
always seem genuinely interested.
Took my Hancocks catalog but never opened it, it's such a treat
,can't wait to drool on it.

Reading catalogs

Judy in Ohio, I can't believe you didn't mention reading gardening catalogs! I drool over and want one of each when I look at the offerings from places like White Flower Farm or Bluestone Perennials! I do look at the Keepsake and Hancock's of Paducah catalogs, but usually if I see something I like in one of them, I can find it for less $$ somewhere else. They seem to be "full retail" in their pricing. At Christmas time when my mailbox is flooded with catalogs, I often make a gift list for what I might buy for others. Then I'll add up the order and once the shipping is tacked on, I decide to forget it and send a gift certificate!


I get Keepsake Quilting magazine, but I also get Connecting Threads, and Nancy's Notions. I love to take them with me to the hair salon. I have an hour to sit there, so I read thru the whole book and read each entry. I don't always have the time to REALLY look at the catalogs, so that is the best time. I do like Keepsake quilting the best. There are stories and interesting contest results. I think it is the size. It fits in my purse and I can read it while waiting in the Dr office etc.

I have been known to place an order, or two. I can really read the produce info and sometimes I find just what I needed and I didn't know unless I read it. DH ordered me three of the T-shirts for Christmas over a year ago. I was very impressed that he took the time to read and find something for me in there.....He knew where to look.... A keeper, he is....

Donna, LEH,NJ

things I read

Well Judy, I also got my Keepsake Quilting Catalog. And this time there was nothing that caught my eye. However I have been to NH and visited their store. It is fantastic and is over whelming. I prefer to go on many websites and look at their products. And then of coarse my credit card takes a beating . lol One of my favorite sites in Quiltinaday they have fabric for sale at a very reasonable price and the fabric is top quality IMHO. Marge in Pa.