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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fortune cookie pattern

Does anyone recall seeing a pattern to make a fabric fortune cookie? I bought the fabric box book, but they are not in that. Was thinking I had seen one made on Simply Quilts but haven't located it yet. Our guild needs an idea for favors. Lavinia-TN

Friday, November 16, 2007


Apparently I was trying to post my marking pencil question just as Eric was fixing up the BB - I kept getting the message that my post wasn't going through so I'd try again - and again. Then I couldn't get on for 2 days. Thanks, Eric, for explaining what was happening and sorry for the multiple posts! NancyH

Time to Post a Photo ..

Okay .... here is evidence that my adorable granddaughters have tried out their new quilts that grandma hauled to Maryland just for their bunk beds. (Their parents decided that the bunk beds that grandpa built are too dangerous so the girls are sleeping in twin beds for the time being.) At least the quilts were deemed safe .... and snuggly .... and just right. The pattern is called Harlequin Nine Patch (I found it in an Australian quilt magazine) and I used novelty fabrics in the center of each nine-patch giving it an "I Spy" twist.

In the second photo that's Alexandra sitting toward the front (waiting for Grandpa and Daddy to put the bunk bed parts together) while Elizabeth waits behind her. They have decided to pose quietly for Grandma ...


Server upgrade finished

We just finished upgrading the server account, more disk space for all the postings.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

trouble getting in

for the past two days when i use my bookmark for the wwqp, it says "done" on the bottom but i have a blank screen. just now i signed in on the blogger dashboard and clicked on world wide quilting page and got the same thing. i chose the "new post" option but am not sure this will come thru.

when i was having problems, i was sorry that i hadn't made an effort to contact someone who frequents the list to get an e-mail address in case i ever had problems for a long time. could someone (if this goes thru) get in touch with me and let me know if it's just me having trouble? if you add ikwlt to at yahoodotcom, it should reach me.

thanx for any help.
dutchrose ---{-@

Marking Pencils

Way back when the old BB was up and running, someone suggested using a Prismacolor pencil for marking quilts. I bought one but have no idea where I got it - I do believe it was from someplace recommended by the poster. I really like this pencil - the lead doesn't break easily, it makes good marks, it stays on, but it comes off easily with just a little rubbing. I think Prismacolor pencils are more of an artists pencil - I've found large sets of many colors and also large sets of white at Hobby Lobby and Michaels and also through Google. But I'd love to know where I can just by a couple of them, not in packaged sets. Does anyone remember this or know who might carry them?? Thanks.......NancyH

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

t-shirt quilts

i agree with judy about those t-shirt quilts! the last one i did happened to be for a friend who lives 2000 miles away. she wanted to be a part of it, but isn't a sewer. i suggested that she save shipping costs by doing the interfacing and trimming before sending, and did that quilt ever go together fast!!!
i think i'll now make that a prerequisite for any other t-shirt quilts i make for others. she liked the idea of "helping" but didn't have much good to say about the actual work ;)
dutchrose ---{-@

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

After Making Four T-Shirt Quilts ...

After making four t-shirt quilts I have resolved to never make another one unless the person who is requesting the quilt agrees to do the fusing work. Fusing the interfacing to the back of the T-shirts is so tedious and sooooo boring that a person could die of boredom at the ironing board. I use a wet pressing cloth and my vintage dry iron so there are no little bubbles caused by the steam vents in a steam iron but the whole business of press for ten seconds, lift iron, press for ten seconds, lift iron, press for ten seconds ..... it gives new meaning to "bored out of my gourd". I reached my lifetime quota with the last one. LOL


T-Shirt Quilts

Thanks for the info! I printed it off and put it in the box with the shirts I've been collecting so I can find it after Christmas when I am ready to start. Working like crazy otherwise, the other day care in town closed their doors and our 2nd building won't be done till the first week in January, so things are a bit "cozy" till then. Plus I am trying to get holiday shopping done, less than 6 wks to X-mas now. So I guess I am procrastinating again!


Monday, November 12, 2007

TShirt quilts

I once taught a class for Tshirt quilts so I am including my outline for your reference.

T Shirt Quilts
Tools and Supplies

 Fabric Scissors
 Press cloth – 18” muslin
 Old terry towel
 Mister bottle
 Rotary cutter with a new blade
 12- or 16-inch square up ruler
 6” x 12” rotary ruler(or size your prefer to work with)
 Cutting Mat
 Lightweight fusible interfacing(I prefer woven) – 6 to 8 yards
 Sewing machine with new 80/12 or 90/14 sharp needle
 Cotton thread
Sort Your Shirts
 Use 4 to 36, 12-15 can make up to a queen-sized quilt
 Wash your shirts
 Press the fronts from the wrong side
 Determine size of the design area and group T Shirts by design size(18” maximum and divisible by 2 or 3 plus ½ inch total seam allowance)
 Make a list of design sizes(including 2-3 inches around the edges of printed design)
 Consider usable designs from other areas of T Shirt also
 Cut up the side seams of T Shirts, through the sleeve and across the neckband(remove neckband if desired), if to gain as much usable shirt as possible(consider saving good backs for iron on transfers)
 Cut the interfacing pieces larger than the desired finished block size
 Put T Shirt right side(design side) down on ironing board
 Center the interfacing on the T Shirt design and using the dampened press cloth fuse the interfacing to the shirt according to directions(beware of wrinkles, once they are cool they will not come out)
 Cut the interfaced pieces to the exact size needed for the quilt with scissors or rotary cutter.(use large square up ruler or Plexiglas template cut by local glass supplier centered on the design area – measure twice, cut once)

Determine use of quilt
 Bed
 Wall hanging
 Car or Picnic Blanket
 Backdrop for trophy collection
Select a Design Layout
 Diamond in a square
 Log Cabin type borders
 Narrow framing
 No sashing (horizontal & vertical strips of fabric between the blocks)
 Sashing and cornerstones
 Vertical sashing (strippy quilt)
 9-patch cornerstones & rail sashing
 Star sashing
 Easy Attic Windows
 Alternate fabric blocks
 Flying geese
 Checkerboard
 Lightening set
 Twist and Turn
Choose Fabrics
 For setting quilt, borders, binding, and backings(remember to consider value, scale and texture as well as color)
 Color helps to unify the quilt – choose it with the recipient in mind and know that setting fabrics will determine the color of the quilt
 Allow an extra ½ yard for shrinkage and any mistakes in cutting.
 Flannel or Polarguard may be used as well and with no batting if desired
 Wash fabric before you use it to be sure color won’t run and the fabric will not shrink after the quilt is finished
 Photo transfer
 Embellishments – trinkets, beads, ribbon, embroidery, buttons, medals, etc.

 Arrange T Shirt squares as desired
 Sew by rows or columns adding sashings as you go
 Put your favorite shirts in the center of the quilt
 Add fabric to make blocks of equal size
 When pressing, be sure to put a cloth over the shirts so the designs will not smear
 Batting – could use none for thin quilt
 Backing – flannel or polarguard are acceptable
 Tie or quilt
 Label
 Envelope style(top-right side up, back-right side down, batting and pin or baste – sew 3 sides and 2/3 of 4th side, leaving an opening – trim the batting close to seam, but not the fabric and turn the whole quilt right side out – hand sew the opening and tie every 4-5 inches apart)
 Purchase about ¾ yard of fabric

Sunday, November 11, 2007

T-Shirt Quilt Interfacing

Some time ago Shelli asked about interfacing T-shirt quilts. I like to use a lightweight woven interfacing. I feel the woven interfacing gives the T-shirt fabric the same qualities as the fabrics with which they are set together. The brand, as I recall (60 something memory, as I do not have the interfacing in front of me) is Stacy flex put out by Pellon. It does make for a heavy quilt, but most are for memories and not always slept under. Although, I must say, I slept under my son-in-laws T-shirt quilt recently and found it quite cozy.