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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Making wedding quilt

jdb, you've probably already thought of this, but do have a written agreement of exactly what is expected of each party in this deal. Who will pay for what (I suggest at least a deposit of 10-25 percent), when, and exact dimensions, and what kind and how much quilting is involved, as well as the due date. That way each of you knows in writing what your duties and responsibilities are, and the chances are better that you will still be friends after this is all over.

Good luck!

Making a Necktie Quilt is Truly a Labor of Love

Milli's joke about "an awful lot of money" to make a necktie quilt for someone hides a truth as far as I am concerned. I would guide someone in how to do it, offering step-by-step instructions and supervision but that's all ....

I made a necktie quilt for my father when he retired after 45 years with the S.S.Kresge Company (which evolved into K-Mart while he was still working for them) and he certainly had plenty of neckties for me to work with. Taking neckties apart, sorting and cutting up the neckties, salvaging some of the fancy labels was truly a labor of love on my part for the man who raised me. It was a tedious challenge to fuse all of those bias-cut slithery fabrics on to stabilizer so they would behave nicely after I cut them into the desired shapes.

I would not do this job again for a stranger, not even for money. Help someone else do it, yes. Do it myself, no. Like many quilt "fads" I've tried, once is enough. LOL


pricing quilts

I'd rather give a quilt away than ask for money but I do have a shop thatI can put quilts in to sell. No problem having someone else ask for money! They take 25% on a sale and the ones that seem to move the most are the small (lap size) ones priced at $150.
We all know how hard it is to put a price on a quilt. Things like color, pattern, and quality can make a difference.
I had a lady ask me how much it would cost for me to make a quilt from her husband's neck ties. Without missing a beat I said, "An awful lot of money!". Come to think of it, she hasn't mentioned it again.
A little test I make for myself is to ask myself "Would I make it again for that amount of money?" If the answer is NO I have it priced too low.
Milli in MA

SeamSTRESS Sally's Question

Hi, Sally, long time no see!

I know you are a smart cookie and I think the cleverest thing you could do in this situation is run in the other direction. LOL But if you truly want to help your friend with her gift idea for her friend's wedding then I would suggest that you and your friend go to the quilt shop together and you help your friend select the fabrics that she would like to be used in the quilt. Your friend should pay for all of the supplies needed for this quilt that she wants you to make ..... including the batting and the thread and the needles for your sewing machine. (Actually, your friend might swoon and change her mind right there!)

Then you should charge your friend for your time spent creating the quilt at so much an hour.

I will leave it to other BBers to offer their ideas about an hourly rate. I suspect that my hourly rate would be considered "pricey" by some but then I'm old and cranky and I think you'd have to be very lucky to hire me to sit at my sewing machine and do work for you. :-)


piecing a commission quilt

A good friend just asked me to piece a quilt for her friend's wedding. It's a variation on a 9-patch, so it "shouldn't" be too complicated.

If I agree to do it, should I charge by the hour, and how much?

SeamSTRESS Sally

For TeryeDawn

Terye, it is my understanding having a board which requires you to sign in with your email addres will eliminate unfavorable postings. I don't believe you will have any concern in this regard on this new board. A private board eliminates spam and perhaps the odd dog breeder from posting, which was part of what was happening on the public board. She could sign on here but couldn't post annonymously due to the sign in policy.

Had a huge ice and snow storm rage through southern Ontario Thursday into Friday but all six B&B guests arrived safely from Michigan, with two more arriving today from Ohio. The farmer down the road had his work cut out for him blowing out icy snow from all the laneways up and down our line.

Now back to work, clearing the B&B table and setting out the bird quilt...a huge project but enjoyable.



But did read on one of them that Karen's mom has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Karen, I along with so many which to convey my sympthany. Hugs, prayers and Ruby Red Fairy dust coming your way.

All have a good day

Friday, March 2, 2007

As If We Need To Spend More Time At The Computer ...

Just learned about a new quilting website .... as though quilters really need to spend more time at the computer ..... that was started this month by American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/ might have something interesting to offer but I doubt if I'll go back because I don't buy their magazine so I suppose I won't find much of interest on their website.


Thursday, March 1, 2007

Stuff and thangs

I finally managed to sign on here again and am going to try my hand at another post. Was just over at the kosmic kitty site and saw some hate and discontent along with the nasty anonymous poster. I purely hope that this site does not descend to that level. I always feel uncomfortable when I read that.

The boys moved out the beginning of February and I think I am finally adjusting to this next stage in my life. Felt a good bit like it feels when you have a tooth pulled. The pain is gone but the hole is still there and you can't help but feel it now and then. The time was right and the boys are happier. So are we, I think. It almost feels like a honeymoon.

I took over their room the week after they moved out and made it into a sewing area. The house feels much less cluttered. I have not managed to get it all organized yet but have managed a bit of sewing. Now for the yard work. We have been having an unusually cool winter this year and the oranges in the orchard were mostly lost in the frosts. Maybe one third of those were usuable for juice. The fella whose orchard abuts ours lost his entire crop and the workers just pulled the oranges right off the trees and left them to rot in the rows. It would be a pretty mix of color if it wasn't so heartbreaking.

My girlie rottweiler is expecting and due to whelp on April 12th. We expect no trouble and the vet says she is in good health and there are about seven pups in there. (Ultrasound for dogs, can you believe it?)

My sister in law called today and she became a gramma for the first time this morning. She sure was walking on air. They had a baby girl and she was a good size baby at 7 pounds 11 ounces. I guess it is time for me to make another quilt.

Well that is about all the news we have here and I certainly hope you all are doing well.

Terye Dawn at the less looneybin


You have my heartfelt sympathy, also.



Now that I'm able to post having logged on via the only route available to me by sending a comment to Lavinia, I'm wondering who will be in Pigeon Forge during the coming quiltfest between 3/14 -3/17. I'm planning tentalively to go on the 14th or 16th. There will be several others with me I believe.

Hope those of us who will be there on the same day can meet up for a meet or even for a lunch.

Jane in NC
Well as usual, I cannot resize it, has always been a problem for me. I know where to go to do it, just don't remember how. If I make it 56 per cent of what it was, you can't hardly see it LOLOL. I give up! Lavinia who is technologically challenged.....


I'm wondering what format you have used to save your pictures. I use jpg format, and have not had a problem. If you are using something else, try saving the picture as a jpg file instead. (File menu, Save as, and change the letters after the period to jpg, save)
The box with the x indicates that the picture loading process is trying to post your picture. If that box wasn't there, I would think something was wrong with the process.
Good luck.

Finished at long last

Finished my quilt at long last, and entered into the Pigeon Forge show. The machine quilter did an absolutely fabulous job. I'll try to post a picture or two for you. (Is there a limit? hahaha). Lavinia-TN well, it timed out trying to upload. I'll have to check on the size, I guess.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Finished at Last!

Hi Once again! Time sure is flying by. Here is a quilt I pieced for the American Heart Association Heart Guild. It is one of their fund-raisers for the Children's Heart Ball fund-raising events. Our quilt guild helps by making the quilt and having it quilted and ready by the 2nd Monday of February. Their event takes place 1st or 2nd week of March. Whewwww... I am glad it is all done! This was their 20th Anniversary, so they wanted 20 kids to be included. The four white stars in the border are "In Memory Of..." blocks, kinda sad...

Here is a close up of Dianna's quilting... She does a great job!!!

We're expecting some rough weather tomorrow. I know the weather has been crazy just about everywhere! Hope everyone stays safe and warm!

Great to see and read up on all the news!

From Alabama

I'll try the picture posting again.. some help required

not my first attempt.. and some users asked for more info about my system and how I attempted the upload. So here goes.

I have

XP sp2

IE 6.0
JPEG 70.9 KB 640 x 480 dimension..
no problem finding my file and uploading..
after I upload.. the image returns as a block that I can size, but it only contains a red X.. when I size the 'image box' the red x remains.. with NO picture
BEFORE I publish this post.. I right clicked on the image to find the properties of the 'file' and was returned the following
{The file you requested has not been found at our site.
We suggest that you go to the WWQP at http://quilt.com/Quilt or to the T&T software home page at http://ttsw.com/ and follow the links provided to the page you are looking for.
If you are still having problems, please report it to Webmaster@ttsw.com
We are sorry for any problem this has caused. }
so I am going to publish this post, and try to determine what 'happens'.. lol
Hmmmm.. in Preview there is more information that may help someone help me.. the properties of the uploaded file shows
how would it keep the images seperate.. if there is no attached file name in the path to the file.. hmmmmm
I really want to share a quilt or two . . . .
1 out of 20 tries just is NOT working for me

grrrrrr testing

trying to get a picture uploaded..

logging in is bad enough.. uploading a image.. grrr and this is from my Son the techie.

OK I think I have the picture up, but I cannot view it.. can anyone view it ??

Helping Sara Find Her Fabric and Thus Recover Her Lost Mind

Hi, Sara, in an effort to help you find the fabric you need I get to post the URL to my favorite fabric search site on our new BB for the first time. If you go to http://www.quiltshops.com/search.htm and type in the words Heaven Can Wait and click on the "thumbnails" icon you will get nine pages of "hits". (Perhaps you should specify something like Heaven Can Wait green or Heaven Can Wait stripe.) If you type in French Bistro you will get two pages of "hits". This website searches 181 online quilt shops with one click of the mouse and you will be able to comparison shop for price per yard and shipping costs.

Happy shopping.


Going Ga-Ga over fabric

Oh, I'm ready for the fabric loony bin. In the charity quilt box last Friday, just before heading out the door for the day, I found the most yummy fabric. Now I'm on a mission to find more.
Some of it is "Heaven Can Wait" by Northcott, others are Henry Glass "French Bistro". Of course I'll have to do a charity quilt with 90% of it, but I can feel it and look at it. A real departure for me, as I usually light brights. These are muted, soft pinks and greens.
So far I've checked with Mary Jo's and waiting to get an answer back.
As they say in the say in the south "I've done plum lost my mind".
Took my 4 mile walk this morning. The pollen is awful, but it was a good walk with 2 friends.
I still haven't been invited to join the other BB chat, so will post here. Maybe Eric is swamped with work. I do thank Sue & Eric for all their time and efforts for us.
Sara in the sunny state of Fla.

Checking Those "Ads By Google"

For some reason I decided to check out those "Ads by Google" that run across the very top of our postings here on our BB blogging page and there are some comical results to be found. Sometimes the ads are logical and make sense .... the one for "Quilting Rulers" takes you to a bunch of links to different sites that sell quilting rulers. But under "Quilt" there was a link for "Landscape Quilts" which then took me to:

"Landscape Quilts: Compare Prices Find Bargains on Landscape Quilts at thousands of trusted online stores. Get tax and shipping information, merchant ratings, and professional product reviews at BizRate. www.bizrate.com"

My goodness, I had no idea that I could buy landscape quilts at thousands of trusted online stores. LOL

I suppose we should check those ads by Google once in a while as a way of paying for the privilege of this blogging space. We might get a giggle or two and maybe, just maybe, we might find something interesting.


Monday, February 26, 2007


Well, mentioned our weather is off the wall. This am early I woke to a 5.3 earthquake, didn't wake the Fox. lol

Going to quilting tomorrow has been a long time, since Sept. as my time at the yarn shop was Tues am.

Glad Sandi made it back from VA. :) and had fun.

Fran love the pix of the dresden plates and teddy bear, what a clever idea.

I'm confused with the Publishing of the blog to a site? seems all the time here is spent publishing?

I also hit "feeds" and Celia told me my messages were going over to the original bbchat, I have quit that site and hope "feeds" is off now? lol I'm not one bit computer literate..not one bit.

I do type fast, lol


How much snow is enough?

Hi..........this is Marilyn in snowy MN. Wow, what a storm. We are digging out from 10 inches that fell in Brainerd, and more is on the way What wonderful quilting weather. I have been combining my quilting skills with fabric post card making, and I got all caught up over the weekend. Have a new quilt pattern that I am starting now for a good old fashioned "stash reducing" quilt.
I like the way this board combines both quilt questions, and the little personal touches about our lives. Makes it so much more like a meeting of friends..........don't you think ?

I'm back

HI everyone. I'm back from VA without any flight troubles, thankgoodness. I met Lorraine and Mary. So much fun to meet BBers. Mary gave me a quick break, it's tough to be a single vendor!
I managed to find a couple of things for my featherweight and a new (irregular) cutting mat. It was a big one and I rolled it tight and put a tape handle on it to carry on the plane. Worked pretty slick.

I'm so enjoying all the quilt pictures. What a talented group y' all are!

I'm going to bed early tonight, it was a long weekend!
Sandi in MN

Greetings from Wisconsin

Wisconsin weather: We have had snow all weekend with freezing rain early Sunday morning and turning into snow again after 3pm. Still getting snow this morning but it's "lazy" flakes falling.
We stayed inside all weekend but this afternoon I'm out the door to a sewing class.
Judy, it's interesting the fabric they pick for challenges but you have done a great job in using them. I have a challenge with the guild that had material that just didn't go with each other and then they wanted a machine pieced block put in there also. Really have to think about that for some time but that is why they call it a challenge, right??
Going for the weekend to a retreat in a lovely mansion. It was built by a rich coal miner about 75 years ago, all brick and three stories. The interior is pretty much original, even the wall paper is the same. Seven fireplaces. In other words, I would move in if they would let me. The teacher has a lovely wall hanging that our daughter loves so will make that this weekend and that will be her birthday gift this year. It's a weekend that the teacher has a project to make but she is so relaxed that you may work on whatever you wish. One reason I like going to her scheduled retreats.
It was so easy to get into this blog this morning, no matching letters, no passwords, nothing. Hope it remains, much easier to use. Enjoy the day and best to all. LONNA IN WI

teddy bear and another block

dresden blocks

Dresden plates

Hi! I just want to share an idea I had several years ago. I thought it would be nice to have a momento of quilts that I've made (only one of which I've kept myself), especially those I've sent overseas, etc. I collected fabrics from each quilt and made up 12 part Dresden plates. At last I have enough (16 blocks) to make something. I'm going to make a square tablecloth and put it on our 4 1/2 ft square dining table, then cover it with a glass table top. I'll also write on the back of each block who the original quilt was for and how that person is related or known to me, so that whoever it ends up with will know something of its history.
The purple and yellow unfinished block is using the fabric from the iris quilt I posted a few weeks ago.
Oh, another earlier idea was to make a teddy bear using leftover fabrics. I did 2 but then lost the urge LOL.
Am having trouble posting the pics - will do that separately.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

link from nancy

thanx nancy, i hadn't remembered that block having the extra strips, and as you described it i had envisioned those strips running between each of the three flying geese in the 4 different quadrants. once again, a picture is worth a thousand words and i love the capability to see people's quilts here.
as for what e.b. says, well... it's those little words that the reader rushes by, the ones that make a difference. "Learn how fifteen quilt blocks may have played a significant role in communication between the slaves and how it helped them on their way to freedom." yet all the other hoopla surrounding it makes one read that happened. just one way this myth has flourished.

i did read the comments to my other post, so glad to know that others have heard about the inconsistancies of the story. here are links (i don't know if i have to do anything special to make them hyperlink for you) that i would recommend for anyone intersted, the last being a true story.
dutchrose ---{-@

giles wright: http://www.historiccamdencounty.com/ccnews11_doc_01a.shtml
leigh fellner: http://www.ugrrquilt.hartcottagequilts.com./
kris driessen: http://www.quilthistory.com/ugrrquilts.htm
kimberly wulfert: http://www.antiquequiltdating.com/UGRR_index.html
raymond dobard: http://www.annonline.com/interviews/990505/
xenia cord: http://www.historyofquilts.com/underground-railroad.html
giles wright updated critique: http://www.antiquequiltdating.com/ugrrwrightcritiqueHIPV.html
http://www.quiltstudy.org/education/public_programs.html video streaming laurel horton


Link for Dutchrose

Dutchrose - If you go to this link you can see the book that EB wrote . Click on the picture of the quilt and you'll get a bigger picture where you can see the flying geese block that I had asked about. http://www.quiltinaday.com/shoponline/books_display.asp?i=1497

I read an article in the old Traditional Quilts magazine saying just what you said. I think Jennifer Cheveria (sp??) has a novel about these quilts, which may be another way the myth gets spread. Interesting how these things get started and keep going. NancyH


Celia will post a picture when she has time. I sent it to her and she had quite a giggle. Remember my 1000 feet of snow in Benicia years ago. lol

Well we have had wild weather, last night I said, wow that is some heavy rain, Marc had just gotten home about 10:30 pm and he said no Ter, that's hail... so do think my snow in the front is hail...but what the hay.

Almost 3pm and the small patch is still there. The Fox was so funny this am, with his finger asking me to follow him for a surprise. :) Opens the front door, chilly I look, nothing, he says come out here. Yep there about 6feet from the door close to the garage by our walkway our "little bit of snow".

Trying my hand at crocheting some flowers as pins. We shall see.

hug the day
love the pix


first, i want to say that my computer takes a l-o-n-g time to load too, especially when i want to post. i have satellite which isn't as slow as dialup, but nowhere near dsl or cable.

i'm posting because of the mention of eleanor burns' underground sampler that was referred to when (?) was asking about the flying geese size. and i digress, but i'd love to see a picture of the block when it's done! and i digress once again to say that i seldom go back to read the comments because i'm simply not used to doing it and look for answers on the original page like it used to be -- i guess you can teach an old dog new tricks, but not too many new tricks ;)

so back to my original thot... this being february and all, it is black history month and for the past lots of years i've been on a mission to educate quilters to the myth of the secret code quilt written in the book "hidden in plain view" that eleanor burns based her book and video on. this book, quilt, and code have come under fire since its publication due to the numerous facts that are, and have been found to be, lacking in truth. without taking up a whole lot of time, i'll only point out a few and if anyone wants more info they can post and i'll give websites to refer to.

the monkey wrench tool was invented in america in 1850 and could not have even been used in africa (and supposed to be an "honored tool" of the blacksmith);
the dresden plate block (1920/30) was inspired by the china company in germany which first registered in 1883;
the double wedding ring (block 1928) ceremony is a 20th century phoenomenon, prior only the wife would wear a ring;
the bonnet of "sunbonnet sue" was called a "poke bonnet" in the years that preceeded the civil war and for sometime afterwards;
the log cabin name was assigned to the style of block to indicate allegiance to president lincoln and the union cause, the first documented name in 1863.

these are just a few of the discrepancies, and i'll also point out that the naming of quilt blocks as we know it today occured when patterns became published on a wide scale beginning in the late 1890s.

SO... my goal is to help other quilters with this knowledge since our community is one that has helped to spread this myth. hopefully with some spreading of truth, we will be able to give the explanation that this is "one woman's story" and not an "historical breakthru" as it has been preported to be since the publishing of the book. you would be amazed at the areas and places this myth has extended to, but there recently have been some outside of the quilt world who are taking another look and this is having an impact at a very high level. the most recent is a statue of frederick douglass that will be placed in central park scheduled for this year -- originally it was to have "code blocks" included, but a change is in the works. it does my heart good.

i hope this didn't sound like a soap box, it's just that i know how far this bulletin board reaches and it is a good way to help disseminate accurate information. i have lots of web addresses that i'd be happy to share with anyone who is interested.
dutchrose ---{-@

Leaping Off a Creative Cliff

After reading about Rosey's commissioned quilt and admiring the precision of the planning and piecing of the bird appliques I am truly in awe of what can be done with talent, skill, patience and time. Rosey's work is so lovely and it is so opposite my approach that it is amazing that we could even be considered "sisters of the cloth" but since we are both quilters, I guess we are.

I am leaping off a creative cliff in my own slap-dash way and I thought I would show you what happens when someone tries to be "original" without a firm plan in mind. Keepsake Quilting has issued one of their semi-annual Challenges with a very peculiar assortment of fabrics. (Trust me, most of the fabrics you see in this photo are not fabrics of my choosing. LOL I chose the blue water-y print and the print with the tropical fish.)

I was interested in this challenge because applique is not allowed. For years and years and years KQ has had mind-boggling applique pieces walk off with their prizes and since I do not do applique I never entered the KQ Challenge but this time I thought I'd give it a whirl. When I opened the challenge packet and saw their six fabrics I was allowed to use I was very annoyed. But then I told myself that if they sent lovely fabrics that played nicely together it would not be a challenge.

My working title is "Kids These Days Just Don't Know How to Dress Nicely!" and now I am faced with a late March deadline and the challenge of piecing these parts together (remember, absolutely no applique!) and coming up with a border and quilting it. And here I am exposing myself to public humiliation on the WWQP BB if I don't get it done. :-) But perhaps by late March you will have forgotten about this posting.