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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back Porch Quilters

The Back Porch Quilters are having a blog giveaway. Anyone who posts on their blog will have their name put into a hat to receive free professional quilting of a queen size quilt. you can find their blog here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Re: Help!

Thanks to Judy, Judy, and Jane for your advice (Jane - yours was the most tempting!). I ended up removing all the setting triangles and starting over with a different fabric, cutting the triangles just a little larger. Everything fits perfectly now. As I was ripping out the old fabric, I got to thinking that there might have been a little polyester in it - it just didn't have the same feel as the cotton, but the color was perfect so I went ahead and used it. It is now in my trash can. I had to switch machines mid-quilt also, because my trusty Janome (which I just bragged about to someone here on the board) decided to start breaking the thread after sewing for about 3". My seam allowances looked to be the same though, thanks to my cute little Featherweight standby. This board has always been my backup when I run into trouble and I've learned so much over the years. Thanks again! NancyH


Perhaps you should give it to the dog. Do you have an ungrateful, thoughtless relative who doesn't respect what you do? If so give to him/her. Sorry those are the only solutions that come to mind. I feel your pain though. Let us know if you solve the problem despite my advice. Remember, the advice you get, from me at least, is worth what you pay for it.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What causes an on-point setting to pull at the corners? I've been working all evening on a small lap quilt and can't get it to lie flat. I've done this setting many times before and never had this problem. I've taken out all the setting triangles and recut new ones, the same for the corner triangles. The sizes are correct for my block size. It seams that the corner sections (last block with 3 triangles around it) want to pull. Any suggestions before I pull all my hair out along with the stitches?? Thanks so much! (Oh, and my iron quit today as well). NancyH

Sunday, March 22, 2009

national quilt day

I preshrunk a load of fabric (and ironed it all) because one of the fabrics is one I've cut today for a border on my ovarian cancer awareness quilt. I couldn't just do one piece of fabric!

judy in ar

National Quilting Day

What a great coincidence, we had our 1st quilt show on a quilt show hop in our area. We'll have 4 shows in our area over the next month! Yippy!
The show yesterday was sentimental for me because my dearest quilting friend quilted with the group holding the show, a senior center.
It brings back wonderful memories for me, she was one in a million & I was so lucky to have her friendship.
It was a nice small show with a great mix of old & new quilts, a great food court, & unusual vendors.
I didn't spend much & I even resisted the 25 cent magazines!!!!
Here's a couple nice quilts from the show.

Yesterday Was National Quilters Day .... Care to Make a Posting on Your Activity??

The third Saturday in March is always National Quilting Day (founded sometime in the 1990s by the National Quilting Association) and so I hope BBers remembered to do something quilty yesterday. I did my usual thing to mark the day .... made a small cheater quilt from a panel print for Project Linus. I'll not post a photo because it is a humble effort, just a modest thing compared to the magnificent "Grizz" quilt just posted by Kathi. :-)

Care to make a posting about the fun you had on Quilting Day? Maybe you went shopping and stimulated the economy??? LOL