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Friday, July 2, 2010

incubator quilts

I am getting ready to make some doll quilts for a craft sale supporting a charity. I'd like to make them large enough to give as incubator quilts if they don't sell at the craft sale. What size do they need to be?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hope our Canadian friends are all enjoying their special day. A frustrating morning for this NZer.. DH took my camera yesterday, but failed to check that the battery wasn't flat.. 'nuff said.. Sooooooo, as I couldn't post a photo of the mountains from the 'plane, I took one from the house , showing the alps, sparkling in all their glory, on this sunny and frosty morning.. You'll have to take my word for it as I don't seem to be able to post it. Don't know what went wrong, I have posted photos before without any problems. Just one of those mornings.. I should have stayed in bed !!

Hope you are feeling better Fran. How many more days before retirement ? (too many !)

Off for a walk to clear the head and warm the body..


Red White Blue Quilts

Ladies! See some really nice red/white/blue quilts today over at Quilt Inspiration. Just click here.

WhiteStone aka JudyPete

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Transplant from the Chat Board

Judy, if I can learn my way around a blog, anyone can. I am so electronically/machine challenged that I just look at your machine quilter thingy and think...holy cow, how can people do such wonderful things on those machines. If you go back to hand quilting, you'll still find your fingers and your right shoulder, if you're right-handed, wearing out. Getting old, we are.

But I think we're lucky just to have a forum such as this ("Eric forced all of us to become "bloggers" to get away from the horrid flood of spam that overtook our dear old BB format and some of the tricks of being a blogger are bothersome to deal with") and I appreciate the effort involved even though I wasn't familiar with the term, blog and Facebook and Twitter seem to me, just as this blogging does to you, bothersome to deal with and for a quilter who likes to quilt instead of sitting in front of a computer screen, both those things seem a waste of time to me...but a lot of people like them. The old board was fun but the spammers caught up with us with everything from soup to nuts, including the latest sex tools...thank heavens for this new format. Thank you, Eric.

I've chosen an easy to remember password and emailed it to myself in a folder under 'quilts'. Yes, sometimes I have to go back and put my password in but it just takes seconds.

I'm a transplant from the Chat Board, although I do 'know' Judy in Ohio who has gliders flying over top of her house sometimes...or she did. Hello, Judy.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

From One Extreme to Another

For all the years that I've been posting on the WWQP BB I've been a faithful user of my vintage 201-2 Singer for my piecing and my free motion quilting. And for all those years I have bragged about how reliable my old machine (built in 1948) is, how she stitches a fine straight seam and how she free motions up a storm for me.

What are not reliable these days are my wrists and my left elbow. Too many birthdays have taken a toll on certain body parts and I find it harder to shove quilts under the needle of my beloved old machine when doing free motion work. What is an old quilter to do? Find something easier to shove, that's what. Now the quilt will hold still and the machine will move, thank you very much.

The new machine, a HandiQuilter Avante, has an 18 inch throat space and a computerized brain that supplies regulated stitching. Here I spent decades learning how to do free motion work with neat and tidy stitches and this thing does perfect stitches on its own (unless I put it in manual mode). It is awkward for me to start a machine by pressing button with my thumb instead of using a foot pedal because I've been using a sewing machine for almost sixty years and the old foot wants to stomp on something. LOL Truly old dog learning new tricks time.

Going from a vintage Singer (Cecil Faye) to a 21st century marvel (Lucy Aurora) is exciting ... but don't expect miracles from me for a long time. LOL