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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yo-Yo dolls

Today I went to the "meet the teachers" and projects at a local quilt store. One of the last things mentioned was a Yo-Yo bunny, and/or doll. The instructor said that they are "hot" again.
What goes around comes around. There was a pattern and a class available.
Sara in Fla.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The first Yo-Yo project I ever saw....

Margaret, the first yo-yo project that I remember seeing was in the late 1950s. Yo-yos were strung on strong string to form the body, legs, arms of a doll. The head was made from a pre-formed plastic clown or doll face that you could buy at the dime store. Little round bells were used at the ends of the arms and legs to hold that last yo-yo in place. They were cute as can be. I was in my early teens and made one myself. It wasn't until later, in the 1980s, that I saw the yo-yos used as bedspreads or toppers.

Another Year, Another Quilt - I hope!

Unlike the purple quilt for DDIL #1, I just found the pattern for DDIL #2's quilt that doesn't leave me room for any creativity (which is a good thing and should make for a faster finish). It's Unequal Double Irish Chain in the Quilts from the Heart book by Karin Renaud. I'm still at the baby steps phase of quilting and this one seems nice and easy.

It should work well in the colors she has chosen - pink and black (ugh). I intend to accent in teal. Now to find compatible fabrics. She's been told that it will be a person-sized quilt; not bed-sized. Hope it doesn't take two years like the last because I have one more DIL who is chomping at the bit for her quilt.

I take inspiration from all the lovely pictures posted here and wish to get half as good. Regret that I had not taken up quilting years ago but had never even given it a thought until I moved into a senior development. About six years ago I joined a small group of ladies who were quite experienced and glad to lend a hand to a novice. It's been a fun ride! Wall hangings and table runners have been my chosen projects, so far. There is also a yo-yo table topper that is on-going and reminds me of a little lady I knew when I was a child. She sat on her porch all day and made yo-yos. Really brings back sweet memories. Everyone who sees it says that it reminds them of an old aunt or grandmother.

Enough for now, enjoy the new year!

Margaret from Long Island, NY

Another Year, Another Quilt (or two), I hope!

Little Tiny Problems

Yesterday while cutting fabric I noticed that my ruler felt as if there were a bump under it...it did not lie flat on the fabric. That's weird, I thought to myself. Perhaps it was warped? Picked it up, checked it, nope, flat as new. Picked up the fabric to see if something were underneath it? Nope! Laid the ruler down three or four more times and each time it seemed to be floating over some invisible lump or bump or something. Finally, I picked up the cutting mat and found the problem. A rubber band lying underneath had been the cause of this "not level" surface.

It's sunny in this part of the Upper Midwest but the temp is barely up to 24 with wind chill much lower. I'm grateful for a warm house. When the temp gets above freezing on Saturday I plan to repair the slightly melted face of this year's snowperson. Ms SP is at least two weeks old and even though we've had sub-freezing temps all that time the sun has done its damage and her glasses and her mouth are lying on the ground by now. Ms SP is a gardener (see her hair) and she is slightly frowning at the winter cold. LOL


Sorry ladies, that last post, block lotto, was supposed to go on my personal blog! my bad...

Block Lotto

Last night I was able to get upstairs to the sewing room after I fixed dinner (fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, steamed brocolli, and garlic bread...mmm mmm). I made five of the chunky churn dash blocks in muslin and different scraps. They are for the block lotto on Stashbusters and are winging their way to participate in the contest. For each block submitted, my name goes in the hat to win 20 blocks.

I spent over an hour working on those blocks last night and really enjoyed it. I think I'm going to try and get some sewing done every day, if I can. Stashbusters has suggested 15 minutes per day, but I am going to be more ambitious and try for an hour a day. Sure beats vegetating in front of the television.

I called our local phone company last week to see if I could get a better deal on our bundled services (local, long distance, dsl, and sattelite). They had a really good deal that lowered my bill, plus as a bonus I will get a free digital camera! I am pretty excited about this. When I get it, I can take a lot more pictures of my quilts and post them. I have been using Johanna's camera. She will be happy not to have all those quilt pics on her memory card!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Crib Sheets

Mayme, thank you for the crib sheet patterns!! I am doing donations for the local women's shelter and would love to present them with sheets made from my overstock of kid's print fabrics.

I am working on a quilt for my sister that uses the book from the dog lady speaks using her Pug pattern. My sister has a female which was bred and had 6 pups. Her ex-husband has the male and her new place needs a quilt to make it a home.

I am also getting ready to teach quilting to my students at the daycare. 4 and 5 year olds sewing with my help at my machine using 6 1/2" squares of cute fabric, then the school-agers will tie the quilts and bind with my help. Quilts will then be donated--I am hoping to get 3 done. Hopefully I will have hair when we finish...lol!


Monday, December 31, 2007

West Michigan checking in

Heather, couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your
post. I had just printed out how to make a crib sheet.
You will find directions at http://bundlesoflove.org.
I will have to adjust the pattern as I'm making sheets
for a small crib.
I've been out snow shoeing the last three days. Not far
but at least getting some exercise. It is supposed to rain next
week so we will probably lose all of our snow. I'm quite sure
it will return!
We went to an auction sale today. Nothing worth staying around
all day for. I went to a variety store and picked up fabric for 4 baby
We will spend a quiet night at home probably watching the Hallmark
Hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Year.

Anyone know how....

First.....Happy New Year to one and all......a bit early for some and already done for others!

Would anyone know the best way to make a fitted crib sheet? I am attempting to make a quilt for first grandchild (a boy due in March!) using fabric colours that mom to be likes....so I would like to make a matching or coordinated fitted sheet to go with it, but have no idea how to do it...I am suspecting that corners should be mitred and then elastic for gathering.....any tips on how to proceed....I really would hate to waste this fabric on something that wouldn't be useable!

Thanks for any advice on how to do or where to go!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Three more Quilt Shirts

Not much quilty happening at my house although I did cut up three cotton shirts today for my next shirt quilt. Still have one to be quilted, but will probably piece another before that gets done. Over Christmas I knitted a little cap for myself just because I hadn't played with yarn in a long time. It was fun, but probably won't ever do another afghan (in my knitting/crocheting days I made a number of afghans). Simply takes too long (said by a quilter that seems kinda funny! LOL).

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Not a Work of Art, But a Good Joke ... "Retired Ties"

When my father retired after 45 years of working for the S.S. Kresge Co. (which evolved into K-mart) he swore he would never wear another necktie. He started out as a "stock boy" and, yes, in those days he had to wear a neck tie for that lowly job. When he retired as an associate buyer my mother gave me all of his neckties and I began collecting more, from my DH, from friends and from garage sales and after a while I had enough to create his "couch quilt" which I called "Retired Ties". He swore he would never wear another necktie but with a flannel back on the reverse of this quilt I made it as cuddly as I could for napping purposes. And then my parents packed up and moved from Michigan to Florida where old folks never take naps! :-)