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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Swirly Whirly Dresden Color Wheel

After I completed my paper pieced Pineapple Block quilt I wanted to work on a no-brainer quick and easy project and so I made another color wheel wall hanging (my fourth).  Each of my color wheels is different. I find a color wheel a fun and relaxing thing to whip out when I want to "goof off" in my sewing room.  I keep a notebook of page protectors with 10" squares of Tonga Treats batik prints (and another company's line of batik layer cakes but I forget the name) in bright colors for just such spurts of creativity so I am always ready to sit and stitch for a day or two.  :-)  This notebook also has a slew of color wheel type patterns that I have found online, more patterns than I can possibly make in one lifetime.

This particular pattern is called Swirly Whirl Dresden and can be found here:


Far be it from me to tempt you with an idea and not show you where to find the pattern.  :-)