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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Alive and Kicking in Iowa

I won't beat any quilting records here in reporting my 2009 sewing projects.

My lone project for 2009 was to finish up a scrap quilt from shirt fabrics. I had basted it and had begun hand quilting it in 2008. Then in January 2009 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Only 20,000 ladies in the United States get nominated for this "honor" each year and I'm one of them. Whoopie!

Surgery in January. Again in February. Last chemo session was in July. Now finishing with a clinical trial drug every three weeks and feeling well, although some blood tests are a bit iffy.

Early on I tried working on this quilt but neuropathy or numbness in my hands from the chemo made it an unhappy task. After I finished chemo, the numbness gradually went away and I picked up my thimble and needle and thread and finished the quilt. I posted about it in November. You can read about my sole 2009 quilt (with pics) by clicking here.

I've been blogging pretty heavy this year so you can read about what's been happening in my life by clicking here.

In regards to other sewing areas I did some knitting and made myself several knit caps (I needed them to cover my bare head when that dastardly chemo took my hair!) and also some fingerless gloves which I love very much.

All in all, 2009 was not exactly a productive year for me in terms of sewing. I follow blogs by various quilters and enjoy seeing what they are creating, so I hope some of the old BBers (old in terms of long-time members...not holding anyone's age against them...heh-heh) will post their 2009 projects and let us see what they've been doing in the sewing world.

Best to all of you this New Year 2010. May we all enjoy peace, good health, love and family.

aka WhiteStone


Friday, January 1, 2010

Projects, Past and Future ...

First off, everyone should read Pirate's reply to the post by Judy in Ar that is prompting replies. Pirate is gonna make the rest of us look like sloths but that's okay, we love her anyway. :-)

I discovered a book called "Quilts From the Selvage Edge" and became enchanted with the idea of making tote bags with panels made from selvages. Some people actually make quilts out of selvage panels but I'm too wimpy for that ... just made plenty of tote bags. It was fifteen at last count before I decided to give myself a breather. If you google the book's title you'll find a website and you'll find there's a woman who has made a dress out of selvages. Now that's really crazy!

I had some shelves built for my sewing room and bought some fabric organizing "boards" made of plastic and spent many weeks sorting and organizing my fabrics on to these boards. This ate into my sewing time but now when I want to find something it is as if I am in my own little mini quilt shop where all of my fabrics are in plain view. Here's my Webshots link and if you go to the album that says "Quiltmaking Room" you can see my shelves.


Made some purses out of jeans as gifts for the women I work with.

Made my first official UFO, a large wallhanging that gave me "quilter's elbow" when I tried to machine quilt it with a very large motif that strained my left elbow with all of the hauling and shoving on my mid-arm machine. Some day I might unstitch what I've done and send it off to a long arm but probably not. It's more than half done and I'd probably wreck my wrist with unstitching. The woes of too many birthdays are not pretty.

Right now I am working on the 2010 Hoffman Challenge .... something I'm calling "Buried Treasure".

I've finished a piece called 'Which One's the Magic Button?" that I will be sending off to Australia pretty soon for an international challenge that a friend in Bunbury, Australia dares me to enter. Although I don't know why I call her a friend .... I hand tied over 270 buttons on the doggoned thing.

Judy in Ohio


My quilting mainly was appliqueing and doing redwork while my husband was in the hospital and during his programming for Parkinsons after wards. I sewed some between but not really finishing anything. I thought that would be a good monthly project this year to finish those tops that needs just the borders on. Think I'll go through and keep those that I really love and give the rest to a charity or as gifts. So my list will not be as impressive as some on this blog. LONNA IN WI

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pat Yourselves on the Back

Hi Everyone,
A year is ending, & I thought of an idea to get everyone to check in. The list of members looks pretty long, but only a few are posting and so far apart. So how about this thread--

Take this opportunity to pat yourself on the back by posting here what you accomplished this year in the world of quilting.
How many quilts did you START AND COMPLETE in 2009?
How many UFOs did you finish?
Did you clean/organize your sewing space instead?
What else did you do in the sewing world?

Here is my beginning post and hope to read the rest of you--at least 100 posts soon!!!!

1. I started and completed 2 personal quilts, both of which were gifts. One got a matching patchwork pillow. The other got a regular size matching pillowcase from the "roll up" pattern on line. I loved making that and how it turned out.

2. I started machine quilting a UFO from the first block swap I was ever in--from this board back in 1994. Didn't like some of my stitching, plan to remove and send it to a long arm!! I marked and sandwiched another UFO for the third time. Batting from you know where.

3. I sewed an Easter dress for myself--first apparel sewing since I started quilting over 20 yrs ago. Also made 3 pairs of lounge/pajama pants for my sons for Christmas. Given along with LLBean fleece slippers, they appeared to be much appreciated.

4. I was part of a 3 women team who made 15 quilts for charity in 2009.

judy in ar