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Friday, June 1, 2007

Civil War Fabric Scraps

Since Sandra mentioned scraps, I thought I'd ask if any of you who have worked with civil war fabrics, have any scraps you want to donate or trade? I am using up every crumb of my leftovers from Dear Jane in a log cabin pineapple scrap quilt. I can use anything if its at least 2 x 3 inch and on up. This is taking a lot more fabric than I thought and I want it to be really scrappy. email me raeann at missvalley dot com

Raeann in MO

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I just received the following email.

Do you still have the fabric scraps and are they 100% cotton?

It has been a VERY long time since I've posted any items to sell or swap. I don't recognize their email either so I did not reply (thinking it might possibly be some form of spam, etc.)If one of you sent this to me, please get back in touch with me( mention this bulletin board in your email) and I'll see what I might have to part with.

Sandra from SC

Posting time

Lest anyone think that it really was 4:59 a.m. when I posted, it's 6:15 a.m. Slightly more than an hour off...which makes me wonder if the board is an hour to the west of our time here. I thought the Traudt's lived in our time zone but then I probably would figure most people do, that's how my mind works. I have to remember that the west coast is three hours behind me, the east coast is 1/2 hour ahead of me (is it just 1/2 hour, Celia?), one hour behind me is the mid-west...??? Wonder why the board is set for the time it is?


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Red Sneeze

JudyPete has named my creation for the British "Explosion of Colour" challenge that I posted about weeks ago. I showed her this digital photo of my progress on my creation which is made so that the pieced segment truly bulges out and away from the glittery fabric used as the background and told her I was stuck for a title. Like the true friend she is she emailed me with a list of five or six choices and "The Red Sneeze" seemed to suit this piece to a T. Now I have to figure out how to finish it .... after all, it does need to be quilted somehow ... and a sleeve has to be made .... and maybe it needs some glittery things added. But once again I am showing you how I have fun leaping off another quilting cliff.

And now that Judy in Ar has added a comment about changing the direction so that the "sneeze" is aimed skyward, I'll pester you with a total of three photos! The top photo shows you how this piece might be stretching the definition of what makes a quilted wallhanging. LOL


Monday, May 28, 2007


I loved all the mottos, thanks! Funny how my eyes misread at times though. I read the one as : Onward, through the Frog..... Guess that tells you that I spend a lot of time doing the frog stitch. LOL

Mary in Oregon

A Few More Mottos

After I posted the motto about "Don't Judge Yourself Before You Begin" on the about.com quilting forum I asked members for suggestions for more mottos that they might want to hang on the wall of a sewing room and here's what they've come up with:

Finished is Better Than Perfect.

The Quilt Police Are a Figment of Your Imagination.

It's My Quilt and I Can Do What I Want.

Onward, Thru the Fog .....

That last one really gave me the giggles because that's the point I am at in my "Explosion of Colours" challenge piece ... I'm kind of stuck in a fog right now.


Sunday, May 27, 2007


Sent the box on the Monday we purchased the maple syrup jars and it has been 2 weeks, mail was promised in 7 days, I laughed then and said you'll need to add a few to get behind the R.Curtain. lol

So still I wait for the mail.

Nice meeting up with Jean and Marty, looking at pictures from Ohio 99 and other get togethers. We are such a small world.

Marty writes she has another couple to chat up soon on the edges of N.Hampshire and ? sorry forgot.

Received a very old quilt from ddil it was in her husbands family. I'llneed to redo the binding otherwise I do not think this handmade quilt was ever used. just time wore the single binding. It is handpieced and quilted, beautiful b/w.

The sun finally came out today. Yesterday we visited the kids on the mountain, they were camping and riding their 4x4 on trails. Kids (young and old) were having a ball. Very warm, if you leave our Pacific Ocean it is warm in the world. lol