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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tobacco Silk

A couple of summers ago Meredith in Calgary arranged for a behind the scenes tour at the Glenbow Museum. We were able to view several of their quilted items that are not on display at the museum.

One of the outstanding things we saw was this quilted jacket made from the tobacco silks. It is quite amazing.


Hawaiian Quilters

Here's a really neat story about Hawaiian quilt teachers John and Poakalani Serrao and how they became teachers. Hawaiian quilts have a tradition of their own. Everyone loves their beauty but not many quilters have tried this type of quilting. Click here to read more about John and Poakalani.

Tobacco Silk Quilts

I'll bet many quilters are unaware of the small fabric pictures that were given as premiums with tobacco products in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Here's an article about a wonderful quilt made from those "tobacco silks" and how it was saved from being put on the family yard sale. Read this article for more info.


Chicago Show

Hi I just got home from 2 days at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. I saw Holice and said "hello" from the BB and saw Alex Anderson. She was autographing her books. The most memorable part of the show for me was seeing "The Supper" quilt in person. (The quilt of DaVinci's The Last Supper.) The maker, Don Locke, and his wife were there and I got his autograph on a postcard of the quilt. What nice and gracious people they are and what an astonishing work of art! Of course, the quilts in the show were gorgeous and so many, many treasures to be found in all the vendors' booths. I'm looking foward to hearing from others who went to the show this year.
Janell im SE Wisconsin

The AQS in the WSJ on April 12, 2008

There is a very good article about the American Quilting Society's big show in Paducah in the Weekend section of the Wall Street Journal on Apirl 12, 2008. It is their "travel" article for this week and it mentions how Paducah was a dying town until the Schroeders came up with the idea of a quilt show. The article is written by Meg Cox, a retired WSJ reporter who has recently published "The Quilters Catalog" and this article is not only in the print edition of the newspaper it is also available for free in the online edition:


The online edition has lots of pretty color photos, too!

Judy in Ohio

Friday, April 11, 2008

Purse Pattern

I recently purchased a purse pattern. It isn't the one you describe but might be a good site to check out. Purses and jackets seem to be becoming very popular so if you're close to a quilt shop check out their patterns. www.quiltsillustrated.com Yes, Lazy Girl has a large supply of really cute purses.


Have you tried Lazy Girl Designs?


Seeking purse pattern

I am not "into" purse making, but saw a really neat one at a restaurant yesterday. Of course I asked the owner about it, and it was a gift to her. It was shaped like a cylinder (with round ends) and a long zipper across the top. The ends folded up and velcroed so neatly, you didn't realize how long it was when they were put back down. There was a section on either end with a small star pattern as well (that's what made me notice it). It had two handles, lots of pockets inside, and I think one outside. Does this pattern ring a bell with anyone? Sure would like to find it.... thanks! Lavinia/TN

Thursday, April 10, 2008

quilt frame

A quilter friend who has since moved away has the most beautiful quilt frame I have ever seen, but sorry to say I don't remember who made it. It is solid oak. It rotates and can be used on or off the stand. You might want to google quilt hoops/frames and see what comes up. I had never seen anything like hers. I think she said it cost $250.

Laura, check out this Quilt Frame for your friend

Laura, Jasmine Heirlooms has some of the nicest quilt frames in regards to appearance. I can't vouch for their design as far as quilting usefulness is concerned, but your friend might like to take a look at this website.
Our quilt guild once held a "quilt swap meet" and everyone brought their unwanted fabrics, sewing helps, or old patterns, etc., to swap or sell. I missed buying Jasmine's standing hoop by just seconds and I was wildly jealous of the woman who got a bargain! LOL. I have no affiliation with Jasmine, yada, yada, just think your friend might like to look at these frames for her living room.

Jasmine sells full-size frames as well as the hoops, so click around their site for more photos.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

quilt frame

One of my friends at work asked me if I knew the name of a really attractive quilting frame. She wants one that looks as nice as a piece of furniture, but is still very well designed for quilting. I told her I don't hand quilt, but I knew some people who do. LOL
Does anyone have a recommendation for a quilt frame?
Laura in Alabama