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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Disappearing Nine Patch

Nancy Brenan Daniel wrote the book called "Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts", and teaches a class called "Slice 'em and Dice 'em - Disappearing Nine Patch". I took the class from her in Houston a couple of years ago. I'm afraid I was the one who caused the confusion about the book title. Her website has some good pictures and information...www.nancybrenandaniel.com. Also, if you google her name you get some other hits with pictures. NancyH

Friday, July 27, 2007


I just got a response from Eric to my request to him on behalf of Anna:

"Sorry about the delay , Sue is in a graduate class, while I am very busy at work. I'll try to get caught up on invites Saturday.. "

It appears that Anna may not be the only one waiting.



is what i meant. Once again, my fingers, just like my mouth often does, got going before my brain was in gear. When I called Mary today she said she was unable to open the file I sent her with the directions and she has no idea who made the quilt I saw today. Could it be there is a lurker here who reads the board? Where did this pattern come from, perhaps lots of folks know about it. Anyway, Mary says anything that starts out with a nine patch is ideal for interesting but quickie scrap quilts.



At the room where we gather at the fram and where our latest charity quilts (mostly for Head Start and some for hospital nursery and pediatric dept.) are hung to see before they are delivered to the recipients guess what was there? I'd sent the split nine patch pattern to the lady who is in charge of our charity quilt program suggesting that it would be a good, while quick pattern. She takes in bags and bags of scraps and donated fabric. Various shops contribute batting and she makes up kits after cutting and straightening the contributed fabric. Members are free to make their own or pick up a bag containing a kit. They can do as they please including adding fabric of their own. Some of these scrappy, colorful quilts are amazing. I hadn't gotten a return email from Mary about the pattern I'd sent but there was one on the wall. Drat, I didn't have my camera with me and I won't be over there for another week so will probably miss the opportunity to share it with you.

Jane in NC


I've cut and pasted your post onto an email to Eric and included your email address. I hope this gets his attention. Looking for ward to hearing all your good news.

Jane in NC

Extreme frustration!

Well girls I don't know what to do. I've emailed Eric twice at the BBChat blog address to ask for an invite so I can post on the Chat blog. No reply. I ask Jill D. to email him and see what happens. She did; no reply. I hangdog into this blog via the old chat page (which btw is still there but wall-to-wall spam); still can't get into the chate blog. It shows up in black and white, I can read but I can't post. I have a lot of pleasant news to share but it rightfully belongs on the chat page, not here on the technical page.
I guess I'll just have to live without the chat; it's soooo maddening to want to reply and not be able to. I wonder if I sent Eric some chocolates if he'd finally send me the invite to the chat blog??
Frustration reigns supreme. If I understood why, it would help.

locker hooking

Hi, About a yr ago "locker hooking" became the new thing in this area. Soooooo I bought the stuff to do it. Well I got a pot holder made as my project and now the rest has become a UFO. Have no idea if any of the girls that were with me completed any of their projects. We all were on a road trip. Had a lot of fun, but locker hooking is work, not fun. Besides that it takes quite a bit of fabric to do it. Can understand why someone would be sheets to work with. Marge

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mayme taught me something new today. After she mentioned locker hooking in her post I went to google and looked it up. My, my! I've made rag rugs before using two different techniques...the regular crochet method and the toothbrush method. But I had never heard of locker hooking before. After checking it out, I will respectfully decline to take up this new (old) craft. LOL. Its too similar to yarn hooked rugs where you use a hook to bring strips of yarn through a canvas. I once tried that and quit after an hour. I've done nearly every other sewing imaginable, but rug hooking simply did not suit my attention span. I'm afraid locker hooking would be the same. Still, I would love to see photos if Mayme could post them for us. I can enjoy viewing another person's work even if it is a type of craft that I do not wish to do myself.

The toothbrush rug was made with a "needle" made from a plastic toothbrush handle. Those handles used to have a hole in the end for hanging purposes I suppose. To make a needle required one to cut off the brush end, then shape the cut end to a round soft point. Rag strips were inserted into the eye of the needle and the rug was constructed by doing a stitch similar to a blanket stitch round and round until the rug was of the desired size. The resulting rug was very sturdy.

My, my, that was a long time ago.


Now Here's a Story to Make a Strong Quilter Weep!

Got a private email this evening from Mary, a lurker who reads our BB but who doesn't post. I think her email is worth copying and pasting for everyone's benefit:

"Letting you know that I bought a BOLT of whopperjawed muslin @ Jo Ann's several years
ago. I am still struggling through it. It was in a plastic wrapper and
being the nice guy I didn't insist that they open it and I INSPECT it.
Boo. What a mistake. I will NEVER do that again."

I thank Mary for sharing her sad experience .... she took home a nice clean carefully wrapped WONKY bolt and doesn't want it to happen to us.


feed sacks

I haven't posted in awhile. Last week while visiting in Roanoke
VA, I went to an estate sale. They were selling things for $5.00
a box. I looked through one that had feed sacks in it. Told my niece
about it and she bought it. There were 24 feed sacks among others
pieces of fabric in the box. I washed 4 loads of solid colored fabric
she bought at the same sale for $7.50. I bought 7 sheets to do locker
hooking with for $2 or $3.
Judy, I bought some very crooked fabric at an after Christmas sale.
I was glad I had gotten it for half price. There was no way it could be
straightened. I wrote the company a letter and drew a picture of what
it looked like when I tried to straighten it. I never heard from them.
I made a split 9 patch baby quilt and just loved doing it. While in VA
put together a bed sized one.
It is very dry here.
We are going to a cruz night of old cars tomorrow night and then to a quilt
Mayme in West MI

Don't forget to click on the photos

Don't forget that when someone posts a photo you can click on the photo for a close-up. On my computer (all computers are not created equal. LOL) you can then click on the bottom right-hand corner of the enlarged photo and sometimes see an even closer image.

Quilters of the Past were soooooo Talented!

Wow! In today's mail I received an unexpected package from a quilter that I met several years ago while visiting a friend several states away. This young quilter (younger than me is young! LOL) recently acquired an assortment of vintage sewing items. She knows I love vintage quilts and sent me several bunches of lovely, absolutely lovely, vintage quilt blocks.
One bunch included a large stack of grandmother's flower garden blocks with the hexes a bit over an inch across when sewn in place. They were fussy-cut so that the cut pieces were identical to each other. These are hand-stitched so you can see the tremendous amount of time involved in putting these together.
In the photo I've laid out a number of the blocks so you could see the patterns in the 1930s fabrics.
It was a common practice for those stitching GFGs to fussy-cut the floral pieces. Sometimes you will see fussy-cut conversational prints in these quilts. It would not surprise me if Bethany Reynlds got her idea of stack n whack from this method. Of course, fussy-cut is a bit different than stack n whack but the idea is the same...multiple pieces of identical cut.
Anyway, wanted to share this morning's surprise with all of you. Later I will take every single thing out of this box and look it over more carefully...blocks for two other quilts, some vintage batiste baby gowns, some pieces of unused vintage 1930s solids and white cotton, etc.
I am totally flabbergasted by this unexpected gift! How very kind of her to send this package to me. And if she's reading this post, I'm waving my hand in "Hi!" and "Thank you so much!"

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

visiting quilt shops while on vacation

One quick way to find quilt shops in different states is to do a Google search of the state quilting guild. Once you get to that site, search around for "merchants" or "vendors." Often the quilt shops listed there have links to their own web sites with helpful maps.

Maybe your local guild or library has a copy of Quilter's Travel Companion which is published every two years (no affiliations, yada yada.) They also have a web site where you can find the info on line, and quilt shop owners can add or change their info (for a small fee of course.) www.quilterstravelcompanion.com

I checked the Arizona shops listed on the quilters' travel companion and it's not as complete as the state guild merchants' list, but it's better than a kick in the teeth.

SeamSTRESS Sally

Follow-Up on Whopper-Jawed Fabric

After I posted the photo of my dreadfully crooked fabric here on the BB blog I taped it together with blue painter's masking tape (for dramatic effect ... much livelier than using the tan tape). Then I wrote a polite (but lightly sarcastic) note to the effect that since the half-yard piece of fabric was so crooked I could not use it I was returning it to the company. I used a Priority Mail envelope to send this off to Benartex ... spent more to mail it to the home office than I did on the fabric. I received this email this afternoon:

"Hello Judy,

We here at Benartex are truly sorry on one hand that the fabric you bought was not of good quality, on the other hand your letter was well written and placed a smile on our faces. Would you be so kind to allow us to make it up to you and replace the fabric that you purchased? We would need the amount of yards & an address to have the yardage shipped.

Again, thank you for being a great Benartex customer."

Well, now, this person is not paying attention! LOL

I sent my entire half-yard purchase in the envelope. (Yards??) I sent my letter on stationery that had my address on it. Those fancy folks in New York City are just acting goofy .... but at least I think I am going to get a half-yard of fabric from Bentarex to replace the half-yard that I sent to them. Time will tell.

Judy in Ohio


We love you. Most of us understand that you don't owe us anything and we are grateful for this blog. Perhaps, when you get a chance, if you just close the previous site some of the whining will stop. Remember, no good deed goes unpunished.

Jane in NC
Okay, I think we should be able to ask for help in requesting patterns here, especially after seeing the beautiful disappearing 9 patches quilts we have seen that someone else may want to make. Where did you ladies get that pattern? I am afraid my memory does not hold such details from previous posts! (Thank you Menopause!!!)

As for the old pattern request/quilt shops in your area sites is there a way we could help maintain/update these areas? I also have to mention that a listing for the biker chicks has appeared on the QFM Blog, so I guess no site is immune to unwanted spam, but I sure was disappointed to see it. To bad there are people in the world who just have to spoil things for others as they have the old sites!

Skies are dark here, hoping for some rain before too long....


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ignorance is bliss.....

Earlier this year I requested a pattern on this page and was overwhelmed by the response, and subsequent arrival, of the sort-after pattern.... Was I wrong to do that ?

Marion .


Hi, I don't see any reason we can't post about patterns, projects or any other thing. It is quilt related. I cannot get anything on the old worldwide quilting page, so I just don't go there any more. In the beginning of this forum I found it difficult to access. But finally wrote the instructions down so I could get here. As I am not the most literate person in the world when it comes to computors. I do like to read what everyone is doing etc. I also spend a lot of time on "quiltinaday" site by Eleanor Burns. So come on girls, step up and post. Lets hear from you all. Marge in sunny PA.


So why, all of a sudden does it take someone else to open the subject and get some attention for the other portions of the WWPQ?

With what I have been observing, you can post anything you want on BB....except advertisements. It appears as though only a few people have figured out how to post here. I have heard others say in various other forums, that is is difficult to figure out. I say, if you want to post bad enough, you will figure it out.

Ok, gals, get on my coat tails and take a ride...........


Not only is the Pattern Request link not working, it would be ineresting if you went for a stroll onthe page and found some links have not worked for5 or 6 or 7 years.

My question is: Why the neglect? And why has the page NOT be changed to reflect what activity is taking place? If you can add to a page (the new WWQP Bulletin Board was added) then why not take away some of the things that don't function.

My main complaint is that the Pattern Request page has been over-run with Viagra and other ads just as the Bulletin Board was previously. There has been no effort to remove those ads. There has been no response to many persons who wrote and asked for relief! There has been no offer to add someone to the group with "authority" to clean up the page.

This is pure neglect and does not reflect well on people who have shown great pride in being on the internet for 10 years (or whatever!). Is this a "Feather in their cap?" that now is on display for thousands of people to see and wonder why they have allowed this to happen?

WHY??? And what is GOING TO BE DONE?? Right now it appears as though it has been removed, with no notice to the faithful followers who relied on this page for various reasons.

Some answers would be helpful. The "followers" are beginning to realize they are being kicked to the curb. Is that the way you would treat your customers if this were a paying business?
I think not. Are we just no-bodies????

State quilt shop page also outdated

It's interesting that someone has now posted about the pattern page, I was going to ask about the quilt shop pages by state. In my tour of Texas shops this weekend, I ran across one that had been closed for 8 years! Good thing I didn't go there first as I would have been good and lost. I know there are several on the AR page that have also been closed for a few years now. But we also have at least one new one.

Going to the TX shops was a fun experience and I got so lucky/blessed on Saturday. At the first one, the clerk offered me a coupon that made my whole purchase only $3.00. She said they had extra ones from a recent quilt show so she thought I should use one, too. I was greeted at the next shop with friendly clerks telling me they were having an anniversary sale and everything in the store was 25% off. At the next one all fabric was 35% off if you bought at least one yard & they had a clearance table of books & patterns half off. I already told about the somewhat rude clerks at the shop going out of business on Friday, but at least all the remaining fabric was $2.00 a yard, patterns $3.00 and notions half price.

None of this would have happened without the internet!! I started with the WWQP for TX and the Dallas metro area. Then I used google maps to get directions and found several were on my route--meaning I didn't have to go out of my way for any of them. I never would have ventured out with only a store name and an address. Driving Dallas interstates takes all the concentration I can manage!! But we also lucked out on that, too. Fortunately at rush hour, the 80 mph drivers are forced to slow down to stop and start giving me plenty of time to get on and off where necessary. We did everything my ds wanted, and I got to do what I wanted, too--win-win for both of us.

This is non-quilty, but how's this for coincidence-- DS and I were coming home from the south, a 5 hour trip. We expected to be home in mid afternoon. DH was coming home from MN, an 11 hr trip. We expected him home around 6 tonight, after supper. We all ended up at the gas station at 4:00. It was so funny. I was pumping gas, ds washing windshield and DH walks up and asks if we are just getting home. Neither of us had been home yet.

And we're already back to normal. DH is long in bed and I just finished doing all the laundry. LOL

Monday, July 23, 2007


Can anyone tell me what has happened to the Pattern Request page, part of the World Wide Quilting Page? More recently it has been filled with advertisements such as was the case when the Bulletin Board decided to change its format. It is not possible to post on this site and there are people trying to ask for help but their requests get lost behind all the ads.

Does anything new seem to be imminet for those who have used Pattern Request for so long?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Now Here's Something Really Silly

For those who are tired of looking at my crooked fabric here is something that is downright silly for you to look at on eBay. It's an item for sale that has been mentioned on the about.com quilting forum and I thought BBers would want to see it too: