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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Welcome back. I'm sure I'm not the only one to see your post. If it's any comfort I have managed to stumble around for the past three years since smashing myself up in that dumb drive down the bank and into a very cold creek and smashing myself up. I've started a few projects and finished nothing at all for a number of years. I'm determined to get moving again. Lets cheer each other on.

By the way, if you haven't seen my earlier posts on the subject, my guild is sponsoring the NC Symposium in June and so that would be a great goal for you to participate in a class and be inspired. The guild's 30th anniversary will be celebrated with a large quilt show too so I hope to see your recent project hung therein. Western Carolina University here in Cullowhee is hosting and they are knocking themselves out to make it a memorable event. Check the guild website at www.smokymtnquilters.org and follow the link to 2012 symposium. The dates, description of facility, faculty and vendors are there. Come January the classes will be posted along with entry forms for show and for classes and housing. Although I live only about 20 minutes away I'll probably live on campus just to savor the whole deal.

All you others BBers please take note. I want at least one quilt from New Zealand to give me bragging rights in terms of solicitation of participants from far and wide. Of course the more the merrier.


Checking In

It has been a long time since I've posted here as I have done little quilting, but I do stop by from time to time to catch up on the post and view the different projects. I have been hand quilting a top that was finished back in 1993 and I hope to post pictures soon. There is only a small portion left to do. Some of you may remember me, Lightning57 from SC. Quilting has always been a passion of mine, whether working on one or viewing them. I love them, but I just don't have the burning desire to make them anymore. I'm trying (although slowly) to complete what tops I have made. I have three large tops that are waiting to be completed into quilts and I do hope to get them finished before I die (whenever that is). I don't wish to leave tops laying around to be used as furniture covers or thrown away. It took me forever to get in and post. This system is harder than it has to be. Twice I have tried to change my old email address and it even tells me that it has been done, but the next time I try to get in I have to go back to the old email and use it. Anyway enough of all that. I'll try to post pictures soon of my latest quilt. It is done in the Window Pane pattern, made from fabric remnants from clothes that I made for our family during 1979-1993. I had forgotten about it. Later, Lightning57

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chat Link

It would be great if Eric could fix the link above for the quilting chat page.

Pushing myself along

After seeing the pattern "Snow Days" from Crabapple Hill at a quilt show earlier this year, I decided that I'd try expanding my horizons. I hadn't done any embroidery in well over 40 years, but took the plunge anyway. Now I'm going to post the first three blocks as an incentive to me to keep plugging away at it.

Actually, this type of handwork lends itself well to sitting by the TV in the evening. Just have to get the "old" hands back into working condition. I hadn't done any handwork since finishing the applique that Rosey designed, and that was at the end of last winter.