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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sara in FL - We had dinner twice at the Old Pink House. The food was wonderful. I'm so glad you enjoyed your dinner. Sorry your DH got a sinus infection.

My migraine was gone by 9 a.m., so I was able to get on with my day. I caught it early, treated it early, and was lucky. Mine can't hold a candle to the ones most people suffer. No aura, either, although my eyes dont' like TV or light if I'm in the throes of a bad one.

The cause of that migraine was stress, all over a shade of sage green I was trying to find for our family room walls that will be painted in a couple weeks. DH decided he didn't want green *that badly* and beige would do. Thank you. No more stress.

Today, the wood floors were installed in our son's old room/ my soon-to-be sewing room. Some of this technology is great. These were 2 1/2" strips of oak hardwood flooring, installed one at a time, but pre-stained & pre-finished. No sanding, no waiting 3 days for the polyurethane to dry & cure. Tomorrow another team will come put down the shoe mould/quarter-round. Then new carpets on next Tuesday.

Must run.... dog needs to be fed. Hugs to y'all!


Laura in Ala--Did you mean picture of the quilt-in-pregress, or picture of Savannah?
Check out Mary Lou Weidman's "Everyday Angels in Extradinary Quilts" for the quilt. Look carefully at the front cover. Lots of blues in squares, with lots of angels and stars.
Of course I'm not going to do that quilt, but it's based on that one. Think lots of very light blues, batiks, baby blues.
In the back of her book are copyright free angels, dogs, etc. to use.
Hope everyone is free on headachs today.
It's 85% humidity here today, was sweating buckets when finished with the walk.
Now it's off to Wally world and Lowe's. Have to replace a switch in a lamp.
DH is feeling human today. Yea!!
Jane-I was on the oposite side of you in the court room. It never gave me a headach, but my career wasn't on it either. I can't say I enjoyed the violation of probation hearings, but 95% of the time the jerk deserved to be back in jail, or in jail for the first time. I especially thought the con-artists needed some jail time. Seemed to get a lot of them for some reason.
Ocassionally I would go to bat for a person. The alcoholics didn't need jail, but rehab and a reason to start over.
I'm glad that part of my life is over now, and can quilt when I want to.
Sara in humid Fla.


Is anyone here intending to attend the AQS show in Knoxville in July? I'm not at all sure if I will get there but will try. It's as much a matter of time as it is of money. I've got a lot to do before my guild's show in August. Anyway, hope to make it and see some BBers while there.