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Sunday, March 14, 2010

De agony of de feet

Greetings from where Spring is hiding out.
I finished the 15K yesterday, had a great time. This is the first time I have walked the entire way. Another GF had hurt her knee and couldn't run any, so we walked it together. I was just a bit slower than last year when I did run/walk it. Last year was 2:31.00 this year 2:40.55.
Lots of bands and neighbors out. Some even handing out beer--yuck. But some really like the stuff, and 2 girls in front of me at the 7 mile mark were drinking some.
The funny of the day was a band at almost the finish line, when you come down off the big bridge, they were playing " Running on Empty". Very fitting.

Yes, I did take a brief nap on Friday, on the couch. About 30 min.

This afternoon I took a long one, about 2 hrs. Was still tired out from yesterday, and then the blasted time change. Feeling human now. DH is teaching a Dave Ramsey class from 5 to 7 at our church, so I'm going soon.
My big decision of the week is, what type of mulch to buy. I'm leaning towards pine straw, but think it might get blown away in the wind. Also remember the chiggers that can invade it, and certainly don't want that. Second choice would be pine bark. Thankfully DH has a big pick-up truck, just right for hauling this kind of stuff. The front yard alone would be about 60 bags, or about 3 or 4 big bales. Too bad the grands are not here to help. I would pay well.

Going to walk the little terriers, and hope they can get along while we are gone.
Sara in Sunny Fla.

Quilt Show Season

It is quilt show season and I wanted to share some info about ours - If you google New Ulm Journal and then Sunday Lifestyle section you will find a great article on our show scheduled for March 26 and 27. Or try: http://www.nujournal.com/page/category.detail/nav/5005/Sunday-Lifestyle-Feature.html. The Lifestyle section is the whole front page of one of the sections of the Sunday paper so we are very happy we were able to get the space! If anyone is close, you should come see us. Hope everyone is enjoying the Almost Spring weather. Joleen in MN