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Saturday, September 19, 2009


I hope to get back to the sewing room tomorrow. As you can see by my posts recently on the chat page, I've had an unexpected distraction lately. Still haven't returned to the wedding quilt. Going to a retreat in Toccoa, GA in November and I've signed up for "sew on your own" rather than a class and plan to stick to business when I get there.

It will add to the cost of the retreat which I attend every year because I will board the new addition to my family. He's too wild to leave with the neighbors who always keep Shadow as they both work and Rufus might dismantle their garage which they keep open just enough to let their dogs have access to outdoors but shelter from sun or cold.

As soon as I have enough blocks to start arranging I'll send a picture. I'm really anxious to see it arranged.



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pink Monster

I had to laugh at that wild quilt being "too blah"! The buttons are a cute idea, though. Don't think I'd be ambitious enough to tie on that many. Either idea is good for the name.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Naming The Pink Monster

When I was a child I had what was called "carrot-top" hair color and so I never wore pink clothing. I have never owned a pink or lilac garment in my life.

During recent years I have participated in a wallhanging challenge sponsored by a guild in Bunbury, Western Australia and this year's theme fabric is a pink, orange and lavender print with squares which gives me the shivers. However, I decided to overcome my phobia about pink and made a 28" x 31" wallhanging which I have been thinking of as "The Pink Monster" while I've been working on it. (That's the theme fabric behind the close-up photo with only a few buttons.)

When I had pieced "The Pink Monster" I started doing some free motion machine quilting and it really was too blah, too boring for words. I thought to myself, "This thing needs something to spice it up, to add some kind of kick, to give it dimension .... " And then I thought of buttons.

I have tied on 235 buttons thus far and have about thirty more to go. My working title now is "Can You Find Your Magic Button?" or maybe "Can You Find The Magic Button?" Which do you think is the better title .... or can you suggest a new title of your own? I'm eager for suggestions and I have until February to mail this creation "down under".

(Edited to add: The theme of this year's challenge is "Magic Moment" which is why I came up with the idea of "magic button". I don't know how the ladies of the Bunbury guild looked at that piece of pink and orange print fabric and came up with "Magic Moment" .... must be something in the drinking water down there. LOL)

Judy in Ohio