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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Same fabric/Different patterns

Some time back I asked the BB quilters if they thought two quilts made with different patterns would look good together and I got encouraging emails so I thought I would share them with you. I just finished the quilts and a wallhanging. They are all made out of the same fabrics but with different patterns - a ribbon star and a four patch star in the quilts. The wallhanging has 3 dimensional stars attached with buttons. You can't see it but the stars are quilted into the white squares of the ribbon star and the border. The quilts are hand quilted.
Happy Quilting,
Linda in AZ


Judy in Ohio is right ... millions of quilters and zillions of different kinds of quilts .... each beautiful in their own right. And if you really want to see the variety that is out there, go to either google or yahoo and do an image search for "quilt". (you need to click on "image" at the top of the search page before typing in "quilt"). If you have an hour to kill, you can find all kinds of photos and their attendant sites. Discovery at your google fingertips. LOL


So Many "Looks", So Many Millions of Quilters

Perhaps JudyPete has touched on why there are so many quilters in the world today. There was a time, sixty or so years ago, when most quilters more or less made the same things that their mothers and grandmothers had made. Choices were limited by what fabric manufacturers offered, what pattern makers offered and by what was considered the "proper" thing to do. Conformity was so important and the world of quilting was ruled by "shoulds" ... you should do this, you should do that and so on.

Things are different now. Oh, my, things are really different now. LOL


Homespun look

Thanks, Laura, for your comment on my quilt. I've made some more contemporary or artsy quilts but I seem to always return to the traditional vintage look. Maybe its because of my silver hair. LOL

Judy Pete

Judy I love the way your blocks show that placement of color and value in a block can totally change the look of a block. I do love the homespun quality of your quilt. Great work.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Finally Finished

Some of you have seen the first few blocks of this shirt quilt. Just finished the top today so am posting a photo. I have a gazillion leftover shirt fabrics and the natural bent of any quilter is to make yet another quilt. LOL. I'm done with this pattern, though ... tired of it.
This is a nap size quilt, just right for the sofa this winter. If I ever get it quilted, that is. I plan to use a thin cotton batt, baste it, and then will quilt it on my old Singer 15-91, one of those 1940s-50s black machines that is still going strong. I've used this machine to free-motion and stipple many, many quilts, including several that were queen size.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Milli's quilt

Marvelous quilt Milli.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Feed Sack quilt

After all these years I finally decided on a pattern for the feed sacks I've collected. Believe me the choice was hard! So join me in celebrating!

Ernest Haight

Now that you've mentioned him, I think he was in Ladys Circle Patchwork Quilts -- I'll go dig through my collection (I have #1 thru #125, which I've been trying to sell for years, but now have about decided to keep since you don't see a lot of traditional any more, at least not in our region). Lavinia-TN

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Your hand quilted quilt is absolutely beautiful. The patience it takes to allow time for the hand work to be completed is a virtue I could use. I applaud you and the wonderful quilt you have created.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another book mentioning Haight

I posted this as a comment to a previous post, but thought it might get lost in the shuffle....Another book with 4 pages on Mr. Haight is "Nebraska Quilts and Quiltmakers" by Patricia C. Crews (Author), Ronald C. Naugle (Editor)

dis 9 patch

I started out with a 4" finished sq. Ended with a 12" finished block. It worked out well. I postes a picture on the board on a red,white and blue one. I would like to make another one someday. Goes very fast. Vi

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Question

For those of you have been doing the Disappearing 9-Patch...what size squares have you been starting with? I did up a couple of blocks the other day using some 3" strips left over from another project. It seems to me that it will take forever using that size, so I was wondering how you speedy ones were doing them.


For Thea in NZ

Thea, I often don't come over to the Bulletin Board as often as I'm on slow speed dial up and it takes so long to download the site to post but I'm glad that I did to catch your posting yesterday when I went onto the Board. Can you take the time to come over to the Chat Board and post there? Maybe there are others, like me, who don't read both all the time. Without saying too much as this is the Bulletin Board, may I say that I'm glad to have an update on your life and the very painful situation with your husband's amputation. We never know what life has in store for us and many times, it is often very unfair.

To make this quilty so that I don't get into trouble here...I have not cleaned up my studio this summer, because the diningroom, which is next to it and joined by french doors, is very visable to where I feed my B&B guests. For many years I did not quilt during the summertime and missed doing it but this year I decided to heck with my mess. Apparently many of my guests enjoy watching a work in progress (which is another word for my quilt mess!)

I'm working with the natural cotton purchased at Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph, Ontario and while the blue faded badly but is pretty nevertheless, my sample will remain a sample and I've ordered a Kona cotton denim colour for the background of this particular pattern which I designed in the 70's. I now refer to it as applique for arthritic fingers because the pieces are mostly large enough for stiff fingers to handle. I love the natural cotton though and am sorry that it won't be continued at the store. I don't mind some fading so will see what the natural colour does with the more neutral colours. The weave of the textile is far superior to what is often found on the market now. I long for the day when the old cotton will come back into fashion and wrinkles may come back into style. It's what I love so much with the old cotton quilts is all that wrinkling...

RoseyP in Canada


is alive and well at the Sr Center in Tualatin, Or. We quilted in the ditch around each of the squares and then I whipstitched around all the little blue devil border squares. It would have been better to blind stitch, but the squares were poly cotton. It took forever, but sometimes beauty is its own reward and it did relieve some of the stress of sorting, giving away fabric and moving for me. I'll be living with my two daughters and two grandchildren. This move is in honor of the saying that we should be nice to our children because they will choose our nursing homes.

Finding homes for my collection of Singer 301s is a challenge. They are a wonderful machine but not as popular as the Featherweight, so I have to talk people into loving them and since my DD has two of her own, I don't feel we several more. Thank goodness I resisted the treadle urge.

Summer in western Oregon is getting ready to make the first day of school miserable for those kids who need to wear their new sweaters and shoes on the first day of school.
Betty in soon to be Gresham, Or.