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Saturday, October 13, 2007


HI, I just went and took a look at Skillbuilders pattern. I consider myself a good quilter in many areas but boy would I need to practice a lot to get that down pat. It certainly is a challenge. Be sure and let us know how you make out Judy. I read the BB and Chat page everyday and look forward to everyones comments. Glad to see Thea on the Mt is posting on the chat page again. I am starting to work on my projects for Christmas, its just around the corner and now that the weather has cooled down it will be nicer to work. Going to embroider shirts for grandsons. Marge in Pa.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Stitching With My Tongue Sticking Out

Well, since no one else seems interested in posting new items on the BB these days I guess I'll tell you about something I just purchased from the Keepsake Quilting catalog. This is a packet with two 36" x 44" pieces of pre-printed fabric called "Skillbuilders" with rather intricate patterns on them for free motion practice. The fabrics came with a booklet about how to learn free motion stitching (which I already know, thank you very much) and I can tell you that these "practice pieces" are certainly NOT for rank beginners. I know I will be concentrating so hard while doing this free motion practice work that my tongue will be sticking out just like it did when I was a kid learning how to write cursive. LOL

You can view what I am writing about at http://www.keepsakequilting.com/productdetail/2875.htm# or if that does not work, just go to the Keepsake Quilting website and type Skillbuilder in their search box. This should be an interestng challenge to see if I can follow the lines ... I plan on using purple thread and I will only work on this when I am well-rested and feeling capable of being focused. My free motion quilting (mostly on Project Linus quickie quilts) has gotten very loosey-goosey and I think I need to see if I can stitch like a grown-up again.