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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Has anyone made any of the Mary Lou Weidman "Everyday Angels" or "Making Memories" quilts?
While clean up and out I found the 2 books I bought in 1998, and wanted to start a new wallhanging. I was thinking of the Everyday angels in extraordinary quilts ideas.
Would welcome input.
Sara in the frozen Florida

Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 -- it's a wrap!

at first i could only think of one quilt made this year, a double wedding ring done in black and white for my son's wedding in june. surely my year had been more productive than that! and then i started looking at pictures i'd taken that are on the computer and felt so much better. i made a compass quilt for my new granddaughter, the raffle quilt for our guild (members made the blocks and i made spacer blocks and put them together), two tree skirts for wedding gifts, quilted 5 comfort quilts and 2 home of the brave quilts. and also did a BOM at a local quilt shop, but it is still only a top. and this was the year i went back to my "roots" and did some sewing -- my dress for the wedding, lots of baby bibs and sheets, pillow cases and matching sweats for my son's family. whew! and i had been feeling so much like i hadn't accomplished much this year because the brain just didn't kick into gear.

my new year's resolution is to visit this site more frequently. when we changed formats i just got out of the habit and it seems i only think to come here when i have a question. it's nice to once again see the familiar names posting and catch up on everyone. this was the first site i became aware of "way back when we got the internet." so happy new year and may this one be better than the last in more ways than we can count.

dutchrose ---{-@

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 accompllishments

So my sewing room is finally in good order - got new carpet this fall and was forced to totally clean out. Gave away tons of fabric - home dec, garment, etc. - and kept just the quilting fabric. It's all been "touched", refolded, restacked, and straightened. And my tools have be reorganized too. Can't wait to get back into the swing after the holidays! NancyH

Fixed my bleeding quilt!

Just want to thank everyone who made suggestions to my post a month or so ago about my quilt that bled red when I washed it in the bathtub. I finally got around to tackling it again and this time I washed it in the machine, warm water with Biz and no detergent, delicate cycle, rinsed twice. Then I washed it again in cold water with my usual Cheer, delicate cycle, rinsed twice. Hung it outside on a line in the sun for about 5 hours. It was almost dry, but not quite, so I put it in the dryer for about 40 minutes with 2 tennis balls to keep it moving. Lo and behold, the dye came out of the cream colored background in the stars - they are no longer pink! The only change that all that washing did is that one of the reds that I used faded just a bit but it was a tad lighter by design than the other red anyway - and that particular fabric was not "quilt-shop quality", which was kind of an eye-opener. THANK YOU!!! to Sue in Germany, Judy in Ar, Judy in Ohio, Laura in IA, Linda the Serial Quilter, Jill from Portland, and Jane in NC! You are all special in my book! NancyH

Finished projects for 2009

Gosh, I think I finished some--The only ones I know of are the Quilts of Valor, 3 I think. They were lap size. I did finish up my DD's full size one, the one with the scalloped borders. It turned out well. She is getting lots of use out of it.
Other than that I made 7 bags with corn and cloves in them & sent to my niece who is a nurse midwife in N.C. She planed to give some to her patients at Christmas.
Right now I'm in the middle of setting up the new room. The company has all come and gone, and my room is back to me. Tomorrow I'm planing to go through all the quilt books and mags. pitch some, recycle some to others, and take the rest in the new room.
I repossessed the antique wardrobe that was my grandfather's. DD had it and didn't want to take it with her, she had not taken good care of it at all. It needed some TLC, and polish. Think it will be perfect to put FQ's in the drawers, and hanging fabric or quilt tops in the other side. Right now it is in the room's closet, but I might move it out and install more shelves there.
I have no plans yet for quilts for 2010. I do have the pattern for a "Quilt Diva" walk hanging- something for the door, that I want to do. Have a baby quilt that I need to bind.
That's all my brain can think of now.
Sara in Fla.