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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Machine Quilting is a Bit More Subdued Than Schambers!

Yesterday I rinsed and dried a Hobbs 80/20 batt in preparation for layering a recent shirt quilt...nothing fancy, just a scrappy 4-patch. I plan to machine quilt this one and when it is finished I hope to baste yet another shirt quilt that I am working on. (Last night I stitched the rest of the black border in place. You can click for a closer view.)

I want you to know, that while my machine quilting will be free-motion on my vintage Singer 201, it will never, never, never match up to Sharon Schamber's magnificent (albeit tedious) quilting. There simply are not enough years, days, hours in my life to do that. Not to mention that my Singer 201 is pretty stuck on sewing like an ordinary sewing machine from the 1940s. Not to mention that my hubby, who has some health issues, sorta expects me to do the odd jobs around the house...and quilting is not one of those odd jobs. roflol

Nevertheless, I am going to be very content and happy, stitching along, meandering over square after square, looking forward to putting this quilt on a bed.

I do hope some of you will post photos of your latest quilty creations! If you've never posted a photo here, it's simple. Go to "new post" at the top of the page. Then where you would type a message, there is a little icon (landscape with blue sky) that you click. Then you simply browse your computer for the photo you want.

P.S. If some of you blog, leave your blog URL here.
Mine is:


Arrowhead Block in Quiltmaker mag

Phyllis, I just had to go to Quiltmaker's website to see the block. It's gorgeous. Here's a link to their website for a photo.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

2 Squares + 3 Cuts = 1 Amazing Technique

That is how Quiltmaker magazine (pg. 16) describes Anita Grossman Solomon's instructions to create the Arrowhead block. I'm not associated with her or the magazine but this is the greatest things since rotary cutters and self-healing boards. I had never attempted to make this block because it looked difficult but it's now addictive. Enjoy!


I just heard that Sharon Schamber won the top prize at Houston -- again. Two or three years ago she told me (at a seminar) that she was tired of competing. She apparently changed her mind. I found pictures of the quilt called Mystique on her network but the URL won't copy/paste here. You can do a web search of Schamber Network Mystique to find the pics -- totally amazing.

Of course it helps that her DH does all the cooking, cleaning, and schedules her seminars. She spends up to 18 hrs a day quilting.

SeamSTRESS Sally

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pacific International Quilt Festival photos

Check out today's post by Quilt Inspiration to see some lovely quilts from the Pacific International Quilt Festival. You can click on the photos for close-ups.


Second and ISO

I second that motion. Somebody please post!!

Towards that goal--I'm looking for a particular Winnie the Pooh Fabric. Springs #4521. It has a double border--Pooh dancing on one edge and heads of Pooh on the other. In between is a gingham effect of lavender and blue w/flowers scattered across it. Would like pieces long enough to edge at least one side of a baby quilt. Can pay with paypal or check or money order or willing to trade from my ginormous stash.

judy in ar


Somebody please post here so I don't have to look at Kathi's beautifully organized quilt room. It depresses me. I've brought winter clothing in and not having stored away summer stuff, so of course, what else is one's big board for. I hereby promise to get to it today and do some cutting. I'll be off my feet for a month after more foot surgery so need to get to some cutting today for the round robin I committed to. Will post pictures when I have that center block done.

Kathi, I hope you've been able to spend enough time in your quilt room to make a mess of it. A messy quilt room is a loved quilt room.