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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Sorry about the overload. I don't finish things all that often.


From Raeann:

Note forwarded from Raeann in Missouri:

I've been unable to post on the WWQP for some reason. I can read it but can't get a post to go through.

Tell the gals on the BB that I said hello and that there is a problem with being able to access it.

Merry Christmas
Raeann in Missouri


You bet I bought the Fons and Porter rag quilt scissors. These things are monsters. I should have made the blocks twice the size I did and they'd both be done. It weighs seven pounds. Herewith a picture of the one that is finished. I think there will have to be more washing and drying at the laundromat. I knew to do it at a commercial laundry after reading on the board some time ago about home dryers catching fire or just burning out a motor.

I've tried to post a two other photos and the gizmo that says it's up loading has been going in circles for about twenty minutes. The red in this photo above seems to have bled a bit. I should have used Synthrapol. It doesn't look that pink in normal light thank goodness. I had scraps of homespun in the middle (completely unnecessary and a mistake) and this one had red. I'll try to post the other two pictures separately. Gotta get packed and to bed as I was up til one this morning and I'm fading fast.


Do we still have a cooking page?

I know this isn't quilty-but is there still a food or cooking page?
I've only been on the QP and the Chat QP.
I did get up at 5:00 AM this morning and try a new receipe for Ginger spice cake, did it in the new silicone "boy" and "girl" pans. For all the work, and lack of sleep, it was just OK.
I'd put more ginger in it if I did it again.
Stay warm tonight.
Sara in Florida

Snowflakes and Potter

Thanks, Marion, for posting your projects. I have some Beatrix Potter fabric on hand and this is a perfect way to use it. As for Doris' snowflakes, I went to the BB Chat to see them. Gorgeous! But I guess I'll have to settle for crocheting as I don't intend to buy an embroidery machine. Still -- if it were in the back of my mind, the snowflake project would be a perfect reason to go ahead and buy. LOL. I couldn't post there, as I haven't signed in over there, but I'm hoping she will read my appreciative comment here.


last, but not least...!

and, finally, the baby quilt, just finished...
Time to sign off and let somebody else have a go !
Happy days.


I've just realized that Doris posted her pictures on the Chat page... her snowflakes are very pretty , if you haven't seen them, click over..
This little tree is easy to make, just a series of triangles stitched at the corners. I made it in silk as I had some here, but it looks really pretty made in a variety of Christmas fabrics..
I have also finished the Beatrix Potter quilt, while I'm in the mood I might download that too !

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas preparations..

Doris, I just loved those snow flakes !! I have a friend who makes me a lace decoration each year,using the traditional lace making process, I wonder what she would think of them !
I have just finished this table runner. It would have looked better with a darker border fabric but I couldn't find one when I needed one ... isn't that always the way ?!
I've also made a Christmas tree hanging which I will attempt to download after writing this !
Busy days here with lots of coffees and lunches out with friends. Once Christmas comes, people tend to disappear for a season ! It's mid-summer here and January is a popular holiday month. We had a great Christmas party here last Saturday and, for once, the weather was co-operative and we enjoyed sitting outside until it was time to eat.. It's been cooler today but yesterday was up in the 30's... too hot to be rushing around..
I've tidied my sewing room, ready for the New Year visitors, but I have plenty of hand sewing to do, should I get the time..
Thank you to whoever it was who posted details of the coasters. I think they would make lovely Christmas presents and I plan to make some , ready for next year, as soon as Iget my sewing room back... !
Keep on keeping on ..... This time next week it will all be over !