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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Recycled Cotton Shirt Quilt from the past!

Today while digging through my basket(s) of recycled shirt fabrics look what I found! I betcha I finished this top about three years ago. And it was like Christmas to find it again, having forgotten all about it.

I'll be using part of a new (purchased on sale for $12) Ralph Lauren cotton sheet for the backing. Perfect color. Perfect fabric.

And I'll be machine quilting it on my Singer 201 which I named "Leona" after my neighbor, its previous owner.

I hope you can see the red tartan plaids that I carefully cut. Some on the grain. Some on the diagonal. This was great fun to put together, sorta like mindless piecing with careful trimming of the completed blocks to insure same size.

For your viewing pleasure!

And in spite of having two baskets of shirts...I'm always susceptible to buying more. I found two this week at the local thrift shop on sale for 25 cents each. A bargain until I washed them and the red one bled. Tossed it out. Now out of the two, I have ONE 50-cent shirt. lol


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Plug for Project Linus and a Thank You as well

Carol in Indiana *waving wildly at Carol* gifted me last year with a charm packet from Moda. There were 42 fabs, nice 5-inch squares. I was in the midst of chemo and Carol was nudging me to get my butt in front of the sewing machine. lol

My quilting motivation was a bit low, so I skipped anything complex, and made this simple little baby quilt. Finished machine quilting it on my vintage 1940s Singer Model 201.

I'm shipping it off today to my favorite Project Linus coordinator in Ohio *waving just as wildly at Judy*.

This is a simple design, easy to put together, and a great way to feature a full charm packet!

So if you're wondering what to quilt next, go online, find your local PL coordinator, make contact, and put together a couple baby quilts (or larger, for that matter.

So with no further to-do...for your viewing enjoyment!!!

Thanks, Carol, for the nudge.
And thanks, Judy, for passing this on to some child.

Monday, June 14, 2010

standard number of inches for pattern repeat?

first i had to laugh a bit, i read some of the most recent posts about accessing this page. something that i don't often do anymore because of the hassle. BUT then i have a question that i really need answered and can't find online so for the last 10 minutes or so have been trying to get in. whew! now i'm just hoping i've done everything right and this posts ;0)

i know that there is a standard "size" for pattern repeat when fabric is printed. i'm pretty sure that i have even heard that there are a couple of standard sizes for a repeat. it has to do with the size of the drums that are used for printing fabric. but my question is, what is/are that standard size? i kinda have in my memory bank ' 12 inches ' as one, but really am not sure.

hoping i can access this again for an answer!!! LOL!
dutchrose ---{-@

Forced to Become a Blogger Can Be Annoying

Eric forced all of us to become "bloggers" to get away from the horrid flood of spam that overtook our dear old BB format and some of the tricks of being a blogger are bothersome to deal with.

Remembering which of the two boards to use is a stumbling block for some of us .... the Bulletin Board or the Chat Board.

And perhaps Sandra chose a password that involves capital letters, lower case letters and symbols that might be fouling her up ... or maybe mixture of letters and digits? Me, I chose to use a super simple password in all lower case which violates all the rules of creating a password but, after all, this is merely a quilting forum, not a bank account. :-)

Sometimes password woes are caused by accidentally having the caps lock key "on".

There have been times when Blogger hasn't worked properly .... but I have not been able to access the WWQP BB at all, as though the whole system is paralyzed. I blame that on Google. In that case I go away and wait for another day.

Nothing on this BB is worth trying over and over again for a long period of time. But that's just my attitude ...

Judy in Ohio