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Thursday, May 7, 2009

My First Real Quilt from a Real Quilt Book Pattern

My Jacob's Ladder Quilt
Two years ago we added a twin guest bed in my sewing room. This week I pulled a summer weight quilt from the closet, one which I haven't used for such a long time. I don't know why I haven't, for it is one of my favorites. (Don't forget, you can click on the photo for closer views.)

Oh, it's not beautiful in the sense of today's fantastic fabrics and patterns, but I love its simplicity.

I began quilting in the 1970s and the very first Q book that I purchased was Ruby McKim's 101 Patchwork Patterns, originally published by McKim's Studios in 1931. The pattern was simple and the method was to trace the pieces onto cardbord templates. I followed her instructions to a T including her suggestion for colors as I wanted my quilt to look vintage.

If I remember correctly I used flannel for the batt. Also the background was unbleached muslin (as McKim suggested) and you know how wrinkly that gets. So if you click on the quilt you can see the hand quilting doesn't really show up well. There is no pouf from the flannel. And the muslin wrinkles. Still...the quilt is extremely lightweight and perfect for summertime.

The pattern is Jacob's ladder. And you can read more about why I love this quilt on my own blog. (click) You may have to scroll down to the post for May 5.

BTW, Ruby Short McKim's granddaughter has a website where you can view and order many of Ruby's patterns. Go there and browse around, just for the fun of it. The website is called McKim Studios and can be found at http://www.mckimstudios.com/.

aka JudyPete