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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Houston Q Show

Thanks for the link to the quilt winners at Houston. And Congrats to Pat Nordmark for her quilt, "Shoo, Fly"!

But I really, really think it would be wonderful if quilts.com would post closeups of each quilt. I clicked on the thumbnails, but the larger photo doesn't really provide a lot of detail. Sigh!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Congratulations, Pat! Very innovative quilt - nice job! I returned from the Houston show last night. I took a couple of classes, one from Charlotte Angotti, who was just a hoot and had some gorgeous scrap quilts to show. The other was from Jenny Raymond, who took Viewer's Choice at the Bernina Fashion Show Thursday evening. She certainly made me work outside my comfort zone and I learned a lot from her. Spent lots of time (and $$) at the vendors, but found some good bargains too - one booth had $5.00/yard fabric and it was all current beautiful stuff. It's all in a pile in my sewing room at the moment, but I did learn from Charlotte to go ahead and cut it up and use it! Met people from all over the world, all with interesting stories and all so very nice. I agree with Pat - if you get the chance to attend go for it. NancyH.
I got home from Houston about 2 hours ago. I had a wonderful time there. I spent most of yesterday and today white-gloving by my quilt. I got to meet and talk to folks from every single continent, and it was wonderful. Every year the quilts get better and better, I don't know how that can be, but it's so. My niece and her friend were able to come to the show today, too. She lives in Sugar Land just a bit southwest of Houston. I'm very tired, but so happy. My only purchase was 5 spools of 100 wt. silk thread, 1,000 yd. on a spool, in black and in white, to use for free-motion quilting and applique--I didn't know it was possible to hold $81 in one hand, LOL. If you ever have the chance to go to the Houston show, grab it and go, you'll love it.

Pat in Rockport, TX

Direct Link For Houston Winners

One of the members of the About.com quilting forum has posted this link (through the International Quilting Association) to the winners of the 2008 International Quilting Festival prizes:


Congrats Pat!!

Congrats to Pat Nordmark our own BB'r for her honorable mention
in the innovative pieced category! It's a wonderful quilt & great accomplishment!
Very Cool!!!!!
Here's a direct link to Sharon's winning quilt.


And while I'll never quilt somethang that intricate (or quilted to death) I can still appreciate the skill and beauty she put into it.

Sally again

Houston Winners redux

For those struggling to see the pics of the award-winning quilts, go to
http://www.quilts.com/fqf08/enVivo/ then scroll down to "quilts, a world of beauty." I wish there was a URL for a direct link, but....


Houston Winners

I did a web search and found pictures of the quilts that won in Houston.


Mega-winner Sharon Schamber lives here in Arizona, so she teaches at several seminars around the state. She's a very down-to-earth teacher and unassuming, so her classes are laid-back and almost relaxing (compared to other teachers who often stress me out.) Last July she taught at Quilt Camp in the Pines (northern Arizona) and let us fondle her quilts, including her "Spirit of Mother Earth." She said she had entered it in the Houston show but wasn't sure it would even be accepted. (say whut?)

She hand-dyed the fabrics used in the quilt and spent 14-hour days quilting it on her long-arm machine. Her devoted(!) husband takes care of all the household chores, schedules her classes, and brings her food while she quilts. Even with that kind of help I still don't think I could quilt that many hours a day! She also said she's tired of competing. 8^)

SeamSTRESS Sally