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Saturday, February 2, 2008

West Michigan checking in

Pat, I love your quilt. It looks so Springy.
Aren't those little Featherweights just so
cute. I have my Mom's. I spent last week
in Roanoke VA. I got a lot of sewing done.
I made 9 baby quilts in January plus a
few other things. Hope I can keep up
the momentum. I saw many Robins
in VA. My DDIL saw two last week and
my friend said she also saw two. Spring
must be right around the corner. We need
to keep the snow on the ground for another
month. Don't want stuff budding out only
to freeze.
Our first Great grandchild was born Jan.
23. A little boy. He is a keeper.



Here's the Featherweight. It's number is AE297004. If I remember Judy's post that means it was made in 1936.

Mary in Oregon


I, too, have heard about the musty odor from the Featherweight cases. It must be worse in some than in others. Over the years I have owned at least four different machines, each with its original case. They all had an 'aroma' of what I considered 'old suitcase', not objectional to me. Perhaps I've been fortunate not to have ever acquired one of the really 'musty' cases.

It is possible some of the problem may have been previous storage. Owners may have left them for long periods in damp basements or in cold closets. I'm old enough to remember houses where the closets were located on outer walls and when the home itself was not all that warm, the closets were cold and gathered moisture condensation on the exterior wall. Damp and cold produce mildew.

However, if there is no mildew present (how can you tell if there is black mildew in a black case? LOL), then Judy in Ohio may be correct about the glue used in the case construction and the kitty litter may do the trick. I've also heard about placing the case in a sunny area for some period but I don't think that means baking it in 110 desert heat. LOL. Or placing lumps of charcoal in the case for a period of time. And I've heard others mention storing a shoe 'odor eater' in the case. I save those little packets of dessicants and keep several in the tray of my case.

Anyway, Mary, congrats on owning a Featherweight 221. You will love sewing with this well-crafted sewing machine.


About Those Musty Featherweight Cases ...

Mary's problem with the musty Featherweight case is not unique. I read once that it is caused by the glue that was used to hold the paper lining inside the case at the time the case was manufactured. So it is not a problem with mold or mildew ... it's a problem caused by the manufacturing process 'way back when.

People have reported success in getting rid of the odor by using kitty litter, the kind of kitty litter that is meant for multiple cats and has "blue crystals" in it ... people write that you can put this kitty litter in the carry case for a couple of weeks and it removes the odor for good. I used the kitty litter trick on a moldy book and it worked for that special book I wanted to save. (But it does take time and you have to be patient.)

As for dating your Featherweight, that is done by the letters in front of the serial number which is stamped in the aluminum on the bottom of the machine. AD=1934 AE=1936
AF=1938 AG=1941 AH=1948 AJ=1950 AK=1952 AL=1955 AM=1956


Friday, February 1, 2008


I finally got a picture to load. My next project is to take a picture of my latest purchase - a cute little Featherweight 221. I like the machine but it was pretty darned musty smelling. It's finally not smelling as bad but there's still a whiff every now and then. I think it was made about 1936-1938. I'll try to post it tomorrow so the Featherweight experts can give me their opinion.

Hugz, Mary in Oregon

PS - Pat I love your quilt! What a great pattern.

close up of Australian wall hanging

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mary's Australian Photo - One More Time

After five or six tries I think I have succeeded in posting Mary's photo that she sent to me, the photo that is a creative example of how to display memories. This might make an original way to display jewelry (as requested by another BBer) or any other type of small souvenir collectible.


mystery quilt

This photo is the quilt top I made in the Planet Patchwork New Years Day Mystery quilt. Of course I did not get it all done then. Just finished pressing it on Monday this week. The long arm quilter has it now and my sister has already claimed it. I really like this pattern and will make another one, just not this month!!

Pat in Flint

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wall hanging

I saw this wall hanging in a shop in Barossa, Australia. I think the blocks were about 2.5 or 3 inches square. Each block had some 'memory' written regarding this woman's life. It was a beautiful wall hanging and made a profound impact on me. Perhaps you could do something like this? You could make it as fancy or as simple as you want.
Mary in Oregon (hope this goes okay. This is my first attempt at posting a pic.)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jewelry and Wall Hangings/ I need help!

While cleaning my dresser yesterday I had an idea and wonder if anyone has ever done a wall hanging of this type. In my career days long ago, I was required to wear a suit to work. I usually dressed it up with a pin - costume jewelry mostly, but pieces that had meaning to me. A number of them had been collected on my travels and I still remember where each one was purchased. My idea was to make a wall hanging featuring all these special pins attractively displayed so that I could still enjoy them. Temporarily, I have pinned them around the edges of a pieced wreath done in muted floral prints. Pretty but not quite the look I want. Anyone have an idea for a better display? All suggestions welcome!!! TIA

Margaret from LI, NY (where it is cloudy and yucky)