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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Husband's Dear Jane (T) Completed

About two months ago I asked for help in finding a fabric for the binding.I ended up using one in my stash that I think Raeann (a long time member of this board)had given to me three to four years ago.
I just wanted to report that at 11:08pm eastern time last night,I made the last stitch in the quilt.It is finished. BIG TIME SNOOPY DANCE HERE! We slept under it last night for the first and probably only time. I am so glad to be finished with it.
I have taken some pictures and plan to post them in an album on Webshots. WhenI get that all worked up I'll post a link for those that wish to view them.
During my time here on the board(since 1999)I have made several good friends, been able to make great and useful trades, and I have learned a lot of useful tips, etc. I haven't been able to post a lot and it has been much less in the last 2-3 years. I just wanted to thank everyone that has in any way helped me.
Have a Merry Christmas.

Sandra from SC

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Still Hand Quilting My Latest Shirt Quilt

My hand-quilting project (the shirt quilt) is coming along nicely. We seldom watch TV but when we do, I pick up this project and work another block. Here are a couple photos.

Each and every fabric in this quilt, including the border strips, came from 'barely-used' shirts and blouses. If you want to try this yourself, try for an assortment in terms of stripes, plaids, paisleys, florals, etc. And stick to a particular colorway. This quilt would look really weird if I had included vivid green, for instance. On the other hand, there are some really nifty shirts out there...oranges, yellows, purples, etc.

You can read my blog for other quilty and non-quilty posts by clicking here. Once you get there you can view my more quilty posts by scrolling down on the right hand side to the column marked "Labels" and click on "quilts".

Don't forget...you can click on photos for a closer view.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Laura, I would not just recommend but warn you in strongest terms to avoid plastic to store any quilt or quilt makings. I assume, unless someon tells me that using open plastic containers are okay. I think we all use them for our stash. I too use cottom pillowcases. Be sure to wash them first to remove the possibility of some artificial substance added that might also be a threat to fibers.

I want to add that my one package of space bags, at least three or four bags, all leaked air the very first time I used them and subsequent efforts were squelched by closures that broke while attempting the second effort. Frankly; pieces of, you'll pardon the expression, crap.

Jane in cloudy and blessedly wet NC

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vaccuum storage bags

Has anyone tried storing old, worn, quilts with sentimental value in the storage bags that you can vaccuum out the air?
What about better quilts? Would the process stress the quilt?
What about small scraps?
Laura in Alabama


Monday, December 8, 2008

cookies for making quilt shapes

this board is so much more quiet than in the past and i don't know how often people check in, but i thot i'd come here for help. we all know that some of the best bakers are quilters and i need help in that department. i have (somewhere) cookie cutters in quilting shapes and want to make them for my friends -- yesterday, of course!

i can go online or into cookbooks to find a recipe, but i am looking for a really good, tried and true cookie recipe. i thot i'd come to some of the best minds for help and hope that this board is only quiet because people aren't writing, not because they aren't reading. i need a sugar cookie that tastes good and will hold a shape while being baked, and suitable for mailing too -- in that order.

anyone have a family favorite they'd be willing to share?

dutchrose ---{-@