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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Items Under the Christmas Tree

Sara asked about goodies received from Santa so I'll volunteer that I received a DVD with the title "Quilt It!". This is the first season's 12 episodes of a longarm quilting show on QNNTV.com and it has some amusing titles. One of them is "You Can Do That on a Longarm?" Another one is "Good Feathers Gone Bad".

Judy in Ohio

finished a quilttop

Glad to report that I finished a "liberated log cabin" quilt top today. My first time doing 1/2 square triangles. Not too hard. The bias did tend to stretch just a little bit when I was putting on the borders.
I'm going to keep this quilt for myself. Almost unheard of the keep something, but I like it so much, and really didn't have anyone in mind to give it to. Also the brights. My colors.
Hope everyone is doing well. DH gave me a square up ruler in my stocking, very helpful.
Lets see what other people wished for, or received in a quilt related way for Christmas.
Sara in Fla.