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Friday, February 8, 2008


While cleaning my sewing room yesterday (Yayyyy!), I found a couple gizmos. The spring-loaded scissors were hanging on my bulletin board (evidently I thought I would be better able to find them there) along with the bobbin thingy. I don't remember where I got the scissors...I hope someone can tell me what they are for (surgery??). (Maybe my online Q buddy sent them to me?? Her memory is better than mine. LOL).

The rotary hook is for an unknown sewing machine (Singer? Kenmore?) It has JG2 stamped inside so if someone can use it, I'll mail it free. Can't bring myself to toss it as the point or hook is in excellent condition. That is, unless nobody wants it, in which case it goes in File 13.

As for the folding scissors? These are my very favorite scissors to use at the machine and I included them just to tell you that they are perfect for snipping threads and dog ears from pieced blocks. I've had other folding scissors that were worthless. This pair is sharp, and the compact size is perfect for use at the machine. The brand is Conklin and, believe it or not, made in the U.S.

Since the sewing room is clean (even my computer desk looks presentable), I hope to get in some major sewing today. I'm wanting to complete a simple bedspread for summer use on our bed. I very much dislike the pouffy winter comforter and as soon as cold weather disappears that pouffy puffy comforter will go into storage till next winter. What is it, anyway, with all these store displays of huge humongous bedding options? Piles and piles of comforters slithering and sliding, slooping and slopping. I prefer the flatness of a quilt. Easier to make the bed. LOL

Monday, February 4, 2008

trying again to post the Bernina info for Sandra in SC ...

Cross-posting here and Chat page...

Well I posted on this main blog site and it deleted my link. would not accept my post when I tried to give the web addy. Aaargh!

Anyway, Sandra, Here is the web site address:


for Sandra in SC re: Bernina Forums

Wasn't sure which site (this or the Chat) to post this on....

For your 930, I recommend you join the Bernina ThirtySomethings group at
It is for the machines that end in -30 and lots of 930 owners, some technicians, and a very helpful group in general.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

mary's featherweight

indeed mary, your featherweight AE297004 is from 1936, November 5 1936 in elizabeth, nj to be exact. anyone who has a singer might want to bookmark this page http://singerco.com/support/serial_numbers.html to look up the "birthdate" of your singer sewing machine. notice that there are three options, no serial #, one letter, and two letters. click on the appropriate one and it will take you to a page that will give you the date, model # (nice if you're not sure), and place where it was manufactured.

as a featherweight fanatic, i could write for hours about these great machines. i have bought, fixed, sold, cleaned, collected, and enjoyed them for years. it is the machine i use 99.9% of the time and i drag it along with me just about everywhere. last year i even lugged one that i was selling on the airplane and waited patiently by security knowing there might be a question or two ;) if you want a really good website with accurate (not all websites are!) information, i highly suggest graham forsdyke -- who i call my guru -- that can be found at http://www.singer-featherweight.com/

do alot of reading before you decide what you use to clean these great machines, the cosmetic aspect of them is easy to ruin if you don't know what you're doing. this is a bad time for me to go into detail, but mary if you'd like to correspond off-list, use ikwlt atyahoo dot com and put 'featherweight' in the subject line.

off to the store for some last minute superbowl snacks!
dutchrose ---{-@