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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Goodness me !

Thank you so much for your kind comments about my quilt ! I am amazed at the response. Two sewing friends and I have been working on these quilts for a year now and each one is very individual. It's been a fun project with no pattern, no unpicking and no frustration ! If the blocks didn't fit where they were supposed to, another border was added until it did ! I was overseas for two months at the beginning of the year and the little embroidery pieces were perfect for the "activities bag" which always travels with me !

I save my admiration for those quilts which demand precision and accuracy... neither being my strong points !

Jane, we are so proud that you are quilting at all ! I'm sure you'll be able to embroider soon. I'm sure that you are impatient with your progress but when you think back to that accident , it's amazing that you are even with us !

Enjoy the w/end.


Friday, August 29, 2008


Add me to the list of admirers. Funny, but I've always preferred darker more vivid colors and have eschewed the pastel girlie fabrics so popular these past couple of years but you knew just exactly how to use them. What a gorgeous masterpiece you've made. Take a bow!! Embroidery is something I'd like to learn if the torn up left hand will cooperate. Dr. Minkin would encourage me saying his usual "Do it. It will be good for you."

Jane in NC

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sparkle Quilt redux

Hey Judy in Ohio -
How funny - look what's on MY design wall!
Same general block (although mine is less uniform)
Same number of blocks. (mine are 6"; it will make a good baby quilt)
Judy in SouthAustin

Finished !

This quilt has been such fun to make. Over a period of time I have worked on little peices of embroidery, made blocks of pretty fabric and played around with assembling it. I have (ofcourse) got some blocks over so now have to make a second quilt !!! Maybe I'll give them to my two grand-daughters for their 18th Bdays ! No hurry , one is twelve and the other only eleven ! Happy days. Marion.