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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hi, I just thought since I signed it to post on the chat page I would post a little here too.

Where is every one? I guess they are out enjoying the beach and sun. I thought I would add a quilt photo for all to see. Here is one of a butterfly quilt made with blocks from a yahoo group.
I did later add some boarders to make it a bit larger and appliqued some butterflies.
Donna. LEH,NJ

Thursday, June 7, 2007

elite quilters and shows

A quilt show judge told me that before an elite quilter enters a show she'll often check to see who the judges are, then enter a quilt that she knows the judges will like. In other words, the big quilt shows are a whole different world from entering a local quilt show.

Sharon Schamber, who's won more than one big show, makes no secret of the fact that her DH takes care of all the household chores, plus manages Sharon's teaching schedule. Life is hard.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I learn faster than.....

Cherry Baskets

I began a post earlier and got distracted by busyness elsewhere and I was chided for not completing my post that consisted totally of "I learn..." Well, Quilters, I'll finish my earlier unfinished post and tell you that "I learn faster than Judy in Ohio". I entered the Hoffman Challenge (the year of the cherry fabric) ONCE. I worked very, very hard on an original design with lots of measurements and careful cutting and what I thought was creative use of the fabric and I won NADA. Not that I expected to....basically I entered THAT time only to be able to say I had ENTERED. Still, I took the rejection as a serious statement of my quilting/design ability and have never entered another challenge with Hoffman nor with Keepsake. I realized that anyone entering those challenges is competing with mega-quilters with mega-talents and mega-creativity. And since my challenge quilt took me three times as long to complete as it would have if I were making a gift quilt, I decided I did not want to spend that much time again on the next challenge. So when Judy in Ohio said she was not going to enter another Keepsake challenge, it made me laugh over my breakfast cereal thinking she had joined me in "never again". I have admired her for her stick-to-itiveness and certainly DO admire her ability to take the challenge, run with it, sew together some fantastically off-the-wall creation. But now she, too, has decided to leave the challenges to those who spend countless hours, weeks, months on perfect creations using fabrics, beads, gems, threads, more threads, more threads yet. It is my opinion (humble indeed), that while my quilting, and that of the "ordinary" quilter, can be beautifully executed and of wonderfully original design, our more humble quilts will never be able to measure up to the elite quilters who take top prizes at national Q shows and Q challenges. Again, this is just my opinion, and not to be taken offense by those readers who may be in that elite group. As for Judy in Ohio, Ah, she's always inspired me and I stand in awe at her flair at whipping together colorful quilts that would take a prize if I were the judge.

Keepsake Challenge Winners Are Intricately Pieced!

The Summer 2007 Keepsake Quilting newsletter arrived in the mail today and my challenge entry with the goofy-looking fish did not win a prize. The second place winner's quilt did have fish in it but hers were precisely pieced with many more teensy-weensy parts as were all the lovely entries in this contest.

The urge to compete in Keepsake Quilting's challenges has completely left my system for I know when I am outclassed. LOL


Monday, June 4, 2007

rice bags

I know we've discussed making rice bags, but what were the caveats about using certain grains inside? I'm on another list (unrelated to quilting) where they are asking about using flax, corn, etc., and I wanted to give them good info if there's something they shouldn't be using. Thanks!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

a celebration!

Not quite a snoopy dance but pretty close. I finally got a wedding quilt (needed for Sept) pieced and layered. Now to hand quilt it. I had planned to start handquilting in March, but it didn't happen. People like me should not make time-related commitments; don't you think I'd learn.

While working in my sewing room (which is a big-time mess), I had an inspiration for moving some furniture around to make it more spacious. I was so sure that there was nothing I could do, but there was. Now to clean it up and make it inviting to work in. One end of the room is our computer room and "office". I like having the dual-purpose room because it gives me easy access to the computer and because DH tends to play solitaire and chat while I'm sewing. However, there is an unfortunate tendency for the paperwork to invade the sewing space. It's a trade-off.
Well, off to spend this cool, wet afternoon sorting paper and fabric!
Brenda in Nn Ontario