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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It Will Still Be Okay To Donate Quilts For Charities For Children

Today, February 10th, the Consumer Protection folks have issued another clarification (a thirteen page pdf you can download) about the CPSIA law that clearly states on page nine that charities can continue to donate blankets and quilts without risk of breaking the new laws put in place by Congress to protect children under the age of twelve from lead in toys. You may have seen stories on TV and in the newspapers lately about the confusion over this new law and there finally have been guidelines issued. Here's the one I consider important from the viewpoint of Project Linus:

Question 13: I donate the children’s products that I make to local charities and hospitals. Can I continue to send them my handmade donations? Yes, you can make and donate children’s products to local charities and hospitals, if they are made of exempted materials or materials that you feel confident do not contain lead (see Table B). Children’s products made of yarn, dyed or undyed fabrics and natural materials such as untreated wood or cotton do not contain lead at levels sufficient to exceed the new lead limits.