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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fourth Annual Airing of the Quilts

Here's a reminder of something that's fun to do. Almost all of my quilts this year were Project Linus quickies and are gone. However, I do have one I made for my DH and one for a friend that I can photograph for this "tradition" that is carried out by members of the About.com quilting forum. Come and join us in the fresh air ...


4th Annual International Airing of the Quilts - June 2, 2007

"This is your chance to show off what you've been up to and to give your quilts a little fresh air. Please join all our forum friends (and their friends too) for the 4th Annual International Airing of the Quilts. Hang your beauties outside for an hour or two to air, snap a pic and email it to me [DorothyA] at airingofthequilts@yahoo.com. Beginning June 2nd, I'll post them in a new Webshots album, and we'll have our own international quilt show! Please pass the word along to anyone who might like to participate. If the weather cooperates, this could be huge! DorothyA"

Friday, May 11, 2007

Here's Something to Play With

For those of you who cannot decide how to put fabrics together ....



Quilters Dream

I'm using the thinnest Quilter's Dream for my current MQ project. It's a large quilt that is string pieced on muslin. Four six inch blocks sashed with light blue, then the bigger blocks sashed with dark blue. Because of the muslin foundation, the top itself is fairly heavy, so I wanted a batting that was really light.

This quilt is for my great-niece, who is getting married in July. She lives about 300 miles away (in another part of Texas) so I sent her email pictures of the three finished quilts that I have waiting to be wedding presents. But of course she chose the unfinished top. And since she said "I love it, I love it!, what could I do but try to finish it in time. I'm putting a free-form flower in each block (that's only 196 of them!) and then will add something to the sashing - but maybe just a squiggly line.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

thanks Kathi

Thanks Kathi! Gosh that was quick.
On a more serious note, there are fires all around the county where I live today. I was going out the door to walk about 30 min. ago, but didn't as the smoke is so thick. I fear that the fires of 1998 will not be the worst for Florida/South Georgia. On the news last night a family was leaving their home with whatever they could cary. Manditory evacuation. The home was a log cabin-just like you would see in a movie. It was on the Ga-Fla. state line area.
Our quilt group will most likely be making severa log cabin quilts/others for help in replacing some of the belongings that people lost.
Sara in Florda

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Quilters Dream is a brand name. Hancock's of Paducah carries their entire line, including the puff batting. I've used QD in the various weights for hand quilting and machine quilting over the years. It's wonderful stuff to work with.

Kathi in Idaho

batting question

Since all quilters seem so willing to share their ideas, quilts, fabric, etc. I thought this would be a good place to ask a question about batting.
A few months ago I got a "goody" bag of assorted things at a retreat. One of the samples was of "Quilters Dream Puff" batting. It is on a small card, about 3" by 3". The writing talks about the qualities of the batting, but there is no reference to the maker or where to buy it. Can anyone out there help?
My local quilt store owner is out of town on a buying trip, or I'd go see her.
Sara in Florida

Quilts for those in need after tragedies

While roaming around Australia I stopped at an information center in a small community out of Canberra. There were many bush fires in Australia a few years ago. Many homes in the Sydney and Canberra area were lost. Pamelaxxx had co-ordinated the making of quilts to be given to those who lost their homes. I'd sent some fabric to Pamela for that project. While talking to the fellow in the information center I happened to mention I make quilts. He immediately said that he had lost his home in the fires and had been the recipient of a quilt and an afghan. He talked of how much he and his family appreciated the quilt and afghan. I told him I'd sent fabric over and he seemed intent on letting me know how much being the recipient during that time meant to him and his family. He wanted the message get back to those who gave that the items were cherished and meant a lot to those who had lost so much.

Being able to meet randomly and casually with someone who received in this manner added an extra special touch to my trip. Thank you to Pamela and all the others who took part in that (and other) projects!

Mary in Oregon

quilts to Kansas

Thank you for posting the blog link, Judy. I have one finished quilt that has been waiting for a welcoming home. I'll mail it yet this week. Plus, I'll try to get a Rail Fence or something made over the next week to send.
I usually make quilts only for specific people or purpose so seldom have finished ones in the house available to send somewhere. This is an example of how nice it is to have something DONE available for those times when something is needed quickly. :-)

Mary in Oregon

Sending Quilts to Tornado Victims in Kansas

I was reading on a very active quilt forum about group called the HeartStrings Quilt Project. They have found a church in a town near Greensburg, Kansas, that is collecting finished quilts and distributing them to tornado victims. You can read about it by going to another blog at:


If you have a quilt that is already done and just sitting around that might be of comfort to someone whose home has been blown away you might want to consider reading about a group that will see it is put to good use.


Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Happy Quilt Show Experience

We've been reading about Lavinia's happy/unhappy experience with her entry in a very large quilt show but sometimes a BBer has a totally pleasant and exciting experience to share. She sent me this report and I will toot her horn for her ... she's someone who rarely posts so I've obscured her identity.

"Just wanted to share that my quilt was shown in a gallery (!) as part of the Paducah Lowertown Arts District Quilt Walk. It was juried in, but didn't win any awards. I'm still excited about having it shown in such a neat venue!

Here's the link that lists the artists shown:

Click on "Past Exhibit" and you will see all the quilts that were shown. Mine is one of those in the right-hand column (mouse over the pics to see them pop up)."

The names of the quilt makers are listed under the quilts but not their hometowns. I think this was an excellent show that gave quilt makers a chance to "strut their stuff" in many locations with out crowding against each other. Cool idea. I especially liked the "peacock lady" in the left column .... clever idea.

How do people come up with those clever ideas anyway???!!



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