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Saturday, February 17, 2007

state siggies needed

Here are the state signatures I need-on 2 1/2" muslin, please. Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming

Please reply to my email address bss45@cornell.edu for my mailing address. Thanks so much!

The quilt sleeve (again) bear with me..

Well some days it doesn't pay for me to get out of bed. Dumb and dumber had nothing on me hahahahaha. To the person who suggested backing up the sleeve a half inch, that is what I just did. The light finally dawned, when you read my reply to your suggestion in the other post, you'll see what I mean. Lavinia-TN

Jean, dear,

I had to respond. You mentioned looking forward to not working full time so you could have more time to sew and keep on top of UFO's and the stash. Honey, it's not going to happen. :-) I retired seven years ago. I ruthlessly halved my stash prior to retirement as I was moving. Since then I've doubled my UFO's and have no idea what percentage of stash I've increased. But I love it, I love digging through the fabrics, having a petting session when feeling down, etc. etc.

Doris in TN, what a beautiful quilt! All who have posted pictures - thanks again. I can't say enough thanks. It's been great seeing all the lovely projects. Pets too. Grandchildren as well. Gosh, we truly have a nice quilt atmosphere here in the blog. Yea!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Mary in Oregon


Milli, I very much enjoyed looking at your quilts, well done. And all the others that are appearing here. I really love the picture feature. Thanks again, Eric and Sue, you are the greatest.

We're having a much nicer day today, it's 64 and sunny. Yesterday was cold and damp. I'm continuing to work on the two quilt tops that I have going. The one I started Jan. 15th, I try to quilt two blocks a day, and the one I started Feb. 12th, I try to piece at least one row a day. There's another two classes coming up in March, but I will skip those, and try to get these two done. I plan to send the chevron one out for quilting, since it will look just fine with an all-over design. I did straight line quilting in-the-ditch for the sashing on the other one, and am doing free-motion quilting on the blocks. Lots of blocks yet to go, so that won't be finished anytime soon, LOL.
I'm adding another pic of one of my lovely old machines. This one has the "Persian" decals. It does resemble a design on an antique rug.

Pat in Rockport, TX


Our trip to Keepsake Quilting never materialized. Oh, well. Another day. I did find a quilt top and a kit in my sewing room when I was digging around in there that I forgot I had. It's pretty bad when you have so much going on that you forget you bought something or forget you made something. Yikes. Two more UFOs. Not good. I'll be glad for the day when I don't have to work fulltime and I can stay home and make a dent in this stash of mine. Every time I think I'm doing well finishing up something I find something else like this that needs doing. So many quilts, so little time...

DD just came back from the mountain and reported that skiers have flocked here this weekend for the snow. I'm sure that's made the resorts happy, as it was a very warm winter early on this year. We certainly have enough snow now for the skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers. I haven't seen snow this deep in our yard in years. It's kind of neat; reminds me of when I was a kid and any decent snowfall seemed really deep. This time it really was deep, though--two feet, and more on the mountain. I love summer but it's nice to see the winter folks have their fun for a while too.

Off now to look at a car for this same DD. Her old clunker is getting rather unreliable, and she's looking at a Saturn. We'll see.


pix of some of my quilts


I'm getting really careless about keeping a record of my quilts so I'm trying to record them online. This is what I've come up with for now. I have to take more pictures to catch up.

Milli in MA

Y2K siggies

I'd be very glad to help you if a Massachusetts one will do. I am going to put a picture of my "swap" quilt on some day and see if there's anyone out there that remembers that experience. Email me at millyquilts@aol.com. I grew up in New Hampshire and summered in Maine so maybe we could cheat a little?
Milli in MA

Introduction and then some

Hi-I used to post on the old BB, then was gone and new went looking for it. Wow! What a change!! I know I traded with some folks a couple of years ago. I'm in need of a trade now and not sure if this is the right forum, but the other areas look out of date. Please point me in the right direction. I have aquired a friend's leftover y2k signature squares and am missing about 20 states. Would anyone be interested in signing? I can post the states I need-please let me know if I'm in the right place! Thanks, Brenda

Answered the comments

Well I should have come here, I guess, but I answered the comments and questions in the comment section.

Beth-TN try my "old" email (?) as far as I know still have the same one, just have moved across the county and in Johnson City's postal zone.


picture of my quilt

LAVINIA - I hope you'll post a picture of the quilt you're putting in the show.

I finally took a picture yesterday of a quilt I finished a year ago last Christmas (12/05). It's currently hanging in the local library with other quilt guild members' quilts , so that is why there is a table in front of it. Each month the display changes but usually there are a half-dozen or so guild quilts hanging.

If I get my act together (ha!) I'll put a permanent sleeve on it and enter it in the county fair this summer. (Our quilt guild puts a temporary sleeve on if a quilt doesn't have one.) It's a queen-size knock-off of one I saw in a StitchinPost ad in QNM a couple of years ago, mostly (maybe all?) Alex Anderson fabrics bought online at http://www.quiltshops.com/, my favorite online search engine I learned about here.

I love seeing everyone's quilts here on the new BB Blog site. Thanks Eric & Sue!!!!!

Sleeve question

I just finished my quilt for a show. I have the sleeve stitched across the top side. My question is, do I sew the bottom stretched flat from the top or do I pull a quarter inch back toward me and sew it (hope that makes sense, it's hard to describe stuff). I have always pulled the quarter inch back, but this is going to a fairly large show and I don't want to mess up. Thanks.



Yes, an old dog can learn new tricks ---- because I finally made it here. Now to become accustomed to the new way of doing things. I'll be checking in on a regular basis now that I'm here. Hello to all my friends and the new friends that I'll be meeting.
Jan in OK

Friday, February 16, 2007

Finally got back in

It will soon be a tropical heat wave here in Minnesota with predictions of next week being above freezing!! Thankful we missed the big storm that hit east of us. But we still have the rest of February and snowy March left.
A number of days ago Terter mentioned a chicken quilt she was working on. I have a few chicken quilts/wallhangings and would love to hear more about yours Terter. A number of years ago I received a quilt pattern from a lady on the bb (sorry I forgot her name) with a chicken for each month carrying something appropriate to that month ie: July = watermelon, Dec. = a string of tree lights, etc.
Enjoy and take care, Phyllis in Minnesota
Thought you might like to see a quilt that my DIL made while taking a beginner class. She had never used a sewing machine. Ask me if I am proud of her. I don't think I would have tackled it when I first started.
Sunny, windy and 40 degrees in MT. marcik

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Selling quilts on eBay

Marilyn, before you put that lovely quilt up for sale on the 'Bay, do a search of completed auctions there to see how much quilts similar to it have been bringing. Most of the quilts there sell for well under $100.

Pat in chilly Rockport, TX

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hi from cold - cold Minnesota

Just been reading the day's posts and what a surprise to see the snowflake quilt. I have one like it, except it doesn't have the blue borders.........I bought it at an antique sale for $125. Have been thinking of putting it on ebay to see what I could get for it. Mine is all handquilted and very nicely done. Here is a small picture

Happy Valentine's Day

Good Valentine Evening everyone. DH and I had a steak dinner at home last night, so that was our celebration. This morning my Red Hat GFs and I went out to breakfast, something I hardly ever do. We went to a Cracker Barrel, and had some wonderful biscuits, and other rich, southern food. A good time was had by all.
Next month we are going to Palatka, Fla. for the azalea festival. It is about a 1 hr. drive west of here, and I've only been there once. The Azaleas are amazing, and it is a gorge that looks more like north Ga. than Florida.
I finished the top of the trip around the world quilt last night. Can't believe how fast it went.
Now I need to find the kitchen curtains I started and put away somewhere. I must have hid them well, as can't seem to find them.
The Daytona 500 is this weekend. I'm sure that there are many people there who are glad to get out of the snow. We had a high of 73 today, but lots of wind. All the storms went north of us yesterday. We only had about 15 min. of rain. Tomorrow night is supposed to freeze, so the sinuses are acting up. Lots of pollen blowing in the wind.
OK, off to dig in the drawers for 15 min. to search for those darn curtains.
Hope you all had a wonderful day.
Sara in Fla.

West Michigan checking in

Cold and snowy here. Joyce what a beautiful quilt. Pat,thanks for showing
one of your machines. I showed how to make and attach binding last night
to our little quilting group from church. Another UFO just about finished.
My niece is coming tomorrow and I'm going to show her how to use Grace.
A few years ago someone from one of these boards said that Spring comes
North at the rate of 15 miles a day. Can anyone tell me where it is now and
when I can expect it here in West MI?!! LOL
Hugs to all, Mayme

Coming out of "Lurkdom"

Just thought I would try this and see if I can get in. I don't contribute much but I do visit each day.

O Tannenbaum

Has anyone made the Christmas quilt O Tannenbaum, designed by Hilary Gooding? Sometimes sold as a block of the month, a kit, or individual patterns. What is your opinion on the pattern & the finished quilt. Think it's a bit under 60" square. Harriet

Quilt frame, Not

Yes, Pat those lace curtain stretchers were deadly and we got heck when we bled on the clean curtains. I just sent a note to the e-bay seller and she replied that several people had sent her the curtain stretcher information, but she said she is a 'textile' person so she knows they can be used for both things. Well, I for one wouldn't want to try because those sharp little pins stick up from the frame...yikes.

ah yes now i remember....

I tell you ladies, I think we were down this road once before, and as I read the comment from Oregon, it clicked, yes this is in fact, a lace curtain stretcher. Ladies used to wash then starch the hand made lace curtains (I am thinking any euro-american heritage, usa 1940's?) and would then bring the "life" back into the curtain by drying it on these stretchers. I believe that the Maid of Honor stretcher was marketed by Sears and Robuck but I am not certain of that or the year(s).

In all fairness, however, necessity being the mother of all inventions, I am sure some must have converted this to use as a quilt frame ("ouch!") by tipping it horizontally or tableing it somehow. As a stretcher it would be some trick to stand there and quilt in its original standing easle manner. The tiny pins are numerous, and somewhat sharp, set every inch 94x 56.

I include the photo from ebay here, my apologies to Eric as the link seems to go "off" the format on this page.

quilt frame??

I went to the E-bay site and looked at their picture...that is a frame used for stretching lace curtains. My Mother used to have one of those and when I was a young'n I helped her put the curtains on the darn thing. Those little pins are very sharp as I recall and there are a lot of them. It would not be a good thing to use for quilting.
Pat in Flint


The guild I belonged to before we moved had one of the old frames, but the boards on the top fit into slots on the leg assembly so they could be rolled along as you worked your way to the other side of the quilt. Quite an ingenious invention...easily disassembled and stored in a very small space. We spent many good hours stitching and chatting around that frame.


quilt frames revisited

Clarification. Yes, you do stab the fabric with the pins. There's so many of the pins they distribute the weight of the fabric without damaging it. The pins are smaller than tacks or staples, so they're harmless.


quilt frames

Katie, I've worked with a friend's set of similar frames. The rows of pins face outward, away from the quilt, and the quilt is stretched over the top of the boards and attached to the pins. Maybe sumbuddy else can explain it better. When I use wood frames I just get out a staple gun.

SeamSTRESS Sally

"maid of honor" wood quilt frame

hello to all! I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this frame used? this frame has little tiny pins along the edges of the wood frame. Would you tie the quilt to the pins? surely you wouldn't stab the fabric onto the pins?!
A neighbor just brought over his mother's frame that he found in the farm house that he grew up in and it is this same one featured above, except with all the parts.
the wood frame doesn't "roll", there are no ratchets to roll the quilt. I am stumped as to how to attach the quilt, any help to figure this out would be appreciated!
thanks in advance (TIA)
I went back and edited the "link" out of this post, it was going off the page and bothering me.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another quilt started

I took another quilt class yesterday to learn to do a chevron quilt. I think it's going to be quite striking, but it's definitely not a "Quilt In A Day" candidate. The pieces finish at 1" by 3", and one vertical row takes about 3 hours to complete. Since I don't have a pic of it yet, I'm putting on a pic of one of my nice old sewing machines. This one is a Singer model 115 from around 1913. It came from Canada. The decal pattern is called "Wings". Isn't it pretty?

We have had a few lovely days, with temps in the low 70s, but tomorrow will only make it into the 40s. This has certainly been a cold winter for our area. I had several good laughs today reading about the places who had to cancel Mr. Gore's movie presentations because of the snow and ice. Where's Global Warming when we need it, LOL.

Pat in Rockport, TX who knows too much science for her own good.

Pictures, ancestors, sewing, etc. :-)

I've loved the pictures! Each quilt is so lovely. The 'future quilter' is a charmer as are ALL the kids. The pictures of pets are great too. Thank you everyone for sharing!

Sara, I've been doing genealogy about 5-6 years now. It's a very addictive hobby. I'm at the point where it fights with my time for sewing too. :-) Does anyone else find it incredibly difficult to find time in the day for everything they want to do?

I've tried Flylady. While I like the 15-minute timer method the entire program is a bit much for me. I use some of it's hints and when knee deep in dust I'll revert to doing things in timed periods.

To keep this more quilty, yesterday was very frustrating for me. I had a very clever idea for a quilt back so spent a few hours visiting local shops. I couldn't find what I wanted so I came home and called all over Oregon. Again no luck so spent a few more hours searching Internet. After failing there as well I changed my idea and had to start all over. I finally found a good backing fabric but on the way home changed my mind again. Sheesh!

Thanks again for all the wonderful photos! The quilts are so lovely and inspiring.

Mary in Oregon


Joyce that is the most beautiful quilt.
I'm so glad that we can enlarge.
Your hand quilting is gorgeous.
Do you keep it on your bed?
I'm always so sad that I can only have
polyester quilts on my bed (they are
dog proof)

FYI- Westminster Dog show on the USA
channel tonite (was last nite too)


What a beautiful quilt, Joyce. I really like the way you quilted it.
Sitting in awe in frigid Nn Ontario,
Brenda in Nn Ontario

Regarding Snowflakes

Beautiful! Gorgeous quilting, wonderful snowflakes--especially like the border where it looks like snow at night. You're right....a great show & tell today. Thank you. Harriet


I thought this might just be the best quilt for Show and Tell today...'Snowflakes' from a 1940's pattern...Back in the days of my taking special orders, I wrote to Newsletter magazine [with paper and pencil] asking for this pattern...Someone there actually sent it to me FREE.....remember, that was many years ago!
We have 6" of the stuff, and waiting patiently for spring...


Monday, February 12, 2007

Hello from COLD Vermont

I thought I'd check in and report on the weather in my part of the country. It's certainly good quilting weather--supposed to go to 10-20 below zero tonight, only in the teens tomorrow, and we're to get a real snowstorm on Wednesday, possibly a foot of snow. Wow! If only I could just stay in the house and QUILT. If it really is bad on Wednesday, I think I'm going to lobby for a day off. I want a quilt day for a snow day. After all, DH and I own the business where I work. Hmmm...I wonder if that will make it easier or harder to take a day off?

Jean in VT

Just checking in

Hi all,
Just checking in on this snowy, misty, rainy day Monday in Ks.


Well, I made it here, been to this point before but the posts do not generate?

Celia has been very helpful in trying to get me to understand, blogger, google new blogger, old blogger etc.

Kathi, know what you mean, hope all is working out.

We are considering moving down towards Sondra. The medical up here is not good by any standards. Most likely when we get closer to 65 and the Fox will be able to be on medicare. A few more years. I have decided an HMO or Kasier is better than anything they offer up here.

We will be heading to Redding, breaking out from behind the RWC. Can't belive how many of our stores have closed in the past three years. So it is online shopping or driving 4/5 hours.

Did square up my chicken quilt and need to locate the wire fence binding fabric.

I have seen many geece flying north so spring must be around the corner. I do have a few bulbs coming up.

hope this posts

A Gentle Reminder - I'll post on both boards

I had an experience on another board last week that made me think I should post to all the groups I'm associated with. Apparently someone who I finally had eliminated from my list of people who had my current email address asked if anyone had heard from me. Instead of someone contacting me to find out if I wanted my address and info forwarded on, they did it without my knowledge.

Now I'm back in the same spot as the one I finally had extricated myself from. I have unsubscribed from that group and will block the unwanted emails, but I just wanted to remind everyone on the groups that it's not always a good idea to be so helpful. Be sure you check with the person involved to find out if it's OK to send on information.

Off my soapbox.


Just a test to see if a picture will post

this and that/web site for searching ancestors?

OK, I didn't wear the baggy sweat pants to Wal-Mart on Sunday evening, in case anyone cares.
I took a look in the mirror, and decided that I looked like the "before" person in the Fly Lady web site. Put on the jeans, even though they were a bit tight. Got to lay off those Valentine M & M's.
The quick trip quilt top is coming together nicely. Since I finished the 1/2 in class, the second 1/2 is much easier. Doing laundry, etc. this morning, and sitting at the sewing machine in 30 min. sections.
We did walk 2 miles this morning, and am trying to recover from the weekend.
I'm sure some of you have done some research on the ancestors, esp. those in the U.S. and Canada. Do you know of a web site or two that I could go to for a beginner? Since I want so much to go to Ireland, want to do some research on DH's and my great-grands who most likely came here during the potato famine. My Mom's father's side of the family were Denny, and were farmers in western S. C. area.
OK, back to "stuff".
Hope you in Canada and northern U.S. are staying warm under some winter quilts.
Sara in Fla.


Thought I would give it a try. If the right photo shows it is a variation on a Terry Atkinson design called Tile Tango. I made it for an 8 year old great niece. The original uses nine patches but I like the setting for great focus fabrics as well. It can be sized for baby quilt as well and the fabric choice can be a gender one.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to pop in to say Hi and make sure I had things figured out here. It's so cool to see everyone's pictures..maybe it'll inspire me to actually get something finished.
Susan in KS

posting a picture

i am now copying everything i wrote in my word document as it won't let me cut and paste into this post...

here's how i do it... i use mozilla firefox as a browser.

after going to www.quilt.com/bulletinboard/bb/index/html and signing in, i click on "new post" at the top right hand side of the screen. it takes me to a new screen with a blue frame that says WWQP bulletin board" with the tab "posting" and the tab "create" chosen already.
you'll see the "font" selection, "normal size" selection, and a series of other icons along the top. put your curser over the little picture and the words "add image" will appear. click on this little picture and you'll be taken to yet another window that says "add an image from your computer" with a blank spot below and a button to the right that says "browse." click on that and another window opens.

in this window are the different things that are on your computer. go thru to find the picture that you want to add and when you do, double click and it will insert itself into that previously blank space. once you click on "upload image" you'll have to wait for it to be uploaded. this takes awhile on my computer.

it will then say, "your image has been uploaded" and you can see your picture. it will tell you to click on "done" and when you do you'll be taken back to the window where you can add text. when done, click on the word "publish" on the bottom of your screen and say a little prayer ;)

now, if this doesn't work for you, it might be because your picture is too big. that was a problem i had earlier and i'm really not sure if that's why it wouldn't go. i just chose a picture that i knew was smaller and had no problem. the picture i posted just now is from one i took off the web and those are usually smaller also.

good luck, i hope this helps you and maybe some others who have had trouble. remember that i am using mozilla firefox as my browser so some of these things might be a little different on your computer.
dutchrose ---{-@


I keep seeing new pictures and I still cannot seem to get one to post. Will try once more. Marcik

the picture i posted

for kathi (and others),
the picture i used was from a local show. a lady im our guild made it from a pattern that she changed a bit. if you click on the picture, a larger one appears and you can see it more clearly. it is sea shapes and she did quite a bit of embellishing, as well as specialty ribbons and threads. i took the picture for a friend of mine who is working on a sea quilt and looking for inspiration. sorry i didn't put this info in the post with the picture, but it's only a few posts down.
dutchrose ---{-@ playing again!

Eleanor Burns talk

Sundy afternoon. I should be naping on the couch, but the phone rang just as I was drifting off.
Our weekend quilt retreat was over this noon with a brunch and talk by Eleanor Burns. I took haer class of "My quick trip", and it was fun. I have 1/2 the top done, hopefully will remember the instructions, so can do the other half and match it up.
She was to give a talk and trunk show for the brunch. There was a problem with the audio in the banquet room, lots of squeels and feedback on the equipment. The music never worked. She was a trooper though, and kept right on going. At one point she said to the guild president, "If I were you, I wouldn't pay me for this talk---Oh, I've already been paid." Her method of doing the trip around the world quilt is really fast. I think I want to go more artsy though, and bought a book of Fast Fusing Fun.
It was a fun weekend, I gained all kind of weight from the chocolate--and lots of fun with quilty people from all over.
Back to reality, going to gather all the stuff for doing the taxes. We pay about 33% of our income in assorted takes, city, county, federal, telephone, etc. Not to mention sales tax. Good grief! Think of all the fabric and goodies I could buy with that money. Well, I like having paved roads, the garbage pick up, the electric, and having a phone and hot water, so won't do too much complaining.
Going to run out to Wally-Mart in my sweat pants, hopefully won't run into anyone I know.
Sara in Fla.

checking out picture options

Hello all,
This little quilt is from our recent challenge which was called "5 in a bag"
We were given 5 blocks in a paper bag, which had to be used in the front of
the quilt. The blocks given to me are the darker purple & green.
I always procrastinate & end up doing a small project. This was from
Mickey Depree's book garden whimsy, a wonderful book.
I accidently found out whose blocks I had & knew that she had recently lost
her DH, so the quilt was made for her & includes a line from ecclesiastes above the flower.

AHA! Finally, I managed to do the picture. Hopefully it will post. This is the last of the wall hangings that started because of my granddaughter's Christmas gifts. Theirs was soccer uniforms and a soccer ball with the team name. This one is for a friend of theirs who asked if I could make her one only with a volleyball in her team colors. She hasn't seen it yet, I hope she likes it.

Mary in KS

I'm with you, dutchrose

I like posting directly rather than making a comment, since I don't always go back several times to see if there are any new comments.

Lovely picture...what are we looking at? It looks like it was in a show.


tying quilts

until i get better at this blogging, i'm going to post to the whole board like it used to be rather than in the comments section. my computer is really slow and it takes forever if i click on the responses and then have to go back to the "main" board to continue reading. i'm also going to play a bit to get a feel for how things work.

i use pearl cotton when i tie quilts, i think it's #8. it is a nice weight and comes in skeins, i think michaels used to carry it in a nice variety of colors. i haven't tied a quilt in quite some time tho. there is also a lighter weight #5 that people use for blanket stitch that would probably work just as well, especially if you didn't want the ties to show quite as much.

i'm also going to try to post a picture again. i tried a few nites ago but it wouldn't let me. there is a size limit, so maybe my pictures are too big from my digital camera. my cameraphone takes smaller resolution, so i'm gonna try to post from it. wish me luck, and if i'm successful maybe those others having problems can see if that might be their problem. YEA!!!
dutchrose ---{-@

lone star

Here it is Feb 11 it's hard to believe. I'm still working on my hand pieced lone star. You will get tired of hearing that. 1 degree here this morning. We are getting a snow storm on tues so I can sew for a longer time. Enjoying the pictures so much. My friend is going to tie a quilt. What do you tie yours with? Vi