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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Machine applique

I have taught machine applique for years. I use a universal 80/12 needle if using cotton or cotton/poly thread, a 80/12 embroidery needle if using either rayon or invisible thread and a 90/14 metallic needle for metallic threads. I find I have much less thread breakage using this "recipe" with fusible web and so I follow this routine even if I use the washout fabric glue sticks to "piece" my appliques.

I would write more, but I was klutzy and fell down the stairs last night. Thank goodness the stairs were carpeted or I would have more damage than a few bumps and bruises!


needles for applique over fusible web

i'm brain dead tonite and have promised an answer to a new quilter, so i'm hoping someone on the board can help.

a new quilter is using fusible to do applique and then is going over it with "invisible" thread. she asked me if there is some special needle she should be using. i've drawn a blank as i only recently began doing machine applique, and i'm turning under my pieces not using a fusible. i would imagine a sharp point would be prefereable.

thanx for any and all input.
dutchrose ---{-@

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Gentle Writer

Read something today on the About.com quilting forum that I thought I should share here:

" I know that many of you are familiar with the work of Helen Kelley, a quiltmaker, teacher, quilting book author, columnist for Quilter's Newsletter since 1983 and a member of the Quilting Hall of Fame. She passed away Sunday."

Helen always seemed to have a gentle, kindly way of expressing the puzzlements and quandries of the quilter's mind (instead of ranting and raving over the frustrations of quilting) and I usually read her column first when my issue of Quilter's Newsletter arrived at my house. I think it is wonderful that she was able to write well into her eighties and I am also hoping that perhaps she died with her pen in her hand .... or at least a needle in her hand as she was doing some applique work.