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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mag. for Christmas quilt

I mentioned that I was going to make a Christmas quilt with Minki for the backing. The pattern is in American Patchwork & Quilting Dec. 2007 issue.
It is called peppermint twist, and is on pgs. 83 & 84 with the full page picture on page 82.
I think I'll go ahead with the Minki for the back, as I plan to take it to a long-arm quilter to do the quilting. One quilting GF told me she had done 2 baby quilts this way. The long arm quilter just asked to have an extra 2 in" on the sides to clamp to. That should be no problem.
Sara in Fla.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


It's so interesting to see us talking about Spring. I brought some Forsythia in to force and it's so nice to see. Have to wait til after Easter fot the weather to settle down. When I look at all the limbs and leaves waiting for me to clean up - ! Well, enough said.


At the retreat I attended last weekend we were given some information about various quilt shops. One of them is in Raleigh, NC, too far for me to visit. They have a fantastic web site and a huge inventory of fabric including some batiks for $7.95! If you are in the market to buy on line the site is www.wishuponaquilt.com. It will tempt you I'm sure. I haven't dealt with them so can't comment on the service. They also have on line classes. If any of you do buy from them post a comment about the experience so we can all benefit from that.

I have no affiliation nor have I been solicited to make this post.