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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Christmas already

DH and I are making a "baggo", AKA "cornhole", "corn toss" game for our granddaughters for Christmas (corn-filled cotton duck bags that you toss across room into/onto a score board. I know I have read internet instructions regarding how to treat the corn before using for heating pads, but can't locate that info right now (Murphy's Law). I think you bake it in the oven for a certain temp for a certain length of time (to remove any possiblity of vermin - yikes!). If you could direct me to that info I would be very grateful. Undoubtedly, my daughter will be very grateful, as well! TIA Bunny

Friday, October 19, 2007

Congratulations are in order!

Ami Simms' Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative just broke the $100,000 mark (all proceeds going toward Alzheimer's Research). Way to go, Ami! For those of you lucky dogs going to Houston, be sure to look her up at booths #5817 and 5819. Bunny

Thursday, October 18, 2007

oooops !

I thought I was " on a roll " so posted another photo....on the wrong page unfortunately !! Time to crawl back into my cave !


Disappearing nine patch

Hi Marion. I think you Beatrix Potter quilt is adorable. For the border why don't you put a pink border on top and down one side, and a blue border across the bottom and up the other side. Makes for an interesting border. I have done that with some of my quilts. the disappearing nine patch is such a quick and fun way to make a quilt. Be sure and show us a picture of what ever you decide. Marge in pa.

Thanks, Jill!

A little more than four years ago Jill in Portland emailed me a set of photos on how to make a pillowcase that was a popular pattern among the internet moms and grandmas at the time. I just could not visualize how this tricky thing was made from the written instructions that were being posted on our BB and Jill came to my rescue with photos that I wisely printed out and stored in my notebook labeled "How-Tos". Today I pulled that notebook off the shelf, made two pillowcases and tonight I am saying "Thanks, Jill!!"

Judy in Ohio

Opinions please !

I am so surprised to see the photo here ! It's ages since I posted one and I had quite forgotten how to ... This little top went together very easily, using the Disappearing 9 Patch method . I am planning to make it into a small quilt for an expected baby (sex as yet unknown..) Can't decide on borders. Doesn't look right with pink or blue and the neutral colour does nothing for it. I've "auditioned" the soft green but can't quite find the right shade.. It's for two young NZers who are living in the UK. I might look through the NZ fabrics to see if there is anything suitable there.. The photo is smaller than I meant it to be ! You can hardly see the pretty Beatrix Potter fabric. If you click on it you get a larger version.
Unexpected heavy frost here this morning. Won't do much for all of my blossom trees . They looked so pretty yesterday..
Off for a walk with an energetic friend !

Monday, October 15, 2007


I posted under comments and it has not shown up. Will try again. A peechee is, like Kathi said, a cardstock folder for assignments. Gold with writing on it... The album cover is made from a pattern that resembles a peechee. Open the album and trace a paper pattern 1" larger across the top and bottom to allow for a hem. Make the sides 6" longer on each end to form pockets to encompass the album. Cut fabric to fit the inside covers and glue it on; tacky glue works well for this project. Hem the album cover and stitch the pockets. Use pieced blocks, tapestry...cording, whatever you like to make it special.

The final project is scrapbook quilts. I make them 18" square, turned envelope style with no binding. Quilt them simply for much will be covered up. I put a border on the outside edge of 1" or 1&1/2" (which is included in the 18" size). If they are a uniform size, they look great clustered together - should you make more than one. Make fabric frames using fusible web or use cardstock ones. Stitch or glue the frames onto the quilt leaving the top open to slide in photos. I like 8x10" or 5x7" photos for the main interest. Smaller ones and embellishments can be added. Both sewing notions and scrapbook embellishments work on these. Glue or stitch everything down. You can add ribbons at the top for hanging or a stitch on a sleeve.

These projects are great to use what you already have. Mine come from the stash, love that. I used water fabric with waves and some with bubbles for a DGD on the swim team. Did cowboy fabric and bandana fabric for a western theme for DGS...

We are leaving for a ten day trip to the Oregon coast. If you have any questions, I will check the board a couple of times while away and try to answer them.

Have fun!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

gift ideas

I'll be teaching 5 Make It and take It classes at the quilt shop in Nov-Dec. If you'd like, and will remind me, I'll send (via email) instructions once we arrive. No scanner there, so can't send patterns but could snail mail the ones I developed. Most you could figure out and start now: Celebrate wall quilt (from the book: Toppers, Patchwork Place publishers) plus chair covers. The quilt is for any holiday or birthday - applique to suit; the chair covers are small quilts with a package on each that tie to the back of the chair. Am doing an album cover from orphan blocks to fit photo albums. Think of a peechee and make a pattern to fit your album. Then glue matching fabric to the inside of the covers. For a special gift, I fill the album with scrapbook papers and embellishments so it is ready to use. Cowboy boot Christmas stockings seem to draw the most interest. Just a stocking shaped like a boot with a square toe and heel. Make it from piecing, orphan blocks, applique or fabulous fabric. Quilt it before sewing it together. Can't remember the last one; left all at the shop last spring... Am concentrating on winter and spring classes now.
Have fun,

Thinking about the holidays??!!

I have started thinking about and working on holiday gifts and am wondering if anyone has any new and wonderful ideas. I've been making octagon center of the table mats in various holiday prints and also table runners with Santa's face at either end done with fusible and buttonhole stitched. I try real hard to get these things finished before the holidays arrive so I can enjoy the season, but........things don't always work out as we want them.
Phyllis in Minnesota who would love to hear about your ideas

Borders or No Borders???????

I know it is personal preference but I just wanted to know what you gals did with your Disappearing 9 Patch borders. Did you put border strips on them or just bind the quilt around the blocks? I have 90 blocks ready to sew together for a queen size quilt and I am undecided about whether I want to border or not to border it.
What did the rest of you do that made them? What's your opinion?
Linda in beautiful sunny AZ