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Saturday, June 30, 2007

OK, so that worked

I don't know what the problem is that the site is giving Jill, but I managed to post a picture without adding a description, etc. I just titled my post and then uploaded the picture as usual. Then posted it and it turned out. Not sure why, because I'm faaaarrrrr from being any kind of an expert.

I'm not sure if I'd posted this picture before or not. It's my quilt that I made to take to football games. As you can probably tell, our school colors are orange and black, and the mascot is a grizzly. The double bear paw block was the only one I could think of that would fit.


Trying to see if I can post a picture without words

If You Have Not Been Watching The Quilt Show ...

If you have high-speed internet connection there an interesting thing going on over at www.thequiltshow.com where you can watch Ricky Tims create one of his "Rhapsody" quilts. He is leading his fans down a merry path with short video blogs as he explains how his creative process works and, if you are so inclined you can create your own "Rhapsody" quilt along with him. (Of course yours will not look like his ... your process will give a different result.)

The man is a gifted teacher, a bit of ham in front of the camera and it is an excellent lesson in creativity. I am not making a "Rhapsody" quilt myself but I certainly am enjoying watching Ricky create his wallhanging and his cheerful approach to quiltmaking is a joy to watch. Plus you get to see his life in the wilds of Colorado as well ..... bears and goldfish make an interesting combination of topics. You'll find what I am writing about under "Blogs" and then "Rhapsody Blog"


fabric, fabric, fabric


Just ran across this online store. What yummy fabrics they have! I just had to share it with someone. Hope it's OK to do this on the board. I'm not getting much sewing done with the good weather company popping in and out but I can still shop.


still no luck

I tried to just do a picture without text, no go.
I used to be able to post pictures, so I don't know what
has changed?

trouble posting

Is anyone else having problems with posting pictures?
It doesn't seem to work for me latley.
It acts like it is loading to the server but never finishes even
though in the bottom left it says done but the main window
appears to still be loading .

I also don't understand the "Draft" area.
My post all seem to go to draft but then I can't retrieve them like
a normal draft feature for editing. I can't even cut & paste them, it
won't except.

So I'm going to try to post a picture without text & see if that works.

I think you're right, Kathy!

I check the BB everyday, and am always disappointed if there isn't anything new posted. But, I do think a lot of the postings are sort of hidden in the replies so they aren't as noticeable. Summer is a busy time and I am sure most of us aren't quilting or posting as much as when it's cold and blustery.
Thanks Judy in Ohio for the info on the disappearing 9 patch. I love patterns like that! I printed out the pattern for a try later in the year when I have some more time. Maybe we need Judy to suggest topics as she used to do to move the spam along to get us to post more often, tee hee.

Vicki in SW PA

More posts

I'm thinking that perhaps we don't think that there are as many posts since people tend to reply rather than putting up a new post. I know that I forget sometimes to look at the replies.

Right now, with all the summer things going on, I find myself guilty of giving a brief look and then moving quickly on to all the other projects I have during the day. This is especially true for me during the summer, as DH is a high school principal, and when I have him home there is less computer time for me.

I really do like this new format...particularly the part where we have to let others know who is doing the posting. Our local paper has an anonymous blog section, and the terrible things that people say without being held responsible are awful.

Quilt related...I'm trying to decide how to quilt DGD's queen size 21st birthday quilt. I'll MQ, since I have only about three weeks left. How did she get so old so fast?

Kathi in Idaho

I am really sad

I am really sad that there are not more posts to the WWQP BB. Now that it takes an extra step (sign in with email addy and password) I think more are simply not reading nor posting.

For those of you who have not signed on you must email Eric ( eric@ttsw.com ) for an invite. It may take him a day or two to get back to you but once he responds to your email you will select a password so that you can log on.

There are some pluses to this "new" BB. For instance you can post photos of your latest project.

When you respond to someone you can either respond to their individual post or start a new post. Personally I prefer to type a new post as this makes it easier to read all posts without clicking and clicking.

Hoping more quilters will post here about there latest project, their latest quilt show venture, or even mention another favorite quilt site where quilters can learn new quilty techniques.

Now leaving the internet age and going back a hundred years to do more stitching on my Singer treadle. LOL

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

P.S. on the Disappearing Nine Patch Idea

On the about.com quilting forum I saw a member post this idea on making a planned quilt (as opposed to a scrappy one) using the idea of the disappearing pattern. I've copied and pasted what she is doing for a friend's wedding gift and I hope it works on this blogging format.


"I am making this pattern for my best friend's wedding. It is so much fun to work on! Another way you can lay out the 9 patches is




A's are the same, B's are the same, C's are the same and D is what you want to have the smallest. Since B and C are cut, I use my focal fabric and large scale prints for A's and I am loving the results!"

My Latest Quilt

Here are the first eight blocks of my latest shirt quilt. I suppose some might say that a true scrappy quilt will have stripes and plaids aimed in all different directions. That may be so, but my compulsive nature insists that one fabric's stripes within a block be aimed all in the same direction. No helter skelter allowed. I could probably say that I was taught to sew this way, that stripes and plaids must be treated in an exact manner, cut on the straight and narrow so to speak, with grain lined up exactly. But truly I think that even if I had not learned this in the sewing of garments, my impulse to have everything "just right" would still insist that fabrics be cut in a proper manner. Some might think that leaves creativity on the table, but no, I don't believe that. Creativity can co-exist with orderliness. LOL.
This will be a nap-size quilt, which means it will be 4 blocks wide, 5 blocks long. That is, unless I just can't stop. LOL

disappearing 9 patch

Hi Judy, What a great idea. I went to that site and looked at the pattern. So easy. Will have to show it to my quilt group and see if it is anything they want to do. I have lots of small pcs of fabric and fat qtrs to use up. thanks Marge

Disappearing Nine-Patch

This may be an old idea to some of you but it is new to me and it's kind of cute ... a stash-busting scrap quilt called "Disappearing Nine-Patch" caught my eye. It might be another way for me to get rid of some of my basket of orange fabrics especially if I mixed in some beiges and taupes to calm it down a bit. :-)



Monday, June 25, 2007

Sharing a Common Blog

Hello, cc, welcome to the WWQP Bulletin Board. The World Wide Quilting Page (WWQP) has been a presence on the internet for a long time and quilters have been posting messages for each other to read since the 1990s. I myself started reading and posting in August, 1998, when the WWQP was a small group and had archives I could read that went back to the very beginning. Times have changed and now we all must register so we can share a common private blog. This way we are able to tell each other about our quilting adventures (good and bad) and help each other with quilting dilemmas. We are a diverse group in locations and ages and goals ... we just like to take large pieces of fabric, cut them into small pieces of fabric and then put them back together into quilts of various sizes. Or else we just think about doing that .....


understanding blog

I'm new and am having trouble understanding how this blog works. If I have Eric's WWQP Bulletin Board, could someone please explain it to me?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quilters TV

The lady that started QNN TV left and started Quilters TV. QuiltersTV recently changed names but was never the same as QNN TV. It is two different online quilt tv channels. That's good for us!

QuiltersTV: http://www.quilters.tv/

QNN TV: http://www.quiltersnewsnetwork.com/

I keep one or the other on my computer screen when I'm in my sewing room. I like watching QNN, more variety of programing but I like quilterstv format the best.

Also Alex and Ricky's new site has brand new quilt shows to watch on line too. They are very entertaining. Ricky Timms is putting videos of him actually making one of his famous quilts on there. It's like getting a private lesson from him. http://www.thequiltshow.com/os/index.php The site is free but it is well worth the membership fee to watch all videos. They have all new shows featuring many faboulous quilters.


Quilting and The High Speed Internet

If you have high-speed internet service you might enjoy poking around on http://www.quilterstv.com/ This used to be Quilters News Network (or something called QNN) and I wasn't aware that the old QNN had evolved into something new and quite "slick" but it's worth a look. There are brief commercials to endure but there's a selection of clips to watch and it's available at your convenience which makes it much better than the old stuff on HGTV or PBS.

The quality of your viewing will depend on the quality of your server's hook-up, of course. I'm in a rinky-dink small town and my bps speed is never as good as other folks seem to get and so people's voices sound good but their lips don't match what they are saying .... gives a comical aspect to the shows that I am seeing.

Considering how our grandmothers and great-grandmothers learned to quilt one hundred years ago and the options available to us now I will not complain too loudly about audio-video synchronization on my computer "movies". LOL



When I want to make easy placemats I cut a 12" square for the center. Then I cut 3 1/2 inch strip to put on top and bottom of a contrasting fabric.. At each end I reverse the color by putting a 3 1/2 inch strip on the side and a 3 1/2 inch sq. in the corner the same color at the center block. Hope this is not too confusing. Then I use warm and natural batt in the middle an quick turn them. Some times I use focus fabric for the center. Marge