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Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Quilt Has Moved to Scotland

The photo above was taken while a gift quilt was on my couch in Ohio but I packed it up and sent it to my dear friend, a "mad English gardener" who happens to have moved to Scotland. She sold her home in England that had the loveliest perennial garden I had ever seen and I felt that she needed to have a beautiful garden that she could have with her forever. This quilt made from kit from Keepsake Quilting certainly "hit the spot" because her thank-you email arrived today and it was heartfelt and enthusiastic.

In the package I included instructions on how to curl up with the quilt and read books and if she should spill some cocoa or tea on it then I also included laundering instructions. I told her it is a utility quilt that is to be used because the more she launders it, the softer it will become. She has been told that there is nothing more annoying than a gift quilt that is put on a shelf and left untouched. :-)

Judy in Ohio

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cleaning Out Season

Must be catching! I've been cleaning out too - getting rid of a lot of old fabric that I know I'll just never use. Giving most of it to charity - there's a women's shelter who will take it here. Also got rid of lots of home-dec leftovers. The new quilt fabrics are so much nicer and prettier and fun to work with. I took a class once where the teacher said you should let your old fabrics play with the new and they'll learn to get along. I have kept some of the old that I think will behave with new friends. I also bought some project boxes - Michael's had the 12x12x3 boxes on sale last week. I used to think they were unnecessary but they really do make for a neater sewing area. I was using big ziplocs but they slide off of each other when they're stacked. Still use them for some sorting, but I'm liking these stacked boxes now. January is usually my month to finish UFO's and get started on some "want to's" instead of "have to's". NancyH

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fabric Purge

Hello everybody. I still haven't basted my second memorial quilt together. It is all placed together ready to go, but I'm still dragging my feet on it.

I plan to go through my fabrics in the next week or two to clean, organize, and pull out stuff I no longer want. If anyone is interested in whatever fabrics or scraps I might decide to part with, send me an email with fabrics etc. in the subject line.
lightningsj, AT, ATTDOTNET I'm sure you all know to remove the spaces and commas.

Sew E Z table?

I posted this on the other page, though I'd ask here also.
Do any of you use, or have the sew ezee sewing table to take to classes, or retreats? Or another brand? A small portable table on wheels.
I'm thinking of buying one, but wanted some input. The Sewezee brand is about $250.00, there is another brand the Gidget, which is $179.00 and seems to be about the same.
Inquiring minds want to know.
Sara in Fla.