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Saturday, January 12, 2008

West Michigan checking in

Good Morning, The snow is still clinging to everything

this morning and still really pretty. I made the lap quilt

for our neighbors for their "fish camp" as he calls it. Much

nicer than lots of people live. I've quilted 4 baby quilts and

have the binding on three of them so far this year. Hope I

can keep up the momentium.


Friday, January 11, 2008


Time to get busy ladies. My guild, Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild, not to be confused with Smoky Mountain Guild in Knoxville, will hold its semi annual show in August this year. Sara, we hope to see you back and, Jill in Portland can tell you how nice the prizes were last time. Those of you in FL know what a great vacation spot this is too. The show is in Franklin, NC west and a bit south of Asheville. We are only about thirty miles south of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I just realized that my intended entry from the '06 show hasn't gotten any closer to being finished so I'd better pay attention to my own admonition.

After the recent death of one of our most active members who was close to 80 years old we are recovering from the large hole she left in the getting things organized department. We thought Yvonne would be there forever. Stitching at the frame as a social and financially rewarding activity for the guild is just now getting back on track this week. If anyone has a family heirloom top from grannie's attic and wants it to be hand quilted just let me know. We charge fair rates for excellent hand work. You would have to get in line however. Having said all that I need to get on my horse and out of my jammies.

Jane in NC

Thursday, January 10, 2008

How Easy Is It Anyway????

Looking for an easy pattern to make a slip cover for a cylinder-shaped pillow I typed in the words "how to make" in google. I already know how to do that...I've been sewing for fifty years...but here I am, in front of my computer, and I couldn't resist the google thing. The first site on google's list was "how to make a bed". Stunned that someone needs instructions on how to make a bed I check out the site. (If your mother had been doing her job, you would have learned how to do this before age ten and would not need to learn now at the ripe old age of 19-and-living-on-your-own.)

The instructions (for the ignoramuses of housekeeping) suggest using a "hospital corner" at the foot of the bed when placing the top sheet in place. There were no illustrations on how to make a hospital corner. (Yes, I know how to make a hospital corner and I don't need an illustration.) However, anyone who NEEDS to read instructions on HOW to make a bed just MAY need an illustration on how to make a hospital corner at the foot of the bed. That is, IF they want to be that precise in making their bed.

Anyone who does NOT wish to be that meticulous can simply pull up the sheets, smooth out the bedcovers, plump the pillows, tuck your jammies under the pillow. Now how difficult is that? And if you've read it here, you won't have to do a google to learn how to make your bed.

Go make your bed. This is a Mother speaking.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where are we?

It seems that we've taken a break from posting....must all be quilting, right? Just thought I'd start the ball rolling with pictures of matching quilt tops I'm doing for two of my grandsons. One will turn 13 on Jan 19 (the blue quilt) and the other will be 12 on Feb 2 (the red one). This is the BQ2 pattern from Maple Island Quilts. First time I've used this pattern and it goes together in a snap. It's amazing how different the two quilts look with just a small change in fabric. Now to get these pinned and quilted QUICKLY.