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Friday, October 28, 2011

Doll Quilts

Back in August I made doll quilts for a friends two daughters. Their American Girl dolls needed quilts. I just happened to have left over Windblown Sue blocks from a quilt top I made about eight years ago and sold on Ebay (below) plus 2x2 blocks. Everthing was pretty much done other than sewing them together and doing the hand quilting. I have managed to quilt a little here and there over the last six years, just to keep in practice. I'll use that excuse. I failed to mention that several of the fabrics in the doll quilts were from fabrics traded here back during the Y2K fad. Also, one of the Judy's from back then, sent me a shoe box full of scraps and in there was a stack of greens which she hated. Notice the bright greens, they are from that box. Lightning57~ Sandra from SC

Thursday, October 27, 2011


There was a time when I had all those kettle cloth scraps from my girls' school clothes but don't know what happened to them. I tell folks that if it weren't for kettle cloth and my beloved featherweight my kids would have gone to school naked. I once made shirts or some such item for the entire swim team at Clearwater High School. I was in law school then. Where did I get the time and energy?

I wash all new fabric with a dye fixative plus color catchers. They (color catchers) ALWAYS come out with lots of dye in them even from the light colors. I've always washed after quilting. Those color catchers are great. I can't understand the idea that if it is a wall hanging you don't have to worry about laundering. I don't know about you but mine get pretty dusty and need laundering periodically.

Back to your quilt, Sandy, I hope you'll enter it in our show at the NC symposium next spring and be sure to include the history behind it.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Color Catchers

Just a reminder to use Colors Catchers or some similar product when washing quilts. I always wash mine after quilting to remove the pencil lead that I mark my tops with, but I include two of the Color Catcher sheets. It was good that I did too. They were dark red when finished. I know that the border fabric was prewashed, but it may have still bled. The other fabrics probably weren't because I did not always wash fabric before making clothes from it. These are great for attracting the loose dye. The top shows no signs of fading. So I know they work.

~1979 Jones Family Remnants 1993~

Last night I finished this quilt. As you can read from the title, the fabrics in the window pane layout are remnants left from clothes that I made for our two children and me. They range from a red & white check from when our daughter was two in 1979 until 1993 when I seamed it together. I had forgotten about it. The border, binding, and backing fabrics are newer. I have ~1979 Jones Family Remnants 1993~ quilted across the top. There was a reason for lining the yellow and black pieces as I did, but I now have no idea why. The picture does not show the true colors even with the sun shining onto it. They are much deeper and brighter. I guess it has to do with the camera or the operator (me). I'm glad to have it finished. This one will be for wrapping up in around the house when reading, etc., but mostly for remembering when our children were such and such age. Oh, the memories that quilt fabrics could tell if they had a voice. Lightning57~ Sandra from SC

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Current Quilt

This morning I finished the last of the hand quilting on my current quilt "1979 Jones Family Remnants 1993", the binding has been sewn on the top side and now I have to turn it over and blind stitch it in place. Time willing, I hope to have if all finished, washed, and pictures posted by weeks end. Thanks everyone for your encouragement. Lightning57 ~ Sandra from SC