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Thursday, February 14, 2008


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My guild's show (Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild) of Franklin, NC is having its bi-annual show in August this year rather than October. I haven't been participating in the planning so have little or no additional information. I'll pass it on when I get it. They couldn't get anyone to chair the project for October. We have now switched to a co-chair arrangement and since only one volunteer is able to do it in the fall the new date was chosen. The job is a huge one and getting two to carry the burden is a great idea. Both of them have been members only about three or four years. One of them is a grandpa who started making quilts for his grand children about the time he joined. The other one has been around for a similarly short time and she works for Head Start. Great to see the enthusiasm of the newbies. After last time I decided that my committee chairmanship days were over so I'll be a worker bee this time. Sara participated last time and Jill from Portland was a ribbon winner. We love to have entries from as far afield as possible. Get busy ladies. We'd love to have visitors too. I can put up four folks. That is, if two of them don't mind an inflatable mattress on the floor of the the sewing room. I'll post the guild web site URL after this. You can keep up with that and down load entry forms etc as soon as the web master brings the site up to date.

Jane in NC

Knoxville AQS location

Thanks, Judy. I posted a comment to respond. I see it is at the Convention Center. There's a new Visitors Guide out for anyone interested. The form is at http://www.knoxville.org/visitors/guide/. Hopefully this will post = I keep getting advised I am "no such user." Lavinia

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AQS in Knoxville Replaces AQS in Nashville

Lavinia, the AQS show in Knoxville is listed as the AQS Expo in an article I found online so that probably means it will replace the AQS Expo that was previously held in Nashville in the summer. (There's also an AQS Expo in Des Moines.) Those shows are entirely different from the "mother" show in Paducah. You can find the list of the 2008 Expo shows by going to the American Quilter Society website and you can find out about the Knoxville stuff by Googling "Knoxville AQS Expo".


AQS shows - FYI

A friend closer to Knoxville just posted the following in a group:
"It was announced on all the news outlets in Knoxville last night that the AQS Conventions in '09, '10 and '11 will be held in Knoxille TN! I guess it has outgrown Paducah. They also announced on one of the TV newscasts that day tickets will be $11 .."

A Dress a Day


While googling around the internet looking at various sewing blogs, I came across this one. Be sure to click on her "Secret Lives of Dresses" listed at the right side of her blog. Creative writing and a hoot to read.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Color II

Sorry.....I suppose you wonder how I might present a program if I can't even do a post or sign my name. You can probably figure out I need some help!! Harriet in Kansas

Monday, February 11, 2008

Back Issue of Quiltmaker

Please help. I'm trying to locate a back issue of Quiltmaker magazine- the Early Fall 1989 to be exact. The pattern is called Here and There and was originally done in browns and blues. I have the directions, but not the templates for the pieces, so have no idea of size. If you can help, please email me at bgspain@hotmail.com
Thanks so much for any available help.