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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Y2K Plan

I have now -- more or less, maybe -- picked a pattern for the charm squares. I would like to make this, in king size. I think it is lovely!


Hope this link works!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Y2K revisited

I did not have a personal computer when the Y2K swaps were going on, so I missed out. Every now and again I see a picture or reference to those wonderful projects and I get all regretful. So now (thanks, Judy!) I have allowed myself to move this to the next step. I have searched EBay for any Y2K blocks (with no luck) and have posted on the About.com Forum.  Now I am here again.

What I am going to do is ask people if they have any full or partial sets of Y2K swap blocks (those sets of 25 2 1/2" squares) that they are never going to use. I will not swap more 2 1/2" squares for them but will entertain any other suggestions. I will give this a reasonable length of time -- while I try to finish a few other projects -- and then I will assemble whatever I have collected at that time. My goal would be to get something close to the 2000 squares, the numbers to be completed from my own stash.

Does this sound remotely possible? Have I over estimated the number of people who would be happy to send that package of guilt-inducing little squares to a new home? LOL

Jean at Mill Bay