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Saturday, March 10, 2007

At last! My picture finally has shown up. This is my challenge quilt for our little guild. The fabric in the border and in the curved-seams nine patches is the challenge fabric. I used two different scales of black-and-white checked fabric in the setting, and used Sharyn Craig's setting method to make the blocks dance across the surface of the quilt. I'm happy with the way it turned out. It was fun to work on. It was pieced and quilted on my old Davis Vertical Feed treadle from about 1909. I love that machine, it really does a lovely job. I do love the ability to have pictures on this blog. It's such fun to see what others have been doing.

Pat in Rockport, TX


Celia, can you let me know what type of thread this is? Since I have been mqing my own quilts I'm intrested in what can make my task easier.

When I first put a machine on the Grace quilter, I did just fine till the bobbin behind the bobbin fell out and my fingers just can't put it back. cost me $25 here in town and when it happened again I took it 20 min south and she did/does it for free. Learned my lesson the hard way. The next machine I put on lets see the needle fell out and was stuck in the bobbin..thought I had all the pieces but something had moved a hair and I mean a hair out of place and would not sew. Machines are touchy sometimes.

Now to work on a block that is to be mailed out. Sometimes I try to hard and have to do a few to get one that looks good enough to go. Anyone else have that problem?

Sad news, my neighbor in Benicia, passed away this week. He leaves his 2nd wife, my friend. He had a son with his first wife, I do recall her but she left the family about 5/8 years after we were neighbors. The time these next few weeks will be hard for my friend. But the 40 TOES are there for her.


what would you do?

How would you approach pricing quilts (various sizes of lap quilts) for a craft booth at a church craft show this Spring? Should they be a bit underpriced from what would be charged in a regular "store"? There will be many booths for people to spend their money and I don't think people come prepared to spend big bucks. Since we make the quilts and hardly ever actually purchase a quilt ouselves we don't really know what to charge. We know we won't get the full worth of the quilts and consider our time and materials to be a donation, but we don't want to give them away either.
"I need to spend more time sewing and less time playing with the computer" How many quilters can say the same thing, Jane? Laundry, paying bills, cooking, walking the dog, yes, all those things are necessary but the computer...well...look at it this way: we often work alone in our sewing rooms and studios and who is our best friend during those hours alone...our computer...this new device that absolutely revitted me when I first had one given to me and has been the bane of my existance, a quixotic friend who has required me to become more literate in a field into which I wish, at times, like Jane, never to have stepped. It takes time away from my work in my studio, I can leave it on and see any messages coming in from my sewing table, distracting me terribly, loosing me my train of creative thought...but would I be without it? No, not now. I've been thrown into this new technology and have had to learn to discipline myself from my curiosity, my need for instant friendshipping...Jane, go cold turkey. Set times through the day when you will allow yourself to be on the computer. I had to do this last fall, asked folks not to send me any forwards, only read personal emails and it worked. It was like a mermaid luring me into the rocks of decompression, this computer.

Marci, are you absolutely sure that you are not Canadian with all those Canada geese and maple leaves. What a unique quilt.

Rosey, in Ontario, Canada

Friday, March 9, 2007

Marci's quilts

Maci your quilts are really lovely and such bright and pretty colours. I would love to see more if you have pics of them.

Marion, how kind of someone to get the quilt pattern for you. I agree with you about the kindness of other BBers. Recently I asked about MQing thread and a very generous BBer thousands of miles away from me Stateside went to her LQS and purchased some that Lavinia and Judy recommended and that I cannot buy here in Canada. It's en route to me now and I can't wait for it to arrive. Like you, I have never met this BBer either. I only hope that I can be of some help to someone one day too. It's a great networking factor.
As always, I love seeing the pics that are being posted. I love this new format much better than the old boards. So nice too to see some of the "lost" members reappearing.



Marci and Judy, lovely quilts, such fine work.

I see more and more of us are finding our way here. I was telling my friend Dottie this evening of all the fun times I have had on this site (old one) and fun groups I have been a part of over the years. Friends have come and gone but the good memories hold on.

Had my last day at the yarn shop, the Fox has 2 more weekends to work then we are both officially retired and waitng 2 more years to turn 65. Hard to see 65 as retirment when we both left our jobs at 53 to begin with.

Knitting today, no work on quilting.



Marci, your quilts are wonderful. I love your use of color...and the perfect points!!!

Are you in eastern or western Montana?



to the makers of all those wonderful colorful quilts. I need to spend more time sewing and less time playing with the computer, doing laundry, eating (especially eating) and paying bills. I've already asked my elder DD to take over managing all my business affairs and just give me a fabric allowance so I can concentrate on quilting. After all, she is the co-trustee along with me on all my holdings but drat, she won't do it. She insists I haven't deteriorated to the point where I can't handle things. Humph.


West Michigan checking in

Me again. Just checked back and it didn't even make me sign in.
Will wonders never cease! Hope it stays this way.


Thanks for all the effort it took to post my picture. I still cannot do it from here. Judy and Celia, you are so special to take the time to try and help me. I still cannot understand why I could not post it. So, I want to try another. This one is a quilt I just finished for a raffle. We, the Legion Auxillery, put one on a raffle every year. When the picture was taken, it was not quilted yet. Turned out well. The raffle is next Saturday.

I am looking forward to the weekend as my DIL is coming to spend some time quilting with me. Love it. Marci

Pretty quilt

And I love the geese, and the colors, and the quilting, just everything. Very nicely done!

Pat in Rockport, TX where it's 73 degrees again today, lovely.

West Michigan checking in

Marci, the quilt is beautiful. The end of January I took one of the same pattern to the quilter.
I made some changes to mine. I didn't appliqué' the geese. I used a plain piece that looks like sky and embroidered the geese on. Appliqué and I are not best friends.
Pat, I love your Drunken Nine Patch.
Hate having to get here by posting a comment but will do what I have to do.
sounds like I'm not the only one having trouble. I started cutting out a baby quilt last night.
The sun is shinning and the snow is melting. Faster please!

Random Acts of Kindness....

Just wanted to catch your eye Judy, to show you that you're not the only one who can print in colour !!! Also wanted to publicly acknowledge the kindness that I have received from this board. The much desired pattern , Bears 'n'boats, is now in my hands, thanks to the kindness of board members who not only located it on ebay for me, but purchased it on my behalf and forwarded it on to me... Many thanks ladies. We have a nice supportive group going here and I am so pleased to be a member of it. My nephew and his wife will be very surprised to hear how many people had a hand in this quilt !!

Cool day here today, the leaves are turning and autumn is with us..

Marion (who hopes to spend the day sorting out fabrics for the quilt..)


well i am trying this again for the final time. lol have spent ages trying to get onto this site so frustrating..just not computer literate..lol
hope i can finally sort out how out to do this. i used to enjoy posting on the BB and all the friends i made there..
well here goes, hopefully it will work
hugs dodo

Wow, Marci!

That was worth waiting for! What a beautiful quilt. I like the colours, the quilting - all of it.
Good work!
Brenda in Nn Ontario

Another Day, Another Attempt With Marci's Ornery JPG

Oh, my goodness!!! The photo of Marci's quilt has finally uploaded! There must be something magical about loading ornery photos on Friday! (I have absolutely no clue why it worked today and did not work yesterday.)

I am sure that you will all agree that Marci was justified in trying over and over and over again to load this photo so we could all see her lovely quilt.



Posting pictures

One of the charming (read: frustrating) things about blogger is that if you type some text, then add a picture, the code for the uploaded picture will come in to your post at the BEGINNING of the post, not at the point you stopped typing. So...if I went and added a picture to this post after this paragraph, the code would actually come in to the post before the first sentence - if you don't know that's where it went, it may seem as if it didn't go anywhere. Using the "preview" button will show that the picture is there, just at the start of the post.

That doesn't explain the pics that simply won't upload, though. I haven't had that issue yet.

Hoping this will be a quilty weekend. I have some unsewing to do on a New Trip Around the World quilt; I started quilting a feather pattern, and don't much like it. To get the thing done, I'll just do a diamond grid in the ditch, using the color changes as reference points. This is the poly-cotton quilt from...well, let's just say it's somewhere that you don't need quilts to stay warm! It is an authentic 1930's era die-cut quilt kit (you used to see the ads for the Lone Star kits in old quilt magazines). At this point, I just want it done.

Diane in dirty-grey snow covered southern Wisconsin

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Juvenile Delinquent JPG??

Marci sent her photo of her gorgeous quilt to me so I could post it for her. It's a 70 kb .jpg and I tried to put it here on the BB for all to see but it did not want up upload .... I tried using Safari and I tried again using Firefox and this stubborn .jpg did not want to complete the uploading process. Is there such a thing as a juvenile delinquent jpg?? Is it too small? Any techie types care to offer a solution?


No luck with picture

I've been trying to upload a pic of the wall hanging I made for our Guild Challenge, but no luck tonight. I did put it on my Webshots quilt album at http://community.webshots.com/user/pknord . The challenge fabric is in the border and in the curved-seams nine patches, and the title is Dancing Drunken Nine Patches. I used Sharyn Craig's setting method to make the blocks "dance". It's on the third page of my quilts album.

Pat in Rockport, TX
Vicki's created a monster! By using Firefox I can use a different font and a different color.

This could become very disturbing.

I could show you just how immature I really am. LOL

I think I'll go back to using my normal Safari.

Actually, I'm feeling very silly tonight because I have taken the very last stitch in my Keepsake Quilting challenge piece. The glass bead eyes are sewn on the pieced fish, the entry form is basted on the lower left corner and this quilted wallhanging is ready to be mailed. I'll show this wallhanging to my DSIL this weekend at a family gathering in another part of Ohio and then I'll mail it off to New Hampshire on Monday morning. If I'm lucky it won't return because I have put a price on the entry form, offering the wallhanging for sale.



That was suppossed to be "the same way" not WHY!

Trying to post picture again

I don't know why.... but the picture seems to be working this time. I did it exactly the same why I did the first time, the only difference was that I typed some first, then tried to add the picture, so maybe that is the difference!
Judy in Ohio, I have a Mac as you know, but I use firefox as a browser. (is that the right word, I am brain dead right now.) Maybe you should try firefox, I really like it.
Anyway, I hope more people can post pictures. I really enjoy seeing them!



Hi to everyone. I am looking for a bag pattern that was put out by Fons and Porter. I think it was a flyer that was in with a magazine years ago. It uses already quilted fabric. I had one, but somewhere in the sewing room, it is hiding. Need a quick bag for a birthday gift tomorrow. She just wants a bag to haul to the lake and tuck her towel and stuff in. I live 35 miles from the closest store with a pattern of any kind. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Marci

Oh, Celia, I did try the IE7 and had nothing but grief. Connection problems right from the start. Was not impressed. Had puter son take it back out of the machine. Guess that is what happens when you have good old dial up. Keep thinking for me because I want to share a picture.

Greetings from the Sunshine State

Well, it's too late to say good morning. Yesterday I hardly left the house, but today I've been on the road all day. It seems that March is a busy time in Florida. Right now we are having a lovely Spring. The azaleas are a bit past their peak, but there are still some around.
A neighbor and I drove over to Palatka on Tuesday to visit the State Park, and it was beautiful.
It was a perfect day, sunny, cool air. We managed to find a cute restaurant on the river and had a great lunch. The festival that we wanted to go to was rained out the previous Saturday, but on Tuesday the sun was beautiful.
Went to downtown today to pick up my "race packet" for the 15K on Saturday morning. Hopefully it won't be hot early, as they are expecting about 17,000 racers and walkers. This may be my last year, as the hip is giving me problems with the long distance. I can walk 3 miles OK, but long walks are hard on the muscles.
In case anyone asks, I haven't yet signed onto the other chat page, so will have to quickly think of something quilty.
Wish I'd saved all those race T shirts to make a T shirt quilt with. Used them for painting walls in, etc.
I have calmed down from the last post when I was ga-ga over some fabric. Realized there will be other fabrics out there, and I should just make 2 lap quilts for charity and get over it.
Next Thursday there is a group of quilters that meet for a "Fiber Arts" group, that I think I'll drop in on. One lady in my guild is the unofficial head of it. Maybe can get some ideas, and share some.
OK, I haven't done any thing serious in the house today, so will get to it.
Sara in the sunny south.

Remember Me Box? What Remember Me Box?

I am getting the distinct impression that we are not all seeing the same thing when we deal with this blog. LOL I do not recall seeing a "Remember Me" box.

I cannot use pretty colors or distinctive fonts in my messages (probably because I use Safari as my browser) and now I find I am not even seeing the same things (like "Remember Me") that others are seeing. Options must vary widely depending on platforms users are posting from and that's why some of us (users of IE, Safari, Netscape, Firefox, AOL, WebTV or whatever) are wrestling with posting here. Eric probably cannot give a "one size fits all" answer because we are all using such different "stuff" to get here.


Wondering if I can post

Hello All! With all the talk of problems posting I thought I should try to post. I usually just read the board via a bookmark. Evidently it still remembers me as I didn't have to put in my name or password. Really didn't have a problem at all. (I say that as I type this, maybe it will be another thing when I go to post!!) Now maybe I should try to post a picture. If it works the picture is a quilt made for the family of a fallen soldier from the Iraq war.


Well, the picture didn't work, got an error message. I had resized the picture down so don't know why it wouldn't work.

Just a thought for Sue & Eric.....

In reading all the posts about difficulting getting on the BB, I wonder if Sue or Eric could make a post with step-by-step instructions or at least something addressing the problems that so many seem to be having.
I thought I was keeping myself "signed in" and getting here through a bookmark, but when I wanted to post this I found I wasn't signed in and had to remember whether I was in the "new" blogger or the "old" blogger. It took a few tries and now I'm in but a bit embarrassed to say I don't remember whether I'm "new" or "old" - but I did check the "remember me" box. Also, since I get here through a bookmark directly to the BB, I bypass the "dashboard" page. I got to that by going to my name over on the list on the right-hand side of the BB page (use the "Find" option on the "Edit" button at the top of the window to get right to your name). NancyH

Windows Users

Just a suggestion for Windows users. It might help for better access if you are using the latest version of IE 7. You can download it free at Microsoft.com
IE7 will identify newer programs and this new board format is relatively new.

Marci, that could possibly be reason for your difficulty in posting your pictures. I noticed that you mentioned you are still using Version 6.
Worth a try.

Hope this helps.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I just changed my password and now I'm here without having to go through a comment to gain passage to post. Oh I also reduced the security setting on my Internet options. It does bother me a bit as windows strongly suggests a medium setting where is where it was and I dropped it to low medium.

It's too late at night for me to say anything else, as if I had anything to say so I'll say good night and sweet dreams. I'll try again tomorrow just to prove to myself I'm here by the normal route.

Gotta write the new password down.



I use Norton and have had no problems logging in, either.

To make this quilt-related, I'm wracking my brain to come up with a pattern for a new quilt for our bed. Have been to Quilter's Cache and found a few...now to decide.

BTW if anyone thinks they want to try the site that says they have a whole "library" of "free" quilt patterns....run, don't walk away from it! They are a harvesting site for all kinds of spammers. If I can't get rid of some of the stuff that's now coming in, I'm going to have to change my address. So far my combination of spam filters are getting most of them caught, but what an annoyance!!!


Getting on board

I too have McAffee(sp) using Windows X-pro or something....this computer is also one I use for assisting DH thru his work and there are numerous safeguards and firewalls for protection....But once I figured out how to log on with real email addy and password I have not had a problem...that said I am keeping my fingers crossed and maybe my toes....

No trouble getting on or reading messages

I have Macafee anti virus protection on my computer and have no trouble getting on the WWQP nor posting. Hope everyone is figuring out what their problem is so they can successfully access the board. Dot

Open Mouth and Insert Foot?

This is probably a very dumb question. Are the BBers who are having so much trouble posting on our blog people who use Windows who are burdened with all kinds of anti-virus protection and extra added software like that? Is all of the Norton or McAfee or whatever stuff interfering with blogging on Google? I am aware that my ignorance is showing because I use a Mac but perhaps some of the safety precautions people have taken are just not compatible with this site. Perhaps Google sends stuff that is blocked by your computer and so your attempt at making a posting "transaction" cannot be completed?

Judy who feels sympathy for the many BBers who seem to be stymied ...
Wow, I was finally able to log on. I don't think this site likes me. I have been having all kinds of trouble. Good thing I can still read everyone elses posts. keeps me going. I finished my Mystery Quilt and now, back to the Lewis and Clark. Not a lot left, but not a lot of time either. Don't you hate it when the job has to come before the quilting. Windy and 60 degrees here in northern Montana. Marcik

Quilt from stockings

Hi Denise, Yes i have heard about those quilts made with stockings. But it was a long time ago. I think you cut squares of fabric about 4" an rolled the stockings up and put them inside and sewed around the outside edge and then anchored the center to hold the stocking with yarn by tying it. Then you put all the sqs. together. Kind of hard to explain but I have seen it done.
I have tried an tried to get on this page and finally made it. Not sure if I can do it again. but HI to everyone anyway. Marge in cold Pa. PS Hi Gail


Wow what a long struggle to get here. But I made it and now am here to stay. :)

Tues, quilting I put the border on the last quilt I quilted. Now to finish a few more tops, locate a few UFO's and make a few more, then I'll put the machine on the Grace and finish a few more.

Taking a break from the yarn shop for 6 mos. The Fox is leaving the casino job, as he now has enough quarters for Medicare A/B when he turns 65, in a few years. So we are going to take up oil painting again and fishing on his part, I'll clean and cook them.

Have to learn how to work this place and book it so that I'll be able to get back quickly.

Did read about Rosey's commission. Sounds absolutely beautiful, and will turn out brilliant as I have seen your work and have one of your patterns. I agree would be hard to factor in all the monies to cover everything and try and get that amount up front. Here behind the R/C there are "artists" who do fantastic work and commend very high prices.

Who went to Houston in 06? Pat Durant think that's how her name is spelled. Won big time and she brought in her newest work tothe shop yesterday. Quite a bit of thread work to show the branches of the redwoods etc. Think she won with her grandaugher's or a scene on the ocean? She puts rocks, bits of nature in her quilt hangings with net.

Well, just glad to be here, thank you Celia for keeping me on tract. :) Enjoy spring break.


quilting for friends

i was approached by a friend for information on how to go about finding someone to make a quilt from clothes. her brother's wife --in another state-- had recently passed away leaving him and 6 children, and it has been hard because it was a slow and painful death. my friend was very close to her sister-in-law, so i had no qualms volunteering myself. this is being done long distance with her as the intermediary. he shipped the clothes (just about her whole closet!) to my friend who asked for my guidance -- fortunately she had seen a t-shirt quilt i did for DH so was in that frame of mind. she chose the shirts, bought the stabelizer from joann's after finding out the correct one, and has backed the shirts and cut out the blocks already.

most of the actual work is now done! she sent me a picture so i know what i'll be working with, and she's visiting next weekend so will bring the blocks with her. while she's here we'll decide on a setting, and i've done some figuring as to how much sashing and backing will be needed. we'll make a trip to the store for those things and the batting -- which she will pay for-- and then after she leaves i'll sew it together.

we had a discussion about sending it out for quilting vs. tying, and that i would get an estimate for her brother on the cost of having it quilted if he wanted, but she said that since he doesn't have any $ she's footing the bill so tying sounded like a good idea ;) i consider my part of the work a labor of love, and i know that she will feel as tho she had a big part in this gift for her brother and family. she did what i consider the hard and boring work, and is paying all the costs involved for supplies. i wouldn't do this for just anyone for "free" but it just doesn't come up that often to give the gift of having 'mom' with them again. i know it will be used to wrap around them and feel close to her and i have the time and talent to volunteer. i think of it a little bit like making cuddle quilts for charity, but i have a connection to the recipient. all of this makes a difference in my decision to help.

so each case is individual and i know there are people who do this as their income. there are always lots of reasons either to do or to not do something. my particular endeavor is a blessing to me, my friend, her brother, and his children.

dutchrose ---{-@

finally able to post!

Just figured out how to post to the bb...hopefully I will remember next time! Great to see alot of old names posting and so glad to be rid of the spam. Love the pictures also and maybe will learn how to do this soon too!
Gail in Boston


I think you are refering to a puff or pillow type of quilt. You stuff individual squares. Try Quilters cache they have a pattern. Vi

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Quilt Fad Research

I am trying to find more information about a post-war quilt fad (maybe from the 1940s) where the quilt was made in small individual blocks with stockings used as batting. Has anyone seen or made one of these? My friend says that she has one made by her husband's mother, but I had never heard of it before.

Commisioned quilts, etc.

An interesting and difficult issue. I always said that I would never do one and in fact, initially got into teaching quilting because of friend's requests to 'please, would you make me a quilt?' I said: no, but I'll teach you how. Those who have never made a quilt have no idea of the amount of work involved. That said, recently I was approached to make a quilt for a bachelor turning fifty this year and as I could find no-one else to take it on, decided to ask four friends if they would consider doing this quilt with me. They agreed, feeling that they may have something to learn from it..(not sure if I'm learning more from them than they from me or the quilt design now). We are three quarters of the way through and it has to be ready for frames in April. We priced our labour out this way: five of us making the quilt, which is unusual as most people do it singularly, we asked for enough money each to end up going out to buy fabric for a whole quilt ourselves, added the cost of what we felt we would need to purchase fabric, the cost of the handquilter's fee, plus a cushion for stationery needs, running the design images off for each person, a CD of the images (birds in this case) from the Audubon reference materials. As it is, we will have $85.00 left over and this is not charging for the other quilter's gas in driving here to my home which I wish that we had factored into the overall cost. I asked for and got the money upfront. I wouldn't do it otherwise. However, doing something for a friend puts a slightly different slant on this. We are doing it for strangers other than the gentleman himself whom I've met with briefly to choose colours and see his home decor. I don't feel that one can charge by the hour for making a quilt because the hours are endless and would be endlessly expensive. There has to be an element of doing this with your heart instead of your head, I guess. Otherwise, you'd have to be crazy to do this to make money.

Judy, your fish quilt is interesting. Thanks for explaining it. I'm wondering if you are machine quilting the background? I have achieved the same effect with stipple quilting and love the textured ground it gives. I have one such wallhanging in one of the guest's bedrooms and was looking at it yesterday as I was changing the beds and thinking how attractive stipple quilting is.

TerTer, danged if you didn't loose your addresses, what a nuisance.


Monday, March 5, 2007

Those KQ Challenge Fish Are "Swimming"

Last month I posted a photo about a "challenge" wallhanging I was working on after I had chosen a theme of "Kids Just Don't Know How to Dress Properly These Days". The "challenge" is offered by Keepsake Quilting, a well-known quilt shop in New Hampshire that sells a kit of six fabrics .... the quilter must use four of their fabrics and may add two others plus may add any embellishments (like beads). This particular challenge does not allow any applique which is why I decided to enter.

Now that you know that I did not choose most of the fabrics in this wallhanging perhaps you will understand why it is such an odd looking thing. :-) I still need to sew on the fish beads (and hanging sleeve on the back) before this project is done but I wanted you to see how the wavy quilting is making the fish pop up and look almost trapunto-ish. This is not something I would recommend doing on a bed quilt but for a wallhanging with fish (or perhaps flowers or birds) it gives kind of an interesting effect with minimal effort.



Sudden link is not working and Marc tried something and I have lost all addresses again for the 3rd time. I'm bummed and now am at a lost to find what I had etc.

So when the tv man gets here tomorrow and hopefully gets me back to email...I'll write here and please all write to me again, I do apologize ahead of time for this inconvience.

Please send this to the other board

Sunday, March 4, 2007

quilt for a friend revisited

I just told my friend this is not a good time for me to take on another project(ile.) A woman at a LQS said she charges $10. per hour to make a quilt and I wouldn't feel comfortable charging a friend that kinda $$$.

My friend is a hand quilter, but not a piecemaker. She plans to have a quilting bee once the top is pieced. She has exquisite taste and the quilt should turn out quite elegant. It's for a wedding, and if I knew the couple getting hitched, weren't already overwhelmed with my own quilt project(iles) weren't dealing with major health issues in the extended family, not the least of which is mooving DMIL into assisted living this month....

Anyhoo, thanks for the input.

SeamSTRESS Sally

quilt for a friend

My best friend was shopping with me, and we stopped at a quilt shop. She is not a quilter, but she routinely enables my addiction!
Anyway, she found a fabric that exactly matched her wallpaper. She had been trying to find a bedspread she liked for more than a year, and had not found one. She asked me if I would make her a quilt. She bought the fabric, and several coordinating pieces, with my help. I picked the pattern. I told her up front that I would not quilt it for her, as I cannot machine quilt a king sized quilt on my machine at home. She's going to buy the batt and pay for having it quilted. Before we started, I made sure she understood how much that would cost. I've probably spent another $50 on fabric just because I prefer to have more variety in my fabrics rather than less. I also have not used all of what she bought, and that's going in my stash. My time is a donation of love. I wouldn't do it for anyone else, and she knows it.


BB - BBChat, quilt costs

It tells you at the top of the page which board you are on, and at the upper right the link tells you what the other page is you are going to link to, bb or bbchat.

Ditto the written contract for the quilt (top?). That being said, run in the other direction instead. People who do not make quilts generally have not much color concept. At least that has been my experience. They can give you paint chips etc with the colors they are interested in and you take it from there. But if you take one to a quilt shop, look out! A long, long time ago there were ads online charging by the square foot rather than by the hour. There are various ways to do it. Be sure to get the $$ for the supplies up front, as stated before, and at least one third of the labor money, if not half. Depending on size and whether you have to have more than just the top (batting, backing etc), it could cost upwards of more than $500. Off my soapbox. Lavinia-TN