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Thursday, March 4, 2010


My post today was intended for the chat page. I tried to delete it but when I check back it's still there. Oh well, it will make more sense if you read it in the context of the chat page.



Judy, you have done something spectacular. I don't think you want the quilting to overwhelm the incredible piecing so opt for conservative. JMHO. As a native of NY I've been disappointed in the past with the state block but you've shown me what can be done with it. For now, however, I'll stick with Carolina Lilly.

Re: paper piecing. I've not enjoyed it the few times I've done it because of the hassle of removing the paper. Just yesterday I tried something new. Using Lightweight Stitch & Tear Pellum I traced the paper piece pattern onto it and then used the pellum for piecing. Haven't removed the pellum as this block is for a block drawing at a conference I'm attending next weekend and they asked that the pellum be left for obvious reasons. The idea is not original with me as it was included with the directions for the block. The lucky winner will have everything the same size with 90* in each corner. The outer edges of this block are bias so that's another good reason to leave the pellum on until the quilt is put together.

I think that somewhere in my vast collection of impulsively purchased stuff there is such a thing as wash away stabilizer for embroidery so why not use that? Just thinking in print as opposed to out loud. When I finished the easy block yesterday I suddenly remembered all those pretty paper piecing patterns I bought ten years ago and are in the back of a drawer somewhere. Hmmm. I'm inspired but have to finish the wedding quilt first. I'll never do another king sized quilt again. I'm bored with it.


PS spell check doesn't like pellum and offers no alternative, ignorant jerks.