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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothing New, But .......

Don't have anything new to report about my quilts because I am still fiddling around with gold thread on my Hoffman Challenge piece .... okay, I can report that Superior Threads gold metallic is a very nice thread .... but I thought I would mention that posts that have gone astray can be deleted.

Several BBers have mentioned lately that they have posted here when they meant to be on the Chat Page. Well, you can come back here, pretend to start a new posting and while you are on the WWQP BB "posting page" look up at the top left hand part of the page and you will see a blue item that says "Edit Posts". Click on that and you will find a long grocery list of postings from our "blog". Next to postings that you have made you will have the option to "Delete" any postings you wish to delete. I cannot delete yours and you cannot delete mine but you may delete any of yours that you wish. :-)

And now back to my Hoffman Challenge.

Oh, I don't think I told you that my Pink Monster, the "Which Button is the Magic Button?" was not a winner in the Australia contest. Eventually I will receive notification that photos of all of the quilts will be on a website and I'll put that URL up for everyone so you can see the beauties that outclassed my creation with all of those buttons ...

Edited to add that I just found that the ladies in Australia have posted the entries in their 2010 challenge. Mine is in the first row of photos and the winner is the second one in the last row (it has a 1st place ribbon pinned on it). There is a wide range of talent visible in the entries and by golly they all used that gaudy pink-lilac-orange diamond print!


Oops- sorry - meant to post this to Chat Page

Sorry about that ..... not the first time, probably wont' be the last....


BEE in NZ - Hugs for you; your DH's condition must be rather frightening. Take care, please stay in touch.

Well, I'm over the awful cold and left with a sinus infection, as usual. Argh... So now the antibiotics will make me a walking zombie for the next 10 days. The good news is that all this will be behind me before we go out of town in a couple of weeks.

Our DDIL ran a half-marathon this past Sunday, and we're very proud of her. DH has done a 10k, and I have walked a 6-mile trail but do not (can not) run. I can walk faster than I can run!

No sewing done here over the past week or two, due to the sinus crud, but Spring is almost here and I'll probably get up there this week and start some warm weather clothing. I need to collect the lawn mower from the shop, it had its spring spa visit and is ready to come home. The grass is also growing like mad, already. Gosh, just a little bit of sunshine and warm weather, and it's having its own grow-fest out there. I'll have to mow it by this weekend.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another quilt shop closing

I was sad to hear that my favorite quilt shop is closing in about 2 weeks. The owner had tried to sell for over a year, but had no takers. She is retiring from business. She had everything in the store at 50% off starting today. They had more than fabric, lots of gift items and upscale things in the front of the store.
It was a mob sceen at 10AM this morning, I stood in line to pay for about 1 hr. Got lots of batiks, and a few other things. Lots of the large ric-rac, about 20 yards, red and aqua blue, 10 yards each. Etc.
Now there will only be 2 quilt stores in the general area, and one in St. Augustine.
A sad day for the quilting comunity.
Sara in Fla.